Tenn Kujo (FureFure)

Tenn Kujo (FureFure) Clean

Tenn Kujo (FureFure)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 395
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1471 2155 1763
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3106 4674 3898
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3106 6474 3898
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.

For every 24 COMBO, there is a 38% chance of increasing the score by 680.

For every 23 COMBO, there is a 40% chance of increasing the score by 1190.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Shuffle Unit
Kujo-san, good work.

It’s been decided that
you will form a unit with
Iori-san and Riku-san.

It’s an honor for us to
be the guests of Re:vale’s
live together with TRIGGER!
I look forward to working
with you.

Good work.

I heard from our manager.
It doesn’t matter who
I’ll be teaming up with.

I don’t mix my work with my
personal life.

Riku-san told me he

was happy to be able
to sing with you.

I hope the time you spend
together will leave
you with something
too, Kujo-san.

I’d like to show you how

Riku-san’s grown into a
brilliant and strong singer
on his own right…

I think it might change
things between you two
if you witness his
resolution for yourself.

Forgive me for my brashness…

You and Riku

really are alike.

Whenever you start talking
about him to me, I honestly
don’t know how to react.

Please, just

look at Riku-san.

Look at how hard
he’s trying to change.

I give.

I’ll be careful not to
cause another incident
like the one that happened
at your dorm.

It’d be rude

to Re:vale to let our
disagreements get in the
way of our unit.

But, let me ask one thing.

Couldn’t you have made

the costumes less short?
Are you planning to make Riku
get the chills again?

I-I’m sorry..!

It’s what we agreed on…

You’ll need to bring

some dust-free blankets
and coats to the live.


I’m going to set up an
opportunity for all of you
to talk before your joint lesson.
It may end up being a group chat
due to your conflicting schedules,
but I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: Iori's Question
Everyone, good work.

I had to leave for some work,
but how is your group
chat gathering going?

Iori Izumi says he’s

got a question for me.

I see..!

I’m sorry for
interrupting you.

It’s not that big of a deal.

I was just curious
about something.

What sort of

sibling relationship did
you and Nanase-san have?

A normal one.

The same as you and
your brother’s, I’d say?

You’re being awfully blunt…
How should I talk, then?
So, what kind of kid do

you think I was, Tenn-nii?

You were a

strange child who
wanted to jump inside
laundry baskets and
once hid a leek from a
grocery bag under your
bed because you liked
it so much.

Riku-san, that’s adorable!
The two of you are twins, right..?
B-but! If I asked

Mitsuki, I bet he’d have
a memory or two of you
doing weird stuff, too!

I’ve had good manners

from a young age.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako3
If you’re that annoyed,

you could just talk about the
embarrassing things Kujo-san did.

I tried really hard to

remember some, but there aren’t
any. Tenn-nii was always perfect,
and my idol.

Now he’s everybody’s idol, though.

Riku. Don’t start sulking.
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) What sort of child were you, Kujo-san?
I think I was an easy child.

I never really even got hurt.

(Option 2) Did you also hide leeks under your bed, Kujo-san..?
Of course not. Only

Riku would come up with
something like that.

(Option 3) If you have any cute stories about

Riku-san, please tell us!

Let’s see. One time we

were playing hide-and-seek in
our house, and when I had to look
for him, he tried to hide behind me
and mirror my movements, thinking
I wouldn’t notice. Just to humor
him, I searched like I didn’t
see him for a little while.

Nanase-san, you’re older

than me, so please get
a hold of yourself.

S-shut up!

Stupid Iori! You’re
just a crybaby!

I never cry, though!?
Thank you for the

lovely stories, Kujo-san!
They really warmed my heart.

Hey, are you guys

always like this? You’re
arguing like a bunch of

O-of course not!

I’m passionate and serious
like Yaotome-san, and Iori’s
kind like Tsunashi-san!

Nanase-san, that’s going overboard…
Huh. So that’s how Riku

acts around IDOLiSH7.

I-I think there could

be some truth to that!

Don’t you start, too!
How long are you planning

to keep up this skit?

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Riku's Question
Don’t you have any childhood

memories, Tenn-nii?

You only talked about me just now.

What are you going to do

with that information?

Nothing, but…
So you have no trouble

talking about Nanase-san,
but you refuse to say
anything about yourself.

You, shut up.

Do you want me to make you cry?

I told you,

I don’t cry! *angry* *angry*

Stop trying to change

the subject and tell us!

I’m not trying

to change the subject.

You are too! Every

time a topic makes you
uncomfortable, you try
to change it to be
about Iori!

That’s not true.
Think of how

I feel, having to
get dragged into this…

I-Iori-san... ><
I’m truly glad you’re here…
Fine, I get

it. All I have to do
is tell you, right?

What do you want to know?

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) A story from when you were in kindergarten..!
I don’t remember much, but

I always visited Riku in the hospital
right after I got out of kindergarten.
I’d bring him origami I had made
earlier that day.

(Option 2) A story from when you were in grade school..!
People gave me Riku’s presents

so I could give them to him. It was
though during Valentine’s, since
Riku can’t eat chocolates.

(Option 3) Tell us about a time when you made a mistake..!
When I made a mistake? There

was one time in grade school when I
accidentally wore mismatching socks.
That’s it. This is enough, right?

Are you happy now?

Yeah! I just

remembered a bunch
of stuff, too! You were
amazing, even when
we were little.

Thank you for telling us,


I’m relieved

to know that even
Kujo-san was a
normal child.

What’s that supposed to mean.
It’s just difficult

for me to imagine you
doing average things.

Me too ><
Who would admire an

idol they knew everything about?
Who would dream about
someone like that?

I know you have a different
way of selling yourselves than
TRIGGER, but you should probably
rethink what an idol should be like.

Even if they’ve taken

a different direction,
IDOLiSH7 are still
top-tier idols!

Of course we are.

Don’t start feeling
inferior now, Nanase-san.

Even I don’t think you’re wrong.
I think TRIGGER,

Re:vale, and IDOLiSH7 each
have their own charm. That’s
why I can’t help feeling
excited that we all get to
do this grand re-opening
live together!

We have to

make it a success.
I won’t allow any

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: Pancakes For Tenn
It’s about time.

I need to go soon.

Wait a little longer, Tenn-nii!
Did something happen?
Wait a little longer, Tenn-nii!
It’s getting late, so

please take it easy ><

Yeah, got it!

I just really wanted
to show them to Tenn-nii.

You mean the pancakes?
Nanase-san said

he wanted to replicate
the pancakes you used
to make him, Kujo-san.

We’ll go straight to
bed once we’re done.

Here! I’ll send a picture!
Their surface has

been baked unevenly.
That’s such a Riku
thing to do.

But they look delicious...!
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Did he manage to replicate

the pancakes you made?

I think he did.

They’re thick and
covered in honey.

(Option 2) Why not come over

and have some later?

You mean I’d come

over to your dorm? Then
I’d really be mixing my
work with my personal life.
And my agency would
be against it.

(Option 3) Do you make anything other than pancakes?
I cook for myself in

general. That way I won’t have
any of the extra calories and
additives I’d get if I ate out.

Iori taught me how to make them!
Please stop playing with

your phone when your hands
are covered in flour.

Sorry! I’ll wipe them later!
Flour isn’t

good for your throat.
Clean up properly.

Ah, you’re right.

I’m sorry, I was only
concerned with how good
they looked…

Don’t worry,

his condition can be
difficult to understand
for people who don’t
have it.

Sorry Tenn-nii,

Iori wiped up for me…

Kujo-san scolded you

because you were too focused
on your phone.

I wanted to

hurry up and show him.

They look delicious, Riku.

I can’t come over to eat them,
but they did bring
back memories.

Really!? In

that case, we totally
have to go to a café

He can’t come
over, but we can at
least eat sweets
together, right?

By all means!

I’ll consult Anesagi-san
on your schedules…

If I have the

time, I suppose I’ll
think about it.

I know a café

that I’m sure even you
will like, Kujo-san.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8
I see. Well,

I’ll think about it.

It’s a promise!

We’ll be waiting, okay!

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Their Tea Party
Kujo-san, good work.

Thank you for going to a café
with Riku-san and
Iori-san the other day!

You asked my manager to make

our schedules match, didn’t you.

I thought it’d do

you both good… Please excuse my
selfishness… Did you have fun?

It felt refreshing just

to be able to walk
around with that kid.

The entire way to the cake shop,
Riku pulled me by the arm,
Iori Izumi walked beside me,
and we talked. It felt like we
were all a bunch of high schoolers.

I’m sure Riku-san was very happy..!

Did you need to disguise yourselves?

Just a little.

If we act normal, other people won’t pay mind to
us, so it’s surprisingly
easy to stay unnoticed.

But I didn’t expect that
the cake shop we were going to
would belong to Iori Izumi’s
family. Maybe Riku was trying
to be considerate, in his own way.

He talked about how delicious the
cakes were as if it were his own home.
He’d made fast friends with Iori Izumi’s parents.

Riku-san’s particularly

popular with older people,
so in a way that’s a
demonstration of his
lovability! Apparently
he sometimes visits
Iori-san’s house.

He’s always been like that.

Even though he couldn’t really
visit our parents’ show club back
when they ran one, the customers
and performers would dote on him.

In any case, I won’t be
craving sweets for a while.

If I remember correctly,

you’re kind of a big eater,
aren’t you..!

Only when it comes to sweets.
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Which cake did you like best?
The chocolate cake, maybe.

It was just the right kind of
moist on the inside.

(Option 2) Please let me know if there’s

any sweets you recommend!

Because that one kid is

so enamored with King Pudding,
I decided to give it a try out
of curiousity. There was just
enough caramel to give it some
bitterness, I understand why
he likes it so much now.

(Option 3) Did they surprise you in any way?
They did. I never

thought Iori Izumi would
eat so slowly and carefully.

Oh, now I want to stop by

a cake shop on my
way home from work..!

Women like sweets, after all.

Well then, it’s about time
for my next job.

Ah, I’m sorry for holding

you back! There’s not much
time until the grand re-opening
concert, but I look forward
to working with you!

As do I.

I am properly looking at Riku, you know.

I’ll talk to you later.
Translator: Osakaso5

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