I'm investigating this city in order to uncover a mystery of my own.

Tenn Kujo (M LULLABY)

Tenn Kujo (M LULLABY) Clean

Tenn Kujo (M LULLABY)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 717
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1,630 2,322 1,797
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3,575 4,492 3,983
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3,575 6,292 3,983
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Trigger of Twilight

For every 25 COMBO, there is a 35% chance of increasing the score by 640.

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Part 1: A Late Visitor
Cielo: Hey
Augus: ..!? You’re the boy from earlier..?
Cielo: The name’s Cielo.
Augus: Cielo… How did you get in here?
Cielo: I’m a detective.

Cielo: Getting inside a clock tower
that doesn’t even have a proper lock
is a piece of cake for me.

Augus: Is that so… Why are you here?
Cielo: I’m the one who should be

asking questions from you.

Augus: …? I thought I told you that

I don’t have any answers for you.

Cielo: I’ve come to make sure

whether that’s true.

Augus: Whether it’s true?
Cielo: We weren’t alone earlier, so

I thought maybe you had to keep quiet
against your will.

Cielo: I don’t believe that you, the
operator of this tower, don’t know of
whatever secrets it keeps.

Augus: You’re free to think that way,

but I really don’t know anything.

Cielo: Could he be trying to play

dumb..? He doesn’t appear to be lying…

Augus: … I apologize for not being

able to help you.

Cielo: … Sigh. You really don’t

know, do you?

Augus: That’s what I keep saying.
Cielo: This is all wrong...
Augus: I'm sorry...
Cielo: Sigh…

Cielo: I hate to admit, but
I’ve run into a dead end…

Cielo: Wait, if I can’t get information
on the tower itself, maybe I should try
asking about Fabra, who seems to know
about it..?

Cielo: … I know you’re not lying now,
so I’ll stop asking about the tower.
Give me information on Fabra, instead.

Augus: Fabra?
Cielo: Though I don’t have proof of it yet,

I have a feeling he knows about this tower,
and the other things I want to know.

Cielo: Since the two of you live in
this tower together, has he told you

Augus: … He hasn’t. I tried asking

him about the tower after you left

Cielo: What did he say!?
Augus: “You’ll know when the time comes”.

… As you said, Fabra probably knows
something. But it doesn’t look like he’s
planning to tell either of us about it.

Cielo: “You’ll know when the time

comes”..? Why does he need to keep it
a secret?

Augus: I don’t know, either… Fabra’s

never spoken much. Maybe we shouldn’t
worry about it?

Cielo: I’m surprised you can be so

apathetic towards the secrets of us
robot dolls, and the tower you manage…

Augus: My duty is operating the tower,

not solving mysteries. … And besides,
I’m sure keeping secrets isn’t easy.

Cielo: Why do you say that?
Augus: It’s just a hunch, but… Fabra

looked pained when he told me I’d know
when the time comes.

Cielo: … Are you sure you weren’t just

seeing things? I doubt it’s even possible
for him to make a face like that.

Augus: It’s true that his face and

speech make him seem cold, but… He’s
suprisingly considerate of others.

Augus: Maybe that’s a secret only
I know about Fabra, due to living in
the tower with him.

Cielo: Have you spent all your waking

time here in the tower with him?

Augus: I have. I’ve been living here

ever since he woke me up.

Cielo: So he woke you up, too.
Augus: Yes. He woke me up, and then

we split up to awaken the rest of the
robot dolls.

Cielo: … Wait. You’re telling me that

there were no robot dolls with Fabra
before you awoke?

Augus: Now that you mention it, yes.
Cielo: Then, who woke Fabra up?
Augus: … I don’t know.
Cielo: Does that mean he’s the first

of us to exist in this world? Is that
why he knows things the rest of us

Cielo: As Augus said, asking Fabra
directly will not get me answers. So…

Augus: … What are you thinking about?
Cielo: Nothing, really. I think I might

have to sneak into Fabra’s room next.

Augus: …… Can I ask you to stop digging

into whatever secrets he’s keeping?

Cielo: Why?
Augus: … I think the reason Fabra

refuses to talk is because he’s planning

Augus: I want to help you, but I don’t
condone forcing his secrets out into the open.

Cielo: … Yet you don’t mind having

your own room broken into?

Augus: My room holds no secrets.

Augus: Besides, it’s rare for me to
receive guests. Your entrance did
surprise me, but I welcome you as a visitor.

Cielo: … I feel…

A bit dumbfounded.

Cielo: … Fine. I’ll honor your request
and withdraw for today.

Augus: Thank you.
Cielo: Sigh. … You’re welcome.

See you later.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: In Octo's Workshop
Cielo: Hello
Octo: ...Ah, Cielo. Hello! Sorry about the mess.
Cielo: You seem busy.
Octo: Yes! I’ve been helping out

Mr. Novem lately.

Cielo: Huh...
Door opens
Augus: I'm coming in. Octo, are you here?
Octo: … Ah, Mr. Augus!
Cielo: Augus?
Augus: You are...
Octo: Huh, is something wrong?
Cielo: No… He’s the one who wound my spring for me last time.

Cielo: So, strange as it is… I wasn’t expecting us to meet here. … Right, Augus?

Augus: … Yes, that’s right.
Octo: I see!

Octo: Even though having your spring wound is a yearly thing, it still makes us kind of

Augus: Does it?
Cielo: Does it?
Octo: … Huh? Or it is just me? I’m sorry!
Cielo: If you feel differently from us, that’s not something to apologize for.

Cielo: Nevermind that, what’s this about you helping out Novem?

Octo: Um, you see, I’m helping Mr. Novem develop insect robots for his research!
Cielo: Huh.
Augus: That’s incredible. So you can both repair and create new things.
Octo: No, I really can’t… I went to Mr. Novem for advice, and he just asked me to
help him.
Augus: Advice?
Octo: Because I think my skills are still a bit lacking…
Octo: I haven’t even been able to pinpoint the cause of the strange sounds

the clock tower has been making, like you asked me to…

Octo: And I can’t repair Cielo’s pocket watch like he asked me to…

Augus: Well, it’s not as if the tower is broken. Don’t fret it.
Cielo: And my watch isn’t necessarily something that needs fixing, either.

Cielo: Luckily, the clock tower of this town is big enough to be seen from anywhere.

Octo: … Thank you both for being so considerate!

Octo: But I’m excited to be learning new things while helping Mr. Novem!

Cielo: That’s good to hear.
Augus: Yes. If your skills improve, you’ll be an even bigger help to all of us.
Octo: I’ll do my best to achieve that!
Cielo: By the way… What is an “insect robot”?
Augus: I was wondering about that, too.
Octo: Ah, right, pardon me..!
Octo: It seems insects are creatures that can help with Mr. Dissen’s research on
speeding up the pollination and spread of plants.

Octo: In other words, if we manage to make insect robots, all the flowers should
become able to breed on their own!

Cielo: … Flowers? I’ve read about them in books.
Augus: Right now, the botanical garden is

basically the only place you can see them, but they are very beautiful.

Octo: They are!
Cielo: Hmm, I’d like to see a real one.
Octo: Would you like to go to the botanical garden with me?

Octo: I was just about to grab some tools and head back there!

Cielo: … No, I’ll do that some other time.
Octo: … I see. They really are beautiful, so you should visit there later!
Cielo: Yeah, later.
Octo: Well then, I better get going!

Octo: … Why did the two of you come here, by the way? I’m sorry that I didn’t ask sooner…

Cielo: I was just stopping by here for a little break from my investigation of

this town.

Octo: I see! Feel free to come here whenever you want, even when I’m gone.

Octo: What business did you have with me, Mr. Augus?

Augus: I also decided to come here because I had some free time.

Augus: But you seem busy, so I think I’ll head back for today.

Octo: I’m sorry..!
Augus: Don’t be. I think it’s wonderful that you’re trying to improve yourself,
instead of settling for what you have now.
Octo: Oh, thank you..! Well then, if you’ll please excuse me!
Cielo: It’s rare for you to be outside.
Augus: That’s not true. I’ve been coming here for a while now.

Augus: … But I suppose you’re not all wrong. I’ve been feeling restless ever
since you asked me about the clock tower.

Cielo: So…
Augus: No, I’m still against investigating Fabra’s room.
Cielo: ......
Augus: However… If I find something, you’ll be the first one to know.
Cielo: ... Got it.
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: After The Shoot
Good work, you two! We finished almost totally in time.
Good work. You’re right, it’s good that we didn’t need to go over our schedule.
Yeah. We barely had to do any retakes.
I was really happy when the director commented on how insync we were!
It’s been a while since all three of us did acting together.
Sure has. But I really do have an easy time acting with you two.

We know the limit of each other’s abilities.

I think so, too! Though shooting with Re:vale and IDOLiSH7 is also exciting,
of course.
I’d say shoots with them are more unpredictable than exciting.
Wouldn’t you say they also let us hear thoughts we wouldn’t otherwise express
to each other?
W-what do you mean..?
Don’t you know?
You’re talking about the message from Gaku that Momo-san sent us, right!
Ah, shit! I’d forgotten about that..!
Ahaha! We haven’t. We’ll remember your passionate declaration forever!
Yeah. That was certainly memorable, in more ways than one.
You seemed pretty happy about it too, Tenn.
You can forget all about that part.
Geez… Are you sure you’re not more on edge than usual because you’re
co-starring in this thing with Nanase?
Huh? Can you stop with the false accusations?
N-now now. But Tenn, you’re good at drawing the line with things like that.

It’s admirable.

No it’s not.
… I’m sure your parents are looking forward to watching this.
I wouldn’t know. Riku said he’d give them tickets to see this, though.
Huh. Maybe they’ll watch it, then.
That’s so exciting, Tenn!
I’ll always bring my best, no matter what the circumstances or who I’m working
with. That’s all I need to do.
… As you’d expect from our center.
We need to do just as good!
… Geez. That’s enough about me.
We haven’t been spoiling you as much as we usually do.
He’ll get it double next time.
Wha… That’s what you’ve been planning!?
Haha. We need to get even with you sometimes, don’t we?
I don’t get you…
You two are so cute!
No we’re not!
No we’re not!
And you’re totally in sync! … By the way, since we’re all one for today,

why don’t we have dinner together?

Sounds great! Though I can’t eat much, since I’ve got a gravure shoot in the morning.
You’d need to be careful even if you didn’t. We can’t have a robot doll’s

stomach bulging out.

Ahaha! I think I kind of wanna see that!

Let’s hit the gym after dinner. We’ll burn calories that way. And
it’s not even that late yet!

I haven’t been to the gym in a while. Fine.
Let’s do that! There’s a training menu I’ve been wanting to try.
Alright, it’s decided! Let’s go get changed so we can leave!
Translator: Osakaso5


Tenn Kujo (M LULLABY)
In a town where only robot dolls live, they fulfill their "roles" today as well.
Transparent Still Motion
(Unlocked at Lv.3)
(Unlocked at Lv.7)
(Unlocked at Lv.9)
How to Acquire
  • Scout in the paid Mechanical Lullaby gacha
    (11/14/17 - 11/26/17)
Puchinana Information
Rarity Attribute Skill Max level
4★ Mellow Mellow Raster Lv1
The appeal of Mellow attribute equipment slightly increases.

Mellow Raster Lv2
The appeal of Mellow attribute equipment increases.

Mellow Raster Lv3
The appeal of Mellow attribute equipment greatly increases.





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