Since it's a real live broadcast, there's a sense of actually conveying something with the fans.

Tenn Kujo (Cyber Techno)

Tenn Kujo (Cyber Techno) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Cyber Techno)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 885
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1538 2340 1630
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3342 5037 3866
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3342 6837 3866
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
For every 25 COMBO, there is a 33% chance of increasing the score by 600.
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You can apply this guide with any images on the Wiki that has no link. For the sake of guide purposes, it's going to go over how to get Card Images- the borderless versions.

  • Go to the page of the Card you want.
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  • Click the image and you will get a zoom of the image, however we're not done yet.
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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Envious Of The Future
Kujo-san, good work!

TRIGGER will be participating
in this year’s VAE along with
Re:vale and IDOLiSH7. I look
forward to working with you!

Takanashi-san, good work.

Virtual Arts Expo, right. I heard
we’d be joined by two other groups,
but I didn’t know it’d be you.

Yes! It’s a pleasure to

be working with you!

VAE is a yearly virtual art event,
and this will be its fifth year.
Both I and the members of IDOLiSH7
are excited to do something like
this with you again!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1
I look forward to

working with you, too.

Is this IDOLiSH7’s first VAE?

Yes! It’s the

first time we’ve been
invited to participate!
What about TRIGGER?

It’s our first

time, too. Though it
seems Re:vale’s been
there once before.

Re:vale were chosen as the

event’s ambassadors last year.

This time, all three of your
groups have been requested.
They’re trying to make the event
more exciting by gathering together
idols who are popular with young people!

All 12 of you will be singing a
PR song for VAE.

It’ll be a completely

new techno song, right. I also
heard we’ll be singing it live.

It’s a pretty large-scale event.

And we’re even going to have a
fashion show, aren’t we? Though
I don’t know any more than that.

I’ve been told that it’s a

fashion show that utilizes the
latest virtual technology!
We won’t have more details
until later, but it seems to
have a Japanese theme.

Latest virtual technology, huh.

I’m sure Riku will like it.

He loves sci-fi.

Riku-san likes to read,

doesn’t he! Come to think of it,
even when I messaged him
about VAE, we ended up
talking about time travel.

You mean how you

can go to the future,
but can’t return to the past?

Right! He told me about that!
It’s from a book he read

when we were little. That
really brings me back.

He was holding back tears
when he found out that you
can’t return to the past once
you’re in the future, and told
me “Tenn-nii, don’t go to the
future without me”.

He was so worried, even though
I didn’t even know how to go there.

But he did smile when I told
him we’d go together.

Sorry, that had nothing

to do with work.

Forget it.


Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako2
Don’t be sad. We were

just kids back then.

Besides, the current Riku
could probably go to the
future all by himself.

That’s not true!

He promised he wouldn’t leave
us behind when we talked about
time travel..! We’re going to
the future with all of IDOLiSH7!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding7
You say the funniest things.

In that case, TRIGGER will go there first. Let’s see who can get there first.

Translator Notes
thank you anon for the rabbit chats!
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: The People Of The Wind
Kujo-san, good work with

the group recording of
the PR song today!

Good work, Takanashi-san.
Tsunashi-san told me that

it was a little cold in
the recording booth, because
the air conditioning was so
strong. You didn’t get sick
after that, did you..?

I know I should’ve been more
careful about those sort
of things, myself…

I’m as healthy as ever.

And it was only a little
chilly, not anything you
need to be concerned about.

It seems someone readjusted
the room’s temperature, because
it returned back to moderate soon.

If anything, I’m sorry for
the worry we caused.

It’s fine!

I’m glad it was only cold
for a short while..!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako9
It’s not like Ryu needed

to bring up such a minute
detail, anyway. He just
made people anxious.

He was probably just that

worried about you!

He told me you were acting
unusually cute and childlike
by sticking to him because
of the cold.


Ryu told you I was like a child?


I see.


I-I’m sorry ><
We’ve said too much, haven’t we..!

It’s fine, Ryu already

told me that directly.

I replied by telling him that
he’s the one who has an unusually
high body temperature, like a kid.

I don’t want him to treat me like a
child just because he’s bigger.
If I suddenly happen to outgrow
him, maybe I’ll let him have
a taste of his medicine.

I can’t even imagine you

being bigger than Tsunashi-san!

Though I really don’t think it’s
just due to your stature..?

Say what now?
No! Nevermind!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako9

By the way, We finally have the
details of your fashion show!

Ah, you changed the subject.
That was by no means my intention..!
Well, whatever.

It’ll be a fashion show based on
the four central nature themes, right.
I hear we’ve been divided into four
groups to represent flowers,
birds, wind, and the moon.

You’re a part of the People

of the Wind!

I think a gentle breeze
suits you perfectly!

I’ll do my best to represent

the wind, so my fans will
feel that way, too.

Yes! I’m looking forward to it, too!

Out of the 12 of you, who do you
think suits the image of the wind most?

He doesn’t exactly fit the image,

but Riku. Because I can’t help
worrying about him on really windy days.


We’ll make sure to monitor
his condition carefully..!

Please do. Thank you.
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Who do you think suits

the image of the flowers?

Ryu, I guess. He’s like a hibiscus,

something that’ll bloom during the
summer in some Southern country

(Option 2) Who do you think suits

the image of the birds?

Momo-san, maybe. The way he’s

always skipping around from place to
place makes you feel like he’ll really
grow wings someday, doesn’t it?

(Option 3) Who do you think suits

the image of the moon?

Gaku? His pale skin is like

moonlight. Though on the inside,
he’s as hot as the sun.

Currently, the other members of my team
are Tamaki Yotsuba and Yuki-san.

What were the other teams, again?

The flower team is Yaotome-san,

Mitsuki-san, and Riku-san.
The bird team is Tsunashi-san,
Iori-san, and Yamato-san. And
lastly, the moon team is Sogo-san,
Nagi-san, and Momo-san!

I’m sure it’ll be a gorgeous
show, with all of you participating!

We’ll make it that way.

We need to keep it together
at our joint rehearsal.


That’s absolutely true!

I look forward to our group rehearsal!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding8
Yes. I look forward to it, too.
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Feathered
Kujo-san, good work!

Thank you for all your help
during our group rehearsal!

Takanashi-san, good work.

I should be thanking you.
We practiced everything from
the fashion show to the concert,
but I think it was a good rehearsal,
since we got to see the whole show.

And the story they created for the
nature fashion show was pretty interesting.

It’s a story about how about

how the four nature themes restore
light to a world overcome by darkness!

With your projection mapping kimonos,
it turned into a magical show!
Thanks to your experience from
the Christmas Illusion Show,
you had very little trouble
moving according to the projections.

I’m glad if we made it

look easy. It was a little
difficult at first, since
it’s been such a long time.

I couldn’t tell at all..!
Momo-san’s lecture instantly

made me move a lot better.
His direct and simple instructions
were a big help.

Momo-san is very agile,

after all..! He even did
some acrobatics for this show.

Speaking of acrobatics,

Ryu and Tamaki Yotsuba
were pretty amazing, too.

The show uses your physical

abilities to its advantage.
It’s nice to see them pay so
much attetion to detail, like
they did with your costumes!

The robe of feathers you
wore was lovely..!

Those were only for the wind

costumes, weren’t they.

I wonder if that thing was made
of some kind of shape memory fabric.
It was always floating lightly,
which was interesting.

I’m sure they added them

to make you fly, since
you’re the wind team!

Looking at your costumes
reminded me of the tale
“Heavenly Feathered Robe” (1).

Right, there was

a story like that.

Come to think of it, Yuki-san
mentioned something similar.

He said I could probably

use my robe of feathers to
float above the stage.

He told me to tell him when
I’m returning to Heaven, so
he can get me a souvenir.
I know he was just teasing me,
but he was being really overbearing.

I see…

Um, maybe…

Maybe he was saying that
because of your name?

Since your name and the word
“heaven” are written
with the same kanji…

That’s probably what it was.
So you noticed it, too..!
I pretended not to, because

he was teasing me. I didn’t
think someone as thick-headed
as you would notice.

I can be surprisingly astute

sometimes, you know!?

I guess you can ^^

Yuki-san seemed a little
upset when he left.

Yuki-san… ><

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako9
I dealt with our senpais a

lot today. Yuki-san may be quick
to make fun me, but I did
appreciate Momo-san’s help.

Even though they constantly joke
around, they’re still reliable.
On stage, they’re as cool as
you’d expect, and it’s very
reassuring to have them around.

Momo-san and Yuki-san are

both very caring! IDOLiSH7
also sees them as trustworthy
senpais to aspire to!

Though the same could also be
said for your group, TRIGGER!

Since we also admire you, it was
refreshing to see you act like
someone else’s junior for once.


But when we’re standing on the
same stage, none of us are
above or below each other.

R-right! I’ll try to remember that..!
Bad puns aside, our

costumes were utilized in
the production well.

Since I’m in the wind team,
the green light projected on my
clothes represented a sharp breeze.

And the part where we make paper
airplanes and fly them is beautiful.
It was so refreshing I could
almost feel a real breeze.

It was so magical, it really

felt like you were the
embodiments of the wind!

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) How did you like the flower team?
The way the flowers on their

clothing changed according
to their poses was impressive.
Riku’s walking was beautiful.
Almost surprisingly so.

(Option 2) How did you like the bird team?
That projection on their

umbrellas where feathers
fell into a pool of water was
pretty. The way it transitioned
to our wind performance was
very natural, and made it
easy to come on stage.

(Option 3) How did you like the moon team?
With the paper doors and moon

reflecting on water, their show
had a sense of serenity. I got
to see a more mysterious side of
the usually cheerful Momo-san.

I like that even our transition
from the fashion show to the live
has a story element to it.

You mean when the embodiments

of nature begin to sing and
dance in order to celebrate
the light they restored!

The story was unusual, but so

was performing a live in a kimono.
I hope our fans will enjoy it.

Today’s rehearsal went well.
I look forward to our real performance.

Yes! I’ll see you on the day of VAE!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1
Translator Notes
“robe of feathers/feathered robe” here refers to the cloth tenn has wrapped around himself in the card,
btw. it’s more of a literal-ish translation of 羽衣 than an accurate visual descriptor, since the thing is
neither a robe nor made of feathers. i know another translation for it is “angelic raiment”, but that on the
other hand seems like more of a western interpretation of the word and not really applicable to the
context of the chat/the tale tsumugi mentions

1) “the heavenly feathered robe”, usually know as just “the feathered robe” is a japanese folk tale:

it’s about a man who finds a heavenly woman bathing and steals her clothing, including the feathered
robe she needs to fly back into heaven. depending on versions of the story, the man usually either returns
the robe back right away and the woman dances for him before returning to heaven, or the man hides the
robe and takes her to his home, where they eventually marry and live together, until the woman finds her
robe and flies to heaven, leaving the man behind. incidentally, the latter version of the story has also been
told as a less common version of the tanabata legend

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: A Learning Attitude
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Blooming Talent! VAE
Translator: Osakaso5


Tenn Kujo (Cyber Techno Kazebito)
Tenn Kujo (Cyber Techno Kazebito) Puchinana
Transparent Still Motion
(Unlocked at Lv.3)
(Unlocked at Lv.7)
(Unlocked at Lv.9)
How to Acquire
Puchinana Information
Rarity Attribute Skill Max level
4★ Mellow Mellow Raster Lv1
The appeal of Mellow attribute equipment slightly increases.

Mellow Raster Lv2
The appeal of Mellow attribute equipment increases.

Mellow Raster Lv3
The appeal of Mellow attribute equipment greatly increases.





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