ズール / ずーる
Image Source: CROSSING×US! - ŹOOĻ Key Visual
Artist: G-angle (ジーアングル)
ŹOOĻ is a 4-person unit consisting of Haruka Isumi, Toma Inumaru, Minami Natsume, and Torao Mido.

They are handled by Tsukumo Productions with Ryo Tsukumo being their manager.


All of the main units (IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale and ZOOL) will be getting Music Videos by new animation studios that aren't listed here in the near future. source

ZOOL's MV will be animated by ufotable! source

TRIGGER's MV will be animated by Studio TRIGGER! source

Re:vale's MV will be animated by TROYCA! source

IDOLiSH7's MV will be animated by Orange! source

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