Tenn Kujo (Sweets)

Tenn Kujo (Sweets) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Sweets)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Melody 570
Special Training
Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1670 1350 2288
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
4016 3480 4483
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
4016 3480 6283
Center Skill Melody Tornado
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Melody points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
An angel's sweets, bon appétit.
For every 23 seconds, there is a 35% chance of decreasing the judgement area in exchange for increasing your score by 1.2 for the next 4 seconds.
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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Sweets Fairy
Kujo-san, good work! We’ll be teaming

up for a Valentine’s CM for “asuco” again this
year! I look forward to working with you.

Good work.
This time, your theme is “giving

sweets to someone important to you”,
and you’ll have a photo shoot as sweets
fairies. I’m really excited to see what
it’ll be like..!

So it won’t be the taste

of our kisses this year.

The tasting from last year was

chaotic, so that’s a bit of a relief! lol

It was a bit awkward to talk about
things like whose kiss was the most bitter,
and whose kiss was the tastiest…

Right. It made sharing our thoughts

a bit harder.

So I’ll ask you now that a year’s
passed. Whose kiss was the tastiest?

Huh!? You’re

asking right now!?

Please don’t
ask that, it’s still

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1

I’m kidding.

It’s rare for

you to joke around, it’s
kind of surprising!

Even I joke around sometimes.
Right! What sort of jokes

do you usually tell?

Fugget about it.
Huh, that’s..!?
Ryu likes this sort of comedy,

so he shows in to me often. I could at the
very least become an impersonator.

That wasn’t so much a joke as it

was a response, but I
think the unlikeliness
of hearing that from you
makes it wonderful!

You seem to

be in a good mood! Is
the reason perhaps that
you’ll be able to visit
asuco’s shop, despite it
usually having a 2-year-
long reservation line?

I’ll have to

diet so my belt is more loose.

We haven’t

had a food fight like
this in a while! I’ll
make sure to eat lots, too..!

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: An Idol's Image

good work at the tasting!
Your angel food cake was

Yeah, good work.
Um, about

Riku-san, I did plenty
of research so we didn’t
repeat the events of last
year, when he got drunk
off Yamato-san’s

Iori-san and
I looked into which
cakes had alcohol in

I see.

I was planning
to put the blame on
Yamato Nikaido again
if anything happened.

Even this

year, his sweets
contained plenty of
Savalan wine…

Doesn’t that

guy’s image involve
anything other than
liking alcohol?



He should
also be known as the
kind older brother who
cares for his group..!

If that’s the

case, then his drinking
habits have taken too
much of a precedence.
You ought to change
courses as soon as
possible, if you plan
to keep doing food

I’ll keep that in mind..!


Hasn’t TRIGGER done a few
food collaborations
before this?

There’s a

lot of drinks based
on us.

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) What kind of drinks are usually based on you?
Strawberry-flavored ones.

Luckily, I actually do like strawberries.
So I drink them every time.

(Option 2) What kind of drinks are usually based on Gaku-san?
His are mostly alcohol.

Like XYZ cocktails. What a show-off.

(Option 3) What kind of drinks are usually based on Tsunashi-san?
Ryu’s come in a lot of variety,

since he speaks gently, but also has
that sexy aura. They’re mostly alcoholic,
but some of them are also refreshing and
cutesy non-alcoholic beverages.

Tamaki Yotsuba also has many faces.
Sometimes he’ll be smiling childishly,
other times he’ll be wild and sexy.

Yes..! I

plan to. While he is
underage, that is all
the more reason
not to let his ranking as
one of the most desirable
men in Japan go to waste.


Though at our
bingo tournament, he
was the most noisy and
childish of us all.

I’m sorry he

made such a ruckus..!
He thought you could
only play bingo on
Christmas, so he seems
to have been very excited…

It’s fine.

I like bingo, too.

You like bingo!?
What? Doesn’t everyone?
I just thought you seemed

above those kind of
things… So it’s
very impressive
just to hear you
say that ><

I think it’s

a little weird to
be impressed about it.

Right! I’m sorry! lol

Did you get
what you wanted from
the bingo?


If I’d at least gotten normal
chocolates, I could’ve
given them to Riku.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Photographs Are A Window To The Soul
Good work, Takanashi-san.

I went to asuco’s House of Sweets.
Good work, Kujo-san! How nice..!

I haven’t been there yet.

I got to enjoy

it ahead of time.Takanashi-san.

It was more of a villa than a house.
The interior was fashioned to
look like a kitchen, dining
room, and study. They even
had a greenhouse.

It seems they’re

taking the concept of it
being an exclusive hideout
rather than just a place
to eat confectioneries
seriously. That must be
the reason behind the
shop’s interior..!

As you’d expect

from a brand like asuco.

Maybe the reason they’re only open from
15.00 to 17.00 every Wednesday is also
because they want to maintain the
impression of a hideout.

Awfully thorough of them.

Reminds me of our president.

President Yaotome?
He went out of his way

to join us on the tour.

He probably just wanted them to
suck up to him.

No way..!

Maybe he just wanted to go with
you! I’m sure anyone would be
interested in visiting a shop
that’s so difficult to get a
reservation at…

You’re saying Papa Yaotome

wanted to visit the House of Sweets?

Our president also wanted

to go, so it’s possible..!

I can’t even imagine that tyrant of

a president wanting to go to a sweets shop…

Let’s change the subject. I’m starting
to lose the nice feeling I got from eating all
those sweets.

Did you eat a lot again?
The staff gave me permission to take

photos, so I took them pretty carefully. There’s
a right way to make something look more
delicious, after all.

Appearance is an important aspect
of food. I want lots of people to see the
things their staff worked so hard to make.

How wonderful..! So

you weren’t taking just any pictures.

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) What sort of tricks do you use?
When I take a picture, I make

sure the dish is not in the center,
but slightly to the side, and facing
diagonally upwards from the camera’s
perspective. Then I use photo apps
to add filters to it.

(Option 2) You’ve posted a lot

of pictures online, too!

It’s so people will be

a little more interested in
me as a person. My pictures
represent who I am.

(Option 3) Which picture do you

think is your best so far?

The one of the donuts

Riku gave me. I won’t show
that to anyone, though.

I’ll upload the pictures I took
today in a bit.

I look forward to it..! I check

up on your blogsometimes.


I’ll let Gaku and Ryu know.

Because it’ll be fun to see how

their blogs change after I tell them.

I think Gaku will probably try to
show off even more. He’ll start uploading
pictures of the sunset with captions like
“The sky was beautiful”

Ryu’s has basically been just
a food blog, but he might start uploading
post-workout mirror selfies

Do you really think they’ll

change just like that? ><

We’ll see ^^
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako9
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: Painful Memories, Lodged In His Throat
Kujo-san, thank you for joining

us for the photo shoot today!

Your group shoot with Riku-san
and Momo-san was so adorable that it had
a healing effect on my eyes ><

Good work.

I didn’t think I’d be teamed up with
Riku. I was surrprised, too.

At the fact that he’s completely stopped
calling me “Tenn-nii” in front of the staff.

He’s always practicing it with Iori-san..!
Iori Izumi, huh. At this point,

his willingness to do things for other people
is practically a talent.

I think he was worried for Riku-san ><
Right. I felt his eyes on us the whole day.

I was worried he’d drill a hole in
me with that gaze.

T-that hard..! I’m sorry about him…
It was funny,

so I don’t mind.

It’s because Momo-san is a very
touchy-feely person.
He made quite the face
when Momo-san whispered
something in Riku’s ear.
me with that gaze.

It was a look that screamed “What

are you conspiring with my center!”

All Momo-san was doing was lecturing
him on what he finds
cute about Yuki-san, though.

Momo-san can be very

aware of his surroundings…

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Did you talk about anything else?
About our height. Unlikely

as it is, we’re all the exact same
height. Riku said he wanted to become
as tall as Gaku, so I’m going to
need you to tell him to give
up on that goal, too.

(Option 2) You all seemed to have

lots of fun at the shoot!

It was thanks to Momo-san.

I feel like we were able to
relax for the shoot
because of him.

(Option 3) I was happy to see you get

along so well at the shoot.

It was thanks to Momo-san.

It wouldn’t have been like that
with just me and Riku.

By the way, I wanted to ask
you something

Has Riku ever talked to you about

the story of Hansel and Gretel?

He has. He told me you read

him the story from apicture book, with a
very happy look on his face..!

Did he tell you about the fit

he had after that?


Um, I did hear that you built a
fort, brought lots of
sweets inside it, and
pretended that you lived
in a house of sweets…

Is that not what happened..?

After being

scolded for moving
around our futons and
blankets, I went into
the fort with him so
we could play.

Riku opened the
bag to give me candy

And suddenly had a fit.

Riku collapsed to the floor, and the

fort we built toppled down on us.

Usually, I would’ve been able to
call for our mother right
away, but we were so small
at the time that the futons
and blankets were too heavy.
Our mother didn’t notice
until I panicked and
started crying.

That’s terrible…
She called the

hospital right away,
so he was fine.

But I guess Riku doesn’t
remember it.

It seems that way… He looked

so happy talking about it…

I’m sorry, I didn’t even know

Don’t apologize.

I’m the one who brought
up our past.

I just felt
like telling you.
Thank you for listening.

Good night.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Their Second Valentine’s Day
Kujo-san, thank you for participating in

the friend chocolate exchange at the CM closing party..!

The chocolate assortment you gave me just melted in my mouth!

Good work, Takanashi-san.

I should thank you for the quiché. You were trying to give us a little break from all the sweets, weren’t you.

Yes, I thought I’d make

something salty..!

Thank you. It was delicious.

Tell that to Sogo Osaka, too.

I’m really sorry about that!!!

Upon Tamaki-san’s suggestion, Sogo-san decided to set up a Russian roulette with mustard-filled cream puffs…

Even the ones that didn’t have

mustard were spicy.

I’m sorry!!!! His sense of spiciness

is a bit different from most people..!

I’m kidding, it’s fine. It was fun to see

Re:vale freaking out over how spicy something was for once.

And the Magical Cocona chocolates Nagi Rokuya brought were pretty tasty

He said they were based on the character’s

chocolates, so I expected them to just be regular chocolate, but they had delicious dried fruits in them!

Why did he keep feeding them to me


Do you know?
I don’t know if I should tell you, but

it seems you resemble Cocona-chan’s friend, who loves chocolate…

And that’s why he kept

feeding them to me?

But I’m three dimensional.
I know!!!
I was confused, since he doesn’t normally

approach us of his own accord. I’ll make Ryu humor him next time.

I’m sorry, I’ll give him a warning…
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) How was Gaku-san doing?
He drank milk right after eating those

cream puffs, so apparently he didn’t have much of a hard time with them. What a simple man.

(Option 2) How was Tsunashi-san doing?
He didn’t seem to take much damage from eating those

cream puffs. Maybe it’s because he drinks all kinds of spicy alcohol so often.

(Option 3) Are you going to the gym after

this year’s Valentine’s Day, too?

Of course. I’ll go for the line of training that

doesn’t make me grow any unnecessary muscle.

And this year, Re:vale joined us for a lively Valentine’s day.

It was so much fun. I couldn’t

stop smiling for the whole day.

I won’t have to confiscate Riku’s

chocolates out of fear that they’ll cause a fit anymore.

Riku-san hasn’t had any fits lately. It

almost gives me hope that he’ll end up being cured…

I won’t have to confiscate Riku’s

chocolates out of fear that they’ll cause a fit anymore.

Sometimes, I have dreams where my child self just stares at my adult self.

I can’t break my own curse.

Even though Riku’s trying his best to fly free

Hey, Tsumugi-san.

Which would you rather choose

To wait until a formerly flightless bird learns how to fly

Or to wait until a bird that can fly gains the courage to do so?

I wonder which one of them will fly first.
Translator: Osakaso5

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