Tenn Kujo (Connected Feelings)

Tenn Kujo (Connected Feelings) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Connected Feelings)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Melody 659
Special Training
Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon) Melody (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1686 1548 2427
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
4030 3626 4339
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
4030 3626 6139
Center Skill Melody Tornado
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Melody points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
I don't regret what I did at all.
Translator: Azumi (yaotomejr)

For every 28 PERFECTs, there is a 33% chance of increasing the score by 550.

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Part 1: Tenn As Leon
Tenn, what are you doing?
Playing a game.
What game? It’s rare for you to be on your phone so much.

…Unless you’re staring at pictures of Nanase, anyway.

That’s not true. Stop running your mouth.

I’m just interested in IDOLiSH7’s activities because they’re our rivals.

Oh, is that so.

…So, what game is it?

Can’t you tell by looking? It’s “Tales of Link”.
The mobile game we’re doing a promo for! How do you play?
You just connect the characters like this.
Huh, that’s simpler than I thought.
I’m sure this kind of character cultivation is impossible for you, though.
Stop making fun of me, even I’ve done my fair share of cultivation.

I may not look like it, but I used to water the flowerbed at my parents’ place.

You never disappoint. That’s one of your cute points.
H-huh!? What do you mean, “cute”? I don’t get you.
In any case, you’d better download this game, too.
Yeah, I guess. We can’t do shit for this promotion if we don’t

even know the game…

Nevermind cultivation, you probably can’t play games at all, though.
Just what do you think I am…
Someone who’s behind the times.
Why you…
You’re going to have to research Eizen, too.
I know. I’ll do that even without you telling me.
That’s good, then.

…I actually think I’m more worried about Ryu than you.

That guy’s all thumbs with technology, too…
It seems Momo-san and Tamaki Yotsuba are teaching

him all sorts of things, though.

Maybe we should both have a study session on the Tales series later.
A study session… I feel a little ashamed of you for acting like

this is some form of academics.

So what. You said we’re your friends, didn’t you?
I’ll never say that again.
Come on, don’t get all embarrassed.
I’m not embarrassed.
If Ryu was here, he’d say that we’re friends, anyway.
I hate shameless, thoughtless, and overly friendly people like you.

…That’s what Leon would probably say.

Oh, you were just quoting the character. Scared me there for a second…
Were you hurt by me saying that I hate you?

The heart of the most desirable man in Japan sure is fragile.

Fucking brat…
Door opens
Good morning, Gaku and Tenn! I’m a little late because I got

caught up in traffic. I’ll get changed right away…

…Wait a second.
It feels weird in here. Did something happen..?

Morning, Ryu. It’s nothing, really.
Ryu, this man was picking on me.
Gaku, you were picking on Tenn!?
Hell no! Why would you even say that!?
Really..? But we’re friends, so you need to tell me right away

if something is wrong!

You hear that, Tenn?
Shut up…
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: Talking With Ryunosuke
Hey, Tenn. Can I ask you something?
Regal was forced to kill the person he loved, but…

I don’t know if I could never do the same… What do you think..?

He only did it for the sake of his beloved, Alicia.

I understand Regal’s actions.

I see… It was because he loved her.
Though I’m not sure if I approve of what he did after that.
After that?
He turned himself in and went to prison.
…Alicia probably wouldn’t have wanted him to do that.
Exactly. He shouldn’t have let his memories of her be tainted by remorse.
Yeah. You’re right.
You don’t think you could do what he did?
I’d probably try to find some other solution. I guess I’d be

naive to do that, knowing that there was no other choice.

…You’re not naive. You’re kind.
You’re so kind that you’d pick up a flower growing on the side of the road

that even I’d ignore, and plant it somewhere else so it won’t get trampled on.

You’re kind too, Tenn. I’m not the only one who thinks so.
If I really was kind, I wouldn’t have made Riku sad.
….Do you regret it?
No. It was my decision.
Leon says he doesn’t regret what he’s done at all, either.

I think we might be alike in that respect.

Now that you mention it, that’s true.

Your hairstyles are really similar!

Ah, but his favorite food is Marian’s pudding.

Ahaha, just like Tamaki-kun!

If Tamaki Yotsuba were to play Leon Magnus…

Pfft, nope. I can’t even imagine it. Especially with his height…

Really? You don’t think they’re similar? It seems like

they both like popsicles, too. They have a sweet tooth!

So do I.
You do! You seemed to really like the donuts we got the other day.
They were good.
I think you and Leon would really get along if he existed in our world!

…It’s sad that he dies in his story…

He’s still alive.

In the hearts of the fans who love him, and the creators who made him.

…You’re really cool, Tenn!
W-what are you talking about all of a sudden?
It’s not sudden. I just said what I was thinking.
…In that case, I’ll have to become just as cool as the 16-year-old Leon.
Me and Regal are a whole 10 years apart!

I’ll have to do my best so I won’t get called a greenhorn!

We may be TRIGGER, but we still need to do our best so fans of the Tales

series approve.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: The PV Shoot ~Tenn’s Side~
You two are looking even more sultry than usual.
What’s that supposed to mean? I think we look pretty good.

Right, Ryu?

I don’t really know if I can pull off this costume…

Does it look alright?

It’s sultry and makes you look like even more of a giant, but

I’d say it’s fine.

You really didn’t have to say that twice.
You look really good, Tenn!

Leon’s mysteriousness suits you perfectly.

Thank you. I wanted to be as close to the original Leon Magnus as possible.
Leon’s a swordfighter, huh. But both Eizen and Regal use

hand-to-hand combat, don’t they?

Regal is the only one who isn’t a magic user. Eizen is.

He’s more of an all rounder type of character.

That’s cool! Magic and martial arts. I loved that kinda stuff as a kid.
So did I! It was also fun to use umbrellas to have swordfights with friends.
Unbelievable… That’s so childish.
Well duh, we were children. Were you never into that stuff?
I wonder. Though he… watched lots of hero shows.
Tenn, we’re playing heroes right now!

Even if you didn’t happen to like this stuff when you were
little, doesn’t that make you excited?

Right. Even you can understand why people love heroes, don’t you?
Yeah. I think it’s similar to admiring idols.
Exactly! It’s important that you play the part of Leon,

but you should also enjoy today as yourself.

Whoa… Don’t swing your elbow on my shoulder. It’s heavy.
I had no other choice. I’m wearing handcuffs right now.
In that case, I’ll get my arm around his shoulder.
Too heavy..!
Ahaha. This is nice, the way TRIGGER should be!
How, exactly? If Anesagi-san sees this, we’ll receive another warning.

That’ll be a pain in the ass…

Don’t get meek all of a sudden.
It’s kind of funny to see him act meek with all that strong makeup!
Shut up.
Try acting a little more like Eizen.
Just do it.
Tsk… Ahem.

“This is what it’s like to travel with a reaper. Don’t think badly of me.”

Or something like that.

A reaper, huh! You sound pretty strong!
Are you guys making fun of me!?
Why, I’d never. It was cool.

You did listen to his sample lines so many times, after all.

What the hell… You’re next, Ryu.
I have to do it, too!?
Good idea. I want to hear it.
T-this is embarrassing… …“I’m sorry. But I can’t die here.”
That was…
Really spot on.
Huh!? Really?
You sound good when you’re talking with a rough voice.
Tenn and Leon have similar types of voices, after all.

This kind of disparity makes it even better.

Are you trying to praise me?
Who knows.

Ow..! That hurts, stop poking at my foot with your sword!

Sorry, my hand slipped.
Don’t fight in these outfits, you two… The weapons make it look more

intense than usual…

Whose side are you on, Ryu?
Whose side are you on, Ryu?
I’m not sure if you get along or not…
Translator: Osakaso5

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