Toma Inumaru (Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri)

Toma Inumaru (Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri) Borderless

Toma Inumaru (Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri)
狗丸トウマ (妖万華鏡 空虚咎送り)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Shout 1141
Special Training
Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
2,245 1,785 1,716
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
4,881 3,881 3,731
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
6,681 3,881 3,731
Center Skill Shout Buster
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Shout points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.

For every 24 COMBO, there is a 32% chance of increasing the score by 650.

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Toma Inumaru (Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri)
Transparent Still Motion
(Unlocked at Lv.3)
(Unlocked at Lv.7)
(Unlocked at Lv.9)
How to Acquire
  • Obtain the Toma Inumaru (Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri) card.
Puchinana Information
Rarity Attribute Skill Max level
4★ Lv1
The appeal of attribute equipment slightly increases.

The appeal of attribute equipment increases.

The appeal of attribute equipment greatly increases.





How to get Images off the Wiki (Guide)

You can apply this guide with any images on the Wiki that has no link. For the sake of guide purposes, it's going to go over how to get Card Images- the borderless versions.

  • Go to the page of the Card you want.
  • Once on the page, you will see some tabs that hold the image. If you press the tab that says Borderless you will get the borderless version of the card.
  • Click the image and you will get a zoom of the image, however we're not done yet.
  • If you hover against the image, borders on the top and bottom will appear. On the top border you will see the file name of the image- right next to that has some text that says See full size image. Click that.
  • That will open the image in that tab. If you stare at the URL of the image, you will get something like the following
  • Delete everything on the URL after revision to make it something like
  • That's your image. This is the part where it's OK to save the image.
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