aka Natsushi ♯ なつし

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in i7 hell
  • I am a yamato nikaido thirst b0t
Yamato Nikaido (White Side) Clean
I finally have him after 22222 years of playing this game, but i had to lose $50 in the process (´;Д;`)

Hello, I'm Natsushi / なつし!
(She / Her pronouns please!)

I'm just your resident Yamato thirst b0t, hi roombas have rights

I've been playing IDOLiSH7 since May 17, 2016 and been playing somewhat actively since! I'm over Rank 200 and I have a good portion of Yamato's cards.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the game or the Wiki feel free to ask me! You'll catch me doing basically everything!

Wiki Position: Bureaucrat / Administrator
Favorite Characters: Yamato Nikaido / Gaku Yaotome

Contact Information: I respond the fastest through Twitter DMs and Discord DMs. However you're free to use my Message Wall here if you'd like. My Twitter is yamatonikaidos and my Discord Tag is natsushi#6873.

no proper to do list; we are disorganized and die like men

theres so much green here i cant see

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