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Their Feelings
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Season Episode Overall
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• Episode Information •
Kanji それぞれの気持ち
Romaji Sorezore no Kimochi
Translation Their Feelings
Japanese Air Date January 7, 2018
Game Chapters Part 1 - Chapter 3.1 Iori's Proposal
Part 1 - Chapter 3.2 Center
Part 1 - Chapter 3.3
Negligence and Discipline

Part 1 - Chapter 3.4
Respective Feelings

Part 1 - Chapter 3.5 Recalled Emotions
• Staff Information •
Writer Ayumi Sekine (関根アユミ)
Director Makoto Bessho (別所誠人)
• Themes •
Opening None
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First Stage A Pro's Resolve

Their Feelings (それぞれの気持ち(きもち), Sorezore no Kimochi)[1] is the third episode of the fist season and the third episode overall of the IDOLiSH7 Anime adaptation being produced by TROYCA. The official air date of the episode was on January 7, 2018.


After their disastrous first concert, Iori approaches Tsumugi with some ideas for the future of the group. Meanwhile, the boys move into their dorm and begin to learn more about each other.[2]

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Song Appearances[]

Songs in italic are only heard briefly.

  • None

Game and Anime Differences[]

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Chapter 3: An Idol’s Resolve
Part 1: Iori’s Proposal

  • After Tamaki tells Yamato he would never forgive him for eating his pudding, exclusively in game,
    • Tsumugi: We can’t support you with moving expenses, but Ogami-san can help with the company car. We’ll also give out the soba to the neighbors.
    • Nagi: Oh, Japanese food. Tempura soba!
    • Tsumugi: Sorry. It’s tsukimi soba.

Part 2: Center

  • After they decided Riku is going to be the center exclusively in game,
    • Nagi: So, when will the dirty fighting for center begin?
    • Tamaki: We gonna fight?
    • Sogo: There aren’t…….really any objections, are there?
    • Nagi: Oh…’re all vegetarians.
    • Mitsuki: You mean herbivores?
  • The TRIGGER scene is anime exclusive.
  • After the MONSTER GENERATiON street live, Yamato comments that "Ahaha. Riku’s been a lot more fired up since he became center." to which Sogo responds, "Yes, he continued to move with all his energy until the very end despite not having any stamina."
  • After the street live exclusively in game,
    • Mitsuki: Tamaki, you too. This is not the time to eat takoyaki!
    • Tamaki: I saw this the whole time I was dancing.
    • Mitsuki: Shut it!
    • Tamaki: ‘s got onions and mayo on top.
    • Mitsuki: Oh, that sounds deliciou….ah, shut up!
    • Iori: Nii-san, your actual opinion slipped out…….
    • Guest: Aah, if it’s impossible don’t worry about it. Sorry, bye bye–
    • Mitsuki: Ah…..! ….just when we were asked to give an encore…….

Part 3: Negligence and Discipline

  • When Tamaki says he going on a walk, in the game Yamato says "He’s definitely sulking. What a young kid."

Part 4: Negligence and Discipline

  • Nothing changes in this part, but when Mitsuki shouts "Dumpster shoot!" he yells it in the game.

Part 5: Recalled Emotions

  • The anime took out Tsumugi's Monologue and other lines.
    • As they dealt with these thoughts, time passed. While all their activities were suspended, everyone in IDOLiSH7 certainly– remembered precious feelings.
    • Tamaki: ……….I wanna dance……
    • Riku: ….I want to hurry up and sing.
    • Mitsuki: I want to stand on stage.
    • Nagi: I want to see everyone’s smiles soon.
    • Tsumugi: Everyone was swelling with the feelings of wanting to sing, and wanting to dance. And that’s why– On the promised day of TRIGGER’s concert, a grave incident occurred.


  1. English translation of the episode title is taken from Crunchyroll.
  2. English translation of the official overview is taken from Crunchyroll.

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