Tenn Kujo (Last Dimension)

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Tenn Kujo (Last Dimension)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 414
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1469 2150 1651
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3149 4627 3706
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3149 6427 3706
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Now, which one is the coward?

For every 19 PERFECTs, there is a 38% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 3 seconds.

For every 19 PERFECTs, there is a 38% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 4 seconds.

For every 19 PERFECTs, there is a 40% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 5 seconds.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: The Ambitious Protagonist, “Nine”
Kujo-san, good work. I hear

TRIGGER will star in
a musical at the
grand re-opening.
I look forward to
seeing you act on

Good work.

You won’t be
disappointed. I’m sure
you guys will want to
perform on stage
someday, too.

I’d certainly

like to give it a try, but
no one but Yamato-san
has much acting experience,
so I think we need more
time and practice.

Feel free to

use our perfomance
as a point of

I will..! ><
You heard what

the plot would be like
at the meeting, right?

Yes, I did!

You’ll play an ambitious
young man by the name of
“Nine”, who’s trying to climb
his way to the top in the
airborne crime capital
of “Zero Arena”.

Nine sure has

a nice personality,
considering he strings
along both Gaku’s angel
character “Eight” and
Ryu’s demon character
“Ten”, using their
powers for his own gain.

I look forward
to the scenes where I
boss those two around.
Ryu was all confused
because “Tenn is called
Nine, but I’m called Ten,
and Ten’s a demon, while
the angel is Eight (1)”.
Isn’t he cute ^^

Since Tsunashi-san

and Gaku-san always call
you by your first name, I’m
sure it must be confusing
for them! ><

I wonder if
the plot will be more
on the serious side..?

So it seems. But

they’re making sure to
add some comic relief and
produce it in a way that
doesn’t make it too brutal.
Women should be able to
enjoy it, too.

According to Gaku,
you’re also coming to see
us practice, correct?

Yes, I was

told it’s common for
staff to be there as
audience, so I accepted
his invitation..!

Gaku is so

zealous when it
comes to you.

I’m sure

he thought it’d help
me learn more about
stage plays ><


huh. Is there anyone
at all that you see as a
man, Takanashi-san?

Huh!? I think

Re:vale are all men,

That’s not

what I meant

The guy you’ve
already rejected twice
aside, what do you think
of Riku?


Riku-san is
like a roller coaster!

Roller coaster?
There are times

when your heart throbs
because he’s in pain, but
when he sings, it shakes
you down to your core.
By the time he’s finished,
your entire body feels
feverish, and you’re
seeing stars as if
you’ve just sang
with him yourself.

That’s why
I think he’s a bit like
a roller coaster, but it
must be rude of me to say
this to you, his brother…
I’m sorry…

I wouldn’t say

it’s rude. I get your point,
more or less.

What about me?

Would you
rather not say?


not really the problem,
I just don’t think these
sort of things should
be said around the
person himself…

I see.

Then how about
telling me directly? When
you come over to watch
our rehearsal.

I-I’m getting nervous…
I’m the

ambitious Nine right
now, after all ^^

Translator Notes
1) this phrase involves a bit of wordplay that doesn’t translate into english well, but basically
ryu’s pointing out that neither his character ten, nor tenn (whose name is written with the kanji 天) play the
character who’s an angel (which is 天使, read as tenshi)
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: The Angel Is…

good work today.
I learned a lot
from watching you

Good work.

How’d you like it?

It was

such a heartrending
and sad story…

I couldn’t
help crying at the
scene where you realize
how important Eight and
Ten were to you right
after you’d killed them
with your own hands…

Even though
it was just a rehearsal,
it was very impactful..!

I treat the rehearsal

like it’s the real thing. We
can’t make any mistakes
when performing in front
of the audience, after all.

But the stage
is still a scary place,
because sometimes you
make mistakes you’ve
never made before.

You’re afraid of

the stage..?

Even I get

scared sometimes.
The devil is in the
details, as they say.
Just who do you
think I am?

I’m sorry…

You just always seem
so flawless ><

That’s how

I try to seem.

Did any other
scenes impress you?

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) The way you three meet at the beginning!
You mean the scene where Eight

and Ten are called to Earth by Nine, right.
The story wouldn’t even begin if Nine didn’t
find that crest with the power to control angels
and demons while searching a warehouse.

(Option 2) Your comical dialogue in the middle part!
You mean when Eight and Ten put

aside their differences and try to nurse
Nine back to health when he catches a cold.
That’s one of the rare calm moments.

(Option 3) The way you boss Eight and Ten around at the end!
The way Nine just ate candy while

Eight and Ten fought off criminals didn’t
really resemble how I really act, but it
did feel nice to make that pair of
giants work for me ^^

By the way, sorry Gaku and Ryu weren’t
in the dressing room when
you came over to greet us.

They have a
different acting
coach than me.

It’s fine!

I’m the one who’s sorry
for stopping by at such
a busy moment.

Tell them I said hello..!

Got it.

Is this about
what we discussed
earlier? ^^

Yes! Letting

you know what I think
of you felt like too big of
a hurdle both directly and
indirectly, so I asked
Riku-san instead!


You asked what
he thinks of me?

That’s right!

He said so
many things that it’d
take too long to write
it all here, so I’ll
try to sum it all up
into one phrase.

What’s that?

is an angel”

He says!

If anything,

I’d say he’s the
angel, not me…

Even though

you seem to be having
a fight, it doesn’t
affect his general
opinion of you.

Are you sure

you that summary isn’t
just the result of some
heavy cherry-picking?

Of course not!
Gaku must

have it rough.

It’s nothing.

Forget I said anything

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako5
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Wanting To Protect
Good work,


How did things
go between Riku and
Iori Izumi after that?


good work..!

Thank you
for that joint lesson.
You helped them start
singing freely and
smoothly again.

Bottling things

up will hurt you in
the long run.

And the longer
you keep things bottled
up, the harder it becomes
to let it all out.


absolutely right.
I don’t know what
would’ve happened
if it weren’t for you…

I’m glad if

Riku’s doing well.

Have you

contacted him?


He messages me almost
daily, though.

I-I see… ><
So when he

doesn’t message
me, I get a little

That’s a

perfect chance for
you to be the one
to contact him..!

I don’t know

what to talk about
when it’s just the
two of us.

The longer

you keep things bottled
up, the harder it becomes
to let it all out!

You’re getting

awfully cheeky ^^

That’s because

you’re acting so awkward
around each other… It
makes me want to meddle
a little bit…

I’m guessing

that also applies
to Re:vale.

I heard from

Gaku-san that when you
visited their dressing
room, they were putting
on a brave face.

If I lost my

voice like that,
I couldn’t act like
my usual self at

I respect
Momo-san for being
able to keep acting
like Re:vale’s Momo,
even if he is just

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) I hope those two will be back to normal soon.
Re:vale is loved by staff and

their fellow performers alike. Though
I think it might be good if they put
some distance between themselves
every now and then.

(Option 2) It’s difficult to talk about yourself.
That’s painfully true. In the

world of show business, you need to
forge yourself to match the fans’
expectations. It doesn’t give you
a lot of room for self-expression.

(Option 3) How is communication between TRIGGER?
Gaku usually tells it how it is.

Ryu, on the other hand, often tries to
invite us for dinner. I’m the only one
of us who can’t drink, so I rarely feel
like going. I would like to visit Ryu’s
place again sometime, though.

While Re:vale’s
going through this now,
it’s entirely possible that
this might eventually happen
to us or IDOLiSH7, too.

That’s why
I was against Riku
becoming an idol.

You mean it’s

not just because of
his condition..?

I don’t want

him to realize that the
entertainment industry
he’s always dreamed of
is built on lies and

Or how dirty
a lot of it is.


Riku-san from those things
is my job. I may not be
entirely reliable… But
I’ll take care of him,

You’re a strong

woman, Takanashi-san.

Though when push
comes to shove, I guess
women would be the
strong ones.

I also do

muscle training!

That’s not

really what I meant…

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: Surpassing Zero

good work. We saw the
recording of TRIGGER’s
response to the Zero
revival outrage.

and I were taken aback by
seeing you stand against
it like that. This may sound
strange, but I wanted to
thank you…

Good work.

So you saw
it. We thought it
was about time for
us to speak up.

How do you

think President Yaotome
will take it, though..? ><

Our agency is

even stricter than
you think.

It wasn’t exactly
the ideal kind of publicity
for us. Our president will
most likely scold us for
acting out of turn, but
even he’ll know that it
was the right call.

I see…

The fact that
you chose to perform an
acapella rendition of your
new song at a moment like
that will certainly be a
popular talking point.
It’s already gotten much
attention on the net.

I also think
your frank declaration
impacted people all over
the country, though.

Tell Riku not

to believe everything
he sees on TV.

But you were

speaking your mind back
there, weren’t you..?

I won’t deny

that, but I also
thought it was a
great opportunity
to announce our
new song.

Still, it lit

a fire inside me. I felt
like it was the start of
a new era.

The song and what

we said in that interview
were a declaration of

While IDOLiSH7
sings Haruki Sakura’s
songs, and Re:vale’s
managed to be the first
to cover a Zero song,
we’re also serious about
challenging Zero. So
you guys can’t play
around, either.

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) We’ll catch up to you soon enough..!
That’s the spirit. If there’s one

thing IDOLiSH7 is all about, it’s energy.

(Option 2) We’ll do our best to be acknowledged as your rivals..!
Frustratingly enough, you’ve

already beat us once at BorW. We’ll
make sure to win next time.

(Option 3) I’ll do my best to get the fair

winds blowing IDOLiSH7’s way..!

Right. We’ve done our part. It’s

no exaggeration to say that the entire
grand re-opening depends on you guys.

Takanashi-san, you
seem kind of happy
about all this.

I just thought

it was nice how you
mentioned “the caliber
of the idol groups

The fact that
we’re doing something
like this with TRIGGER
and Re:vale feels like
a miracle to me..!

It’s because of

your hard work. Don’t
chalk it up to some

We’ve already
acknowledged IDOLiSH7,
haven’t we?


You’re right, I should’ve
realized that sooner.
I’m sorry..!

I do think your

humility is a virtue.

But you can be just
as overzealous as Gaku

It’s a little

embarrassing, but I’ll
continue being just as
overzealous, nonetheless ><

That’s exactly

why Ryu’s taken a liking
to you, too. Even though
he’s usually so awkward
around women.

You’re giving

me too much credit..! ><

I’m honestly

wondering, isn’t it
difficult for you to
live in such a
male-dominated world?


I’ve never thought so.
It’s because everyone
around me is such a
wonderful person.
Including you,

It’s so
relaxing to discuss
work with you. I really
like the atmosphere
when we talk…

I see.

You don’t have
to bother talking
about me.


I thought it’d tie in
to what we talked
about the other day…

That was just

acting, you know.

It’s getting
late. I’ll have to
excuse myself for

You’re right,

I’m sorry this took so long..!
We’ll do our best at the grand
re-opening! And thank you
for today.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Who Will Pull The Trigger

good work at the grand
re-opening show the other
day. The closing party
was so busy that I didn’t
have the time to say
this then, so I thought
I’d message you. Thank
you for a wonderful

Good work.

Thanks for
messaging me. You’re
so diligent.

Not at all.

I remembember my
excitement from that
day like it was

It’s not like

we could’ve given a
subpar performance
on the opening day.

It was a
show, so I’m glad
it went well.

When your

play ended, the entire
audience gave a standing

I couldn’t
help tearing up from
watching your acting
and the audience’s
response to it…

We felt pretty

burned out, too.

Since even
Re:vale managed to
sing no problem, I’d
say the grand re-opening
was a huge success.

Yes..! It

really was a lovely
three days!

When Nine
said the phrase “I’ll never
give up, not until my life
has run its course. Not until
the world comes to an end”,
it made my chest tighten
up. I still get emotional just
from remembering it!

You must

really like that
line, then.

It was a

dignified phrase to hear
from someone as ambitious
and reckless as Nine, so
I really liked it.

I see.
I also liked

Eight’s "Just because
you think a certain path
is right for you doesn’t
mean it is”, and Tenn’s
“What’s so wrong about
living life in a way you
see fit?”. I found myself
agreeing with both of them…

You were really

paying attention, huh.
I’m kind of surprised.

You are!?

It would’ve been a
waste not to ><

Many people go

to the theatre just to see
the production and the
actors, or to enjoy the

I-I see…
Which character

did you like best,

Let’s see…
Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) I’d have to say Nine..!
I see. I think someone

that free-sprited would be annoying
to deal with in real life, though.

(Option 2) I’d have to say Eight..!
You mean the angel.

His pacifism didn’t sit right
with me. Mostly because he
was played by Gaku, lol

(Option 3) I’d have to say Ten..!
The demon, huh. He’s

like Nine, a bothersome guy
who’ll do anything just to
satisfy his own needs.
Completely unlike Ryu.

Wait, were

we just talking about
what these characters
would be like in real

Well, these

kind of things say a
lot about a person.

I know what
your type is now.

If they were

real people, I wouldn’t
have the same opinions
on them..!

Then, what

about your type!?
I bought this music
magazine, and it has
a test to determine
what sort of person
you’re compatible
with! I’d like you
to answer it now!

Why me…

let’s begin! “You
are a friendly

At work, anyway.
“You refuse

to compromise, and aim
for perfection.”

“You’ve been

described as hard to
approach before."

I guess.
Ah, Kujo-san,

I have your results!

This is my first

time doing one of these.

It says: "Your

perfect match is the honor
student type, someone cool
and flawless with a winning
smile to match yours! If they
were an idol, they’d be
Tenn Kujo ☆”… ><

So I’m

compatible with

I-I’m sorry!

I didn’t think it’d turn
out like this ><

Bring that

magazine with you
the next time we
meet, so I can redo it.

I don’t even know
why we’re chatting
so casually.

It’s my

fault for getting
all worked up…
I’m sorry…

It’s fine. I have

today off, anyways. Talking
with you messes up my

But doing

these sort of tests is
fun, isn’t it? If you don’t
mind, we could do this
again sometime!

If I have

the time, maybe.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding12
Translator: Osakaso5

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