Tenn Kujo (Rabbit Ears Parka)

Tenn Kujo (Rabbit Ears Parka) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Rabbit Ears Parka)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SR Shout 391
Special Training
Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1799 1302 1121
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
-- -- --
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
-- -- --
Center Skill Shout Fire
There is a 75% chance to increase the unit's Shout points partially.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
From now on, please continue to keep your eyes on me.

For every 23 PERFECTs, there is a 38% chance of increasing the score by 640.

For every 22 PERFECTs, there is a 40% chance of increasing the score by 1137.

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Tenn Kujo (Rabbit Ears Parka 2)

Tenn Kujo (Rabbit Ears Parka 2) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Rabbit Ears Parka)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Shout 392
Special Training
Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon) Shout (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
2249 1628 1401
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
4371 3797 2888
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
5571 3797 2888
Center Skill Shout Buster
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Appeal Skill
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For every 19 PERFECTs, there is a 45% chance of increasing the score by 3337.

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How to get Images off the Wiki (Guide)

You can apply this guide with any images on the Wiki that has no link. For the sake of guide purposes, it's going to go over how to get Card Images- the borderless versions.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: 9 and 7
Kujo-san, good work!

There’s something I’d like to confirm with you, is now a good time..?

Now’s fine. What is it.
The 9th of this July is

Kujo-san and Riku-san’s birthday, isn’t it!

We have

plans for a grand celebration of Riku-san through social media like we did with the other members…

However, since Kujo-san and Riku-san are born on the same day of the same year, we fear that some people may get suspicious… Which is why I’m contacting you…

I see.

We just happened to be born on the same day. If we tell that to any outsiders, they should be satisfied with it. A year only has 365 days, so it’s not uncommon for there to be overlap even within the entertainment industry.

That’s true… Understood, thank you

very much! Well then, so both sides stick to the same explanation, I’ll contact Anesagi-san!

I’ll leave that to you.
I’ll contact you again

after we’ve decided on a plan.


Speaking of birthdays, the three of us helped with Sogo Osaka’s birthday surprise, and apparently the fans got really excited about it.

Thank you very much for your

help back then..! Sogo-san was also very grateful and delighted!

He was so impressed he almost

knelt down in front of us. Yamato Nikaido’s was on Valentine’s so you held a surprise live, do you do something like that for everyone’s birthdays?

We celebrate

them with all our might!

Even Riku?
Of course. I’ve been told by our

organizer that we will produce a wonderful surprise for his birthday!

About that surprise, if you

shock Riku excessively it’ll put a strain on him, so please tell the organizer to take it easy.

But, since Riku will probably worry if his party is small-scale compared to the others, you need to be reasonable.


We’re thoroughly mulling it over.

The organizer is taking all sorts of things into consideration, so I think it’ll surely be a proper celebration for Riku-san!

That organizer is Iori Izumi, isn’t it.
That’s confidential ><

He’s the mysterious organizer, IOR-san!

He’s been exposed already.
Please keep it a secret from Riku-san…
I suppose I have no choice.
Also… we were thinking that

we’d also like to celebrate Kujo-san on your birthday. It’ll depend on Anesagi-san’s decision, but maybe something like modest messages or presents would do…Naturally, we won’t make any public announcements.

You don’t need to concern

yourselves with me, though.

We’re deeply indebted to Kujo-san,

so if it’s not a bother, please let us celebrate you!

In that case, I’ll

accept your kindness. If our manager says it’s fine, then why not.

Yes! Thank you very much..!

Also, I know this is probably even more of a bother, but I’d like to ask you…

If the circumstances allow it,

we’d like for you to celebrate your birthday together with Riku-san

I’ll have to decline.

Since Riku already has other companions.

I have no intention of crashing his party and ruining the mood.

Please entertain

Riku on his birthday. I’m counting on you.

Translator Notes
thanks again ryuenji @ twitter for the screenshots!
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: TRIGGER’s Appreciation Month
Kujo-san, good work.

I asked Anesagi-san regarding your birthday. I hear Yaotome Productions will be assisting us if we need anything… Thank you very much for your cooperation.

It’s no problem.

I think it’s only natural to give a bit of service to the fans who are always supporting us.

I’m sure

Kujo-san’s fans will be anxious for it. The commemorative wallpaper that was released of you at the start of this July was wonderful!

Did you download it?
While it may

have been rude of me..! >< When I look at that picture of Kujo-san, I feel fired up.

Gaku teased me about that picture.
He did?
“In this outfit you really

look like a rabbit”, he said.

But isn’t looking like a

rabbit fine..! They’re cute!

I’m guessing you’re sincerely

trying to compliment me.

Riku-san was

so taken with this picture of Kujo-san that he made it his wallpaper. He said it would be like having Tenn-nii right there with him…

I see.

That’s because Riku and I always celebrated our birthday together when we were little.

When you were children, you’d

go to a department store and buy each other a present, right! Riku-san was reminiscing about it.

How nostalgic.

Even though we tried to buy our presents in secret, we’d often bump into each other while shopping.

You must have been thinking

of the same things.

Back then we

had similar hobbies, too. Naturally our parents would celebrate me too, but Riku’s present was something special.

Riku-san was wondering how

you spend your birthdays now.

Nowadays I spend them quietly.

Ryu, Gaku, and our manager will give me presents, though.

I think it’s good to maintain this sort of distance.

I see…
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) What has Gaku-san been doing lately?
He’s been acting normal.

He leaves somewhere as soon as work ends, so his family’s business might be busy.

(Option 2) What has Tsunashi-san been doing lately?
Nothing unusual.

But, he’ll ask me things like if there’s anything I’d like to eat, so I guess that’s something. Ryu’s always looking out for us (1), after all.

(Option 3) Isn’t there anything in particular that Kujo-san wants to do?
At this age birthdays aren’t really

something to fuss over. I’m really happy that my fans are celebrating me, though.

Now that I remember, you guys seem busy with preparations. I had Iori Izumi come ask me about Riku’s likes for his research.

We know he likes omurice

and pancakes, but there are still many details we don’t know about him… That’s why we thought it would be best to ask Kujo-san… I’m sorry for the trouble…

By the way, what are Kujo-san’s likes and interests? Just for reference!

That’s a pretty vague question.
For example, your favorite

color or animal..!

You should have

asked me that specifically the first time.

I like warm colors. And as for animals, I suppose cats.

Thank you very much!

This will make for a good reference!

I’m sorry for changing the subject, but… I believe Gaku-san and even Tsunashi-san actually care quite a bit about Kujo-san’s birthday!

What do you mean?
They were asking us how we

celebrate our members the other day…

That’s because

we have more of a business-like relationship. Manager seems to have given us my birthday off out of courtesy, though.

TRIGGER’s precious off day..!

I’ve also arranged for Riku-san to have that day off so he can rest.

Because his condition tends to

get worse during the summer, make sure he gets enough rest on his off time.

I know you’re planning on a birthday party that day, but keep it in moderation.

It might be better if I didn’t

say this, but… Riku-san was feeling very dejected that he won’t be able to celebrate his birthday together with Kujo-san.

That kid’s probably going to

send me a congratulatory message on our birthday.

I think it’d be better not to act more familiar than necessary

But our birthday is “special”, huh.

It is special! Because it’s the wonderful

day when Kujo-san and Riku-san came into this world.

I’ll go buy a present

that will make him happy.

Translator Notes
1) originally the term tenn uses to describe ryu is 仲間思い, which basically means someone who cares for their friends. i had a bit of trouble deciding how to put it in english,,
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Making A Wish Upon The Stars
Kujo-san, good work. I’m here to report

that the item we previouslytalked about was just handed to me by Anesagi-san!

Ah, I thought it’d be better to

contact you as soon as possible, so I just went ahead and rabbit chatted you, but is now a good time..?

If I didn’t have time I wouldn’t

reply, so it’s fine.

That’s true, thank you very much!

Is Kujo-san in the middle of a break..?

Right now I’m at an organic food

restaurant with Re:vale’s Yuki-san. He probably knows tomorrow is my birthday. Those two are attentive towards their juniors, after all.

O-oh my..! I’m sorry for my intrusion ><
I just told you I wouldn’t

reply if I was busy, didn’t I.

He told me there was something he needed to ask Momo-san and left to make a phone call. I doubt he’ll be coming back soon.

I-I’m glad to hear that…
I’m counting on you

with the thing we talked about.

Yes, of course!

I must say, the way we’re talking about it makes it seem like we’re transporting something dangerous! I feel like a smuggler! lol

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding4
Stop suddenly saying weird

thingsI’m in public, you know

So, what is it? I doubt that’s the only reason you messaged me.

Uh… as expected of Kujo-san,

you’re very perceptive…

That’s because

Riku and you are a bit alike.

I-is that so?Actually, in honor of

his birthday we had Riku-san answer a questionnaire for his online profile, and he told me he would have liked to know your answers…

And because of that you want

me to answer that questionnaire, too?

Yes… Naturally I will

only report the answers to Riku-san, so the information won’t be misused in any way.

I didn’t think it would.

It’s fine.

Really..!? Thank you very much!

Well then, without further delay…

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) What are your birthday and blood type?
July 9th, type A.
(Option 2) What type of girl do you like?
Right now my lovers are my fans and my job.

If I have to say, then someone who understands the entertainment industry, I suppose. Otherwise we’d probably both be unhappy.

(Option 3) Where would you like to go on a date?
I like going to see shows, but if

it’s a date, either our homes or a place we can relax.

Like this?

Yes..! Thank you very much!

I’m sure Riku-san will be happy to be able to read your responses.

I answered because it’s our

birthday, but I have no intention of fraternizing beyond that.

While we were

talking, Yuki-san returned. Sorry, but because he kept teasing me over if I was talking to a girlfriend, I showed him our chat log.

I-I’m sorry..!

It’s because I wouldn’t stop messaging you…

No, it wasn’t.

Also, Yuki-san has a message for you. That he saw the Milky Way.

! Understood!
What is it, all of a sudden?

This person just keeps grinning and won’t explain it to me. This is why I dislike adults.

I-I wonder..?

Well then, since now I really will be a nuisance, I’ll take my leave. Thank you very much for rabbit chatting with me!

Tomorrow will finally be

your birthday. I hope you’ll have a wonderful day!

Thank you for the courtesy.
Translator Notes
i thought the milky way comment was just momo being random in riku’s chat, but apparently it’s a code phrase, lol
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: A Big Brother For Just One Night
Takanashi-san, sorry for contacting

you so late. Is now a good time

Yes, this is Takanashi!

Kujo-san, is something the matter?

Thank god. You responded.

A bit of an indescribable situation came up.

I’m in this kind of place right now

In this picture you seem to

be surrounded by clothing, are you perhaps in your dressing room?

You’re not?
I don’t quite

understand what Yuki-san’s thinking.

Did Yuki-san take

you there?

After dinner we got

into his car, and eventually ended up here.

In the

middle of clothing…

It seems I’m at a show club that

hasn’t opened yet, but I was sat down on a chair in the middle of the floor and told to wait. In a matter of seconds, I was surrounded with clothes. I even heard Momo-san’s voice telling me to not move or speak.

This must be some kind of surprise.

I-I can’t say ><
I heard Gaku and Ryu’s voices, too.

Right now I’m wearing headphones that are playing “Danshi Tarumono! MATSURI”.

Does this song have some kind of special significance?

I-I can’t say ><
I won’t forgive those two giants (1).

I’ll make sure to pay them back in August and October

In other words, you’ll be

giving Gaku-san and Tsunashi-san birthday surprises!

If I remember correctly, you said something about me responding, did no one else reply to your messages..?

Because not only

Gaku or Ryu, even Anesagi-san won’t read my rabbit chats. It’s possible they’re Re:vale’s accomplices.

I see…

haven’t you heard from any of them?

Not in particular…

I’m sorry for not being of any help… Even though you went out of your way to rabbit chat me…

It’s not like this

is your fault. I’ll just wait for something to happen.

Kujo-san is calm as always!
Since Re:vale’s

involved, I doubt this is something like a cruel prank.

Kujo-san seems like he can’t

be surprised with ordinary means, after all! lol

I’d say I’m better at

surprising others. Ryu and Gaku would be the ones worth tricking. It seems like their reactions would be interesting, after all.

How long is this going to take, exactly? The date’s about to change.

Has there

been some turn of events?

I feel someone’s presence

behind the clothes. I wonder if their preparations are over

It’s almost the 9th… Is this really supposed to be a birthday surprise from a bunch of grown men?




Just when I think the clothes will be gone, there’s a confused-looking Riku behind them

What is this

Kujo-san, happy birthday!!!!

I’m sorry for deceiving you! It’s a double birthday surprise everyone planned for Riku-san and Kujo-san!

This is the biggest surprise we’ve done thus far! We searched for a show club that resembles the one your parents had based on what Riku-san’s told us!

In addition to the members of IDOLiSH7, we also received help from TRIGGER and Re:vale..! I’ve been entrusted messages from the co-organizers of this surprise! I’ll be reading them now.

“Normally we’re counting on you in more ways than one, so this is payback for that. The truth is, even you actually wanted to spend your birthday together with Nanase, Tenn. This is our present for you. You should just sincerely accept it.”

“Happy birthday! This was probably a real shock, but we figured you wouldn’t have a party together with Riku-kun otherwise! I think it’s fine for you to go back to being siblings once in a while. Sorry if we’re meddling!"

Gaku and Ryu?
That’s right!
So while playing innocent,

you were actually their accomplice all along.

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Kujo-san was fooled the whole time…
I was completely fooled this time. I’ll remember this.
(Option 2) I wanted to see Kujo-san get surprised!
If there’s a camera filming me somewhere

in here, I’ll delete all of the footage.

(Option 3) Planning this without Kujo-san noticing was quite the task!
And here I thought you were easy to read.

I really don’t get girls.

Since I participated in Sogo Osaka’s surprise before, I shouldn’t be the one saying this, but

You guys take these surprises way too seriously.

Since Re:vale and TRIGGER

readily agreed to assist..! >< It was very helpful of Gaku-san and the others to take responsibility for some of the preparations!

I get Re:vale

being involved. They’re just those type of people. Gaku and Ryu will get a scolding later.

P-please be gentle…

Actually, the present I said I was holding for Kujo-san is right there, with Anesagi-san! Please hand it to Riku-san yourself! I’m sure he’ll be happier to receive it that way!

What's with that


Riku’s crying

Everyone else is just smiling This is just unfair

Are you angry..?
No. That thing about

seeing the Milky Way was a code, wasn’t it?

Yes >< It was a signal for

when things were going well!

I see

I feel like I’m looking at the Milky Way right now, too

Thank you

I need to get Riku to stop

crying. It’ll be bad if he starts heaving

I suppose I can go back to being that kid’s big brother for just tonight.

Translator Notes
1) tenn calls gaku and ryu 大男、which literally means ‘big man/men’:´)
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Everyone's Congratulations
Tenn, happy birthday!!
Happy birthday, Tenn
Kujo-san, happy birthday!!!
Um, this group chat was

created to congratulate Kujo-san. I accepted the invitation here without thinking, but is it really alright for me to be here..?

You said you

were going to celebrate me, didn’t you.

Of course!!

Because today is a very special day!

I’m just a bit nervous about getting to celebrate among TRIGGER…

You think I’m taking

revenge for being tricked.

Don’t be so nervous, Tsumugi.

Let’s celebrate Tenn together.

That’s right! Let’s talk about what

we thought of today’s surprise! We’d be happy if you just relaxed and chatted here with us.

Thank you for your warm words…

Well then, I’ll be participating in this discussion the best I can!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - KinakoPuddi3
Thank you for tonight. Tell that to IDOLiSH7,

starting with the organizer, Iori Izumi.

The big cake in the assembly hall was made by Mitsuki Izumi, right?

Yes! Gaku-san, Tsunashi-san,

and our members all helped make it!

We worked hard on the decorations!

It became so pretty that it’s kind of a shame to eat it!

Was it marzipan? Those tiny Tenn and Nanase

on top of the cake sure had some fine detail.

Mitsuki Izumi’s parents own

a bakery, don’t they. It was delicious, a real treat.

I’m glad! Mitsuki-san will also

be happy to hear that.

Half of the other foods were

homemade, too.

Those were made by me

and Tsumugi-chan! Momo-san and Sogo-kun also helped.

I see.

The omurice was especially tasty.

Tsunashi-san and I went through a

lot of trial and error to make the eggs fluffy, so I’m glad you enjoyed them ><

You’d rabbit chat with me,

but slipped out of the assembly hall for work, right.

When it comes to IDOLiSH7’s birthdays,

I need to update the site, so… I also wanted to stay there for the whole time, though ><

Tsumugi’s always working with all she’s got.

I’m glad you invited me this time. I got to see a rare expression on Tenn.

You’ve said too much.
You had the expression of a big brother!

You guys looked like a really happy pair of siblings. Congratulations, Tenn.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1
Thank you.
I’m glad TRIGGER was able

to enjoy themselves!

If you’ve got something to

say to this guy go ahead, Tsumugi.

Ah, yes! Well…
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Were you able to hand your present?
I gave it to him. He might have cried a little. We got matching mugs for each other, and laughed overhow we should have seen that coming.
(Option 2) Please count on us next year, as well!
I do feel like it’s going to end up becoming a joint party again.
(Option 3) Did you have a good time..?
The fact that you’re here right now should answer that question.

It’s been a strange night. But, I’m grateful.

Just be honest and say you had fun.
Shut up.
Tenn and Riku-kun’s duet was amazing!

You really are twins. When you raise your voices, they sound similar.

I was able to hear it thanks to

Nagi-san’s recording..! I got goosebumps at the part where Kujo-san and Riku-san’s voices were in sync. Although I would have wanted to hear it live ><

That was supposed to be our

thanks to Re:vale.

I think it’d be nice to have something

like the shuffle units from the grand re-opening again some time!

It was fun singing in the shuffle

units with everyone! Plus, teaming up with Tamaki-kun and Sogo-kun was a real learning experience.

Teaming up with IDOLiSH7 is

fine by me since it’s refreshing, but I wonder what my old man would think.

I think he’d accept

it if he saw it as profitable. It’ll depend on the job description.

TRIGGER’s brand image is

important to President Yaotome, after all.

Protecting our existing image is

important. But, it’s also boring to stick to the same mold for too long.

It’s difficult to find

a balance between the two.

You talk about protecting

our image, but isn’t IDOLiSH7’s surprise hype a bad influence on Gaku and Ryu?

I-I’m sorry ><
Tenn had fun today, too.
Seeing Tenn comfort a crying Riku-kun

like that, Mitsuki-kun and me also started crying together. Tenn had a really gentle look on his face!

I almost began crying out of

sympathy, as well..!


It’s been a long time since I last had to wipe Riku’s tears.

I’m sure Riku-san was happy about that…
I’ll be sure to remember this

when Gaku and Ryu’s birthdays come along.

Are you going to do something?

Rather than scared, I feel happy! That’s such a friendly thing to do!

I won’t be fooled, you hear.
I think Gaku’s pretty

easy to trick. Look forward to next month.

Gaku-san was born in August,

wasn’t he! Please let me celebrate your birthday, as well!

If Tsumugi’s celebrating me my

birthday’s gonna be a good one.

Hey, Tenn! Stop pulling my hair!

I pulled it because Gaku was

making a silly face.

You still have a short fuse even though it’s me and Riku’s birthday.

That’s right..! Throughout July, we’re

doing a NNS Appreciation Month, and have plans to celebrate Riku-san with full force!

An Appreciation Month

sounds nice! We should follow your example! Would Tenn’s be KJO Appreciation Month?

We don’t have that sort of clingy relationship.
It’s too late for you to

say something that after partying so much.

Tsumugi, what kind of stuff does IDOLiSH7 do for their Appreciation Months?

We do all sorts of nice things

for the person who’s being celebrated. We also try to fulfill their requests!

Tenn, do you have any

requests for us?

Let’s see. Ryu, why don’t you

try becoming a little more selfish?

S-selfish, huh… I guess I never really

got to voice my own wishes or desires because I grew up with so many younger brothers…

What about me?
I don’t have anything in particular

for Gaku. If you try to be unusually nice to me I’ll just feel uneasy.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding6
I’m sure he means that Gaku-san

is fine just the way he is!

Yeah, I think so too!
Is that true?
You’re the one who starts

wondering if Hell’s frozen over whenever I’m nice to you, Gaku.

Good point. But, I’ll at least

be nice today. Since it’s your birthday.

Do as you like.
Should I give you a massage?
No thank you.

Is that the extent of your kindness, Mr. Most Desired Embrace No.1?

You two never change,

even for birthdays.

They’re close in their own, TRIGGER-like way!

That’s right, during IDOLiSH7’s celebratory group chat, we had each member send out a birthday comment at the end.

Would TRIGGER also like to post their comments to Kujo-san here?

It’s not my style, but I did say

I’d do something to imitate IDOLiSH7.

Sending more birthday wishes

through messaging sounds fun! Some things you can’t say anywhere else, after all.

Are you seriously doing it?
We might as well!
Well, we wouldn’t get to do it otherwise
How exciting..!
Then, I’ll start! To Tenn. It’s your birthday.

Congratulations! I think your diligence, hard work, and high professionalism are all really incredible!

There’s a really strict side to you, but I think deep down Tenn’s really kind! I’m really glad I got in a group with someone like you!

It’s okay to think of me as like an older brother and let me spoil you every now and then, you know!

Happy birthday. This kind of thing doesn’t

really suit us, but it should be fine to have at least one day a year to do something like this.

Tenn, you’re completely cheeky and not cute at all, but I have faith in the way you stick to your beliefs and the way you speak up your mind.

I couldn’t even imagine teaming up with someone other than Tenn and Ryu. The three of us are TRIGGER. I’ll be counting on you.

The way you can say embarrassing things

like that is exactly why I dislike adults.

I’m grateful too, you know.

I’m grateful too, you know.

You should smile like this more often!

They call you an angel, but you really are like one!

Kujo-san’s angelic smile..!
Stop it, Ryu Don’t take pictures of me
You’re being awfully cute today.
Never say that again.
What, it was a compliment!
Oh yeah, Tenn, our manager told

me to let you know that the fans have left you lots of birthday wishes on social media, so you should write them some kind of message as thanks!

How wonderful..!

I’m looking forward to it!

It’s a bother, so I’ll do it here.

I’m very grateful to get so many blessings from my fans on this day. Thank you.

I’m here thanks to everyone’s support. And, having received your cheers, I’ll keep facing upwards.

Please continue following us. Don’t take your eyes off us. I’ll make sure you’ll never regret liking me. Tenn Kujo

Translator: Osakaso5

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