Tenn Kujo (Märchen Dream)

Tenn Kujo (Märchen Dream) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Märchen Dream)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Melody 468
Special Training
Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1670 1443 2267
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3959 3583 4436
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3959 3583 6236
Center Skill Melody Tornado
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Melody points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Did you think it'd be a happy ending?
For every 25 COMBO, there is a 35% chance of increasing the score by 640.
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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: A New Project
Kujo-san, good work. I’ve

heard we’ll get to work together on another Ichiban Kuji. I look forward to working with you once again..!

Good work. I look forward to

working with you.

It’s another job with this lineup, but let’s do our best.

Yes! It seems they’re

calling your success at the grand re-opening a post-Zero idol boom. What an honor..!

That must be why we were

requested for this. If we’re being called that, I doubt even Papa Yaotome can refuse.

We’ll work hard so as

to not offend him!

The theme will be fairy tales, and I hear TRIGGER will be playing the villains. The costumes seem like they’ll be perfect for you, so I’m already looking forward to it!

I’m sure that kid must be

excited, too.

Yes, I hear you used to

read him picture books before bedtime, so he was very excited.

Ever since we were young,

we had separate rooms to cause him as little burden as possible. But at night Riku was too scared to sleep, so I read him books until he fell asleep.

I thought if I told him dream-like stories, Riku would dream of the kinds of free and fun worlds that exist inside picture books, too.

Kujo-san… You thought that far,

despite being as young as he was…

I suppose I always felt like

it was my duty to look after Riku as the older twin, instead of thinking of us as he same age.

So Riku-san’s condition really

must’ve been worse back then.

This is nothing compared

to back then. There were a lot of times where I was afraid he’d die on the spot.

Oh no…
Because of that, I guess I can

be too harsh with him. After becoming able to have sibling quarrels with him at this age, I was a little surprised when Riku rejected me at your dorms.

I’d like to make more time

for just the two of you, but I suppose that isn’t possible.

Because there’s something

I need to do right now.

It may be meddlesome of

me. But still, I think I’ll keep trying to make time for you two to talk it out.

Translator Notes
thanks again @belusaku for the screenshots!
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: The Witch From Snow White
Kujo-san, good work. The

specifics of this project will be that you are going to be a witch, Gaku-san will be Dracula, and Tsunashi-san will be Frankenstein..!

I’ve also heard they’ll be filming a promotional short drama. I look forward to seeing all 12 of you in the same drama!

Good work, Takanashi-san.

So they really are fantasy roles.

Without tarnishing your image,

they managed to design the costumes so they were very cool and in line with your style.

I’m grateful the costumer could

listen to our wishes despite getting so many requests.

I realize that Riku is meant to be Snow White, but why is Iori Izumi the prince from that tale?

I-is that no good? ><
Not exactly.
When I read Snow White to Riku,

he said “So cool! He’s just like Tenn-nii” in reference to the prince saving the princess.

S-so something like that happened ><
Fairy tales keep bringing back

memories from our past. Even though I’d prefer not to talk about it.

I was happy to hear

about your past…

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Do you have a favorite fairy tale?
My favorite is Alice In Wonderland,

Riku used to request it a lot. Since Alice ends up straying into a fantasy world from real life, I might’ve enjoyed projecting myself onto her.

(Option 2) How do you feel about your villain characters?
Where there’s light,

a shadow is also needed. We were cast this way to make the story even more intense, weren’t we.

(Option 3) Is there any other costume you’d like to try?
I can pull off any costume,

but Ryu said I’d probably look good in Mitsuki Izumi’s outfit.

Since this time I’m playing a character who’ll try to rule over Snow White and the prince, I can’t help having to spend more time with Riku. Could you warn him about that for me?


I’ll let Riku-san know.

My character will

be handing Riku a poison apple.

It’s sort of similar to how I’m trying to forbid him from singing.

Riku-san must be happy that

he can act out your beloved fairy tales together, even if he has to hide the fact that you’re twins. Please think of it that way..!


I’ll be the perfect witch.

I’m Tenn Kujo, after all.

Translator Notes
i’m still pretty sure there was a piece of merchandise that called tenn a devil/imp so the fact that he’s being called a witch here really throws me off
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Märchen Dream
Kujo-san, good work with the

shoot today.I think we managed to create the perfect promotional drama to please the fans!

Good work. It’d be pointless

if we hadn’t. I think it ended nicely.

The characters get lost in a parallel

world, and while trying to return to their homes they fight TRIGGER, who are trying to take over their worlds, all while the mysterious Re:vale toys with them to the point where you can’t tell if they’re friends or foes…

It was an amazing drama!

Do you think it’ll have

a happy ending or a bad ending?

It ended with Momo-san’s

“The story will continue inside your heart” line, after all… I’d like a happy ending where they return to their own worlds and live happily ever after.

Since we play villains, taking

over is our “good”. I don’t think a happy end for every single character exists.

Even if you choose one

ending, it’s not that simple…

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Was any scene particularly memorable to you?
The scene where I interrogate Riku

with my cane to his forehead.

Though it was just acting, I’ve never hounded him like that.

(Option 2) Was any scene difficult for you?
The scene where Ryu

fails an experiment and I get burned. It reminded me of how he and I usually are, so it made acting harder.

(Option 3) Was any scene fun for you?
The scene where I use magic to put Riku to sleep.

Since it’ll be added with CG to the real thing, I just look like I’m waving in the air, but I wonder how happy I’d be if I could actually use magic like that.

Also, even if there wasn’t any staff in the waiting room, Riku talked to me an awful lot…

And what was that about him coming over to feel my tail and wings?

I heard from Riku-san ><
I thought Iori Izumi would

warn Riku about it, but even he seemed to want to touch them.

I’m sure he was just interested

in knowing the fine details of the props ><

Thanks to that, I got

surrounded by IDOLiSH7.

I-I didn’t know about that..!

I’m sorry we caused you trouble…

Because Riku yelled about how

squishy they were, Tamaki Yotsuba wouldn’t stop touching them. Is that kid going to be fine with being given so much freedom?

I’m sorry…
Because Yamato Nikaido

said this costume was my “true form”, you should tell him that his true form must be a pair of glasses for me.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: TRIGGER's Youngest
Good work, Takanashi-san.

Were you the one who gave Ryu suggestions on how to use the bath towels from our merchandise?

Good work, Kujo-san!

Yes… Tsunashi-san sent me a rabbit chat about the goods arriving, so we talked about it ><

Try imagining that huge guy sleeping

with our bath towels spread out around him.

I thought

it’d be cute…

You should be thinking that

it’s gross…

Hearing about how he feels

about you and Gaku-san is heartwarming.

So... ><

I know Ryu cares about

us, but this is different.

I have no idea why Gaku isn’t stopping him, even though he’s over at Ryu’s place right now.

They’re drinking in his

home right now, aren’t they!

So it seems. I’ll

pass, though.

Do you really dislike

spending time with them for no special reason? You did mention that to me before.

Anyone would dislike hanging

out just for courtesy’s sake.

But what I hate most is eventually having to look after two grown men as the only one who’s sober.

T-that sounds difficult…
It’s not just difficult.

Ryu won’t get changed properly, so I’ve had to dress him into his nightwear, and Gaku can’t even undress for a bath, so I’ve had to help him.

As expected, you’re

an excellent caretaker…

Because I know them like that,

I feel strange looking at Dracula Gaku and Frankenstein Ryu’s mini posters.

Ah, so you’ve received

some of the goods, too. I think you’re all charming whether it's your usual handsome appreances or in your off time..!

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Did you have a favorite piece of merchandise?
It’s not exactly my favorite,

but the booklet has things like sketches of the costumes in it, so the fans will probably enjoy it.

(Option 2) Did you have a favorite piece of merchandise?
It’s not like that.

I just think it’s funny how helpless Ryu and Gaku get if I’m not around.

(Option 3) Did you hang the mini posters up?
I haven’t.

I’m planning on putting them in a separate room I have for merchandise, like last time.

The way Ryu and Gaku can’t even seem to hold themselves back when Re:vale invites them out for dinner bothers me.

Momo-san and Yuki-san seem

to be good at getting people fired up like that. I should learn from their example!

You really don’t need to.
I’d like to learn some party

tricks of my own!

Since I work in an industry where closing parties are common, I feel bad about only being able to pour sake…

They say you shouldn’t bite off

more than you can chew (1), and you’re not suited for something like that, so I really don’t think you need to do it.

But I’ve been learning to do

imitations recently!

What sort of imitations?
Like the croaking of a

frog. Ah, and I can also make faces!

I don’t think those will

entertain anyone but Gaku.

Huh, I was confident

in my skills, though…

Translator Notes
1) orig. 適材適所 (tekizaitekishou), which translates more literally into something like “the right person in the right place”
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: About The Casting
Kujo-san, good work! Today is

finally the Ichiban Kuji release date. Thank you very much for letting us work with you in various ways once more!

Good work, Takanashi-san.

People seem excited for it. Let’s put up the best performance we can for all the fans who’ll buy them.

Yes! I’ll bear that

in mind again..!

Most of IDOLiSH7’s fanservice

lies in variety, so I think they should be pleased enough, though.

I’ve watched TRIGGER’s lives a few

times, and it’s common for your uchiwa fans to have “shoot at me” or “blow a kiss” written on them! It must be because you have so many sexy songs.

Yours often have “wish me a good

night” or “skip around” on them.

You see uchiwas for Mitsuki Izumi the most.

That’s true! Mitsuki-san always talks about

how he’ll do all he can so the people who came to see them return home feeling happy.

Mitsuki Izumi’s got a high

sense of awareness. If that’s what he’s after, it combined with that hardworking attitude must’ve been how he managed to pull off the costume he had this time.

Thank you very much…

I’m sure Mitsuki-san will be happy to hear you said that.

I’m just saying what I

was thinking during our shoot.

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Did you watch the drama when it aired?
I did. I knew Yamato Nikaido and

Yuki-san were known for their acting, but they really did quite well. Tamaki Yotsuba must also have learned from his previous drama, since his acting has improved. Though maybe I’m giving him too much credit because his wolf character had so few lines.

(Option 2) I hope we get to work on a project together again!
Since we’re all busy it may be difficult,

but it was an experience you don’t often get.

It looks like our manager has things to learn from Okazaki-san and you, too.

(Option 3) Riku-san also thought your costume suited you.
He told me that over and

over in the waiting room, too. We also wondered what it’d be like if we swapped costumes. Wouldn’t Riku as a witch be pretty rare?

Also, please don’t indulge Ryu in any of his wild fantasies of me as Cinderella, Gaku as Snow White, or him as Little Red Riding Hood.

S-shouldn’t I have done that!?

I thought it’d be interesting to see how the drama changes based on the casting.

I can see myself as Cinderella.
You’re known as a modern

day angel, after all!

But what sort of variety gag

would Snow White Gaku or Little Red Riding Hood Ryu be? That’s where our sales method differ…

They’d make a beautiful

Snow White with a stalwart heart, and a kind Little Red Riding Hood >< You would be a lovely and fickle Cinderella!

Why are you talking about it

as if it has any “potential”…

Girls like those sorts

of things, after all…

Then let me say something, too

Don’t you think I would’ve make a better prince to save Riku than Iori Izumi

Ooh, may I ask you why you

think that..?

Because Iori Izumi’s

methods won’t save Riku.

Translator: Osakaso5

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