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Tenn Kujo (Comic Bonus)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR.png Shout 420
Special Training
Shout (icon).png Shout (icon).png Shout (icon).png Shout (icon).png Shout (icon).png Shout (icon).png
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1890 1523 1110
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
5090 3171 2525
Center Skill Shout Burning
There is a 50% chance to increase the unit's Shout points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
You've liked picture books since you were little

For every 33 seconds, there is a 30% chance of increasing the score by 777.

For every 32 seconds, there is a 32% chance of increasing the score by 1359.

For every 31 seconds, there is a 34% chance of increasing the score by 1359.

For every 30 seconds, there is a 36% chance of increasing the score by 3929.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Talk Preparation
Kujo-san, Riku-san,

good work!

Good work!
Good work.
Thank you very much for

lending me some of your time when
you’re so busy!

Today we’ll have the second
part of the “Two Big
Idol Group Centers’
Talk Of The Century”
that we did last year,
so I contacted you to
once more confirm what
topics are no good
for you..!

Your interview begins
in an hour, so I’m
extremely sorry to
take up your time
at the last moment…

Since neither

of us had the time
because of work,
there’s no need for
you to apologize.

I haven’t arrived
there yet, so I can
talk here until the
interview begins.

That’s right, manager!

Don’t worry about it!
I’m happy I get to talk
with Tenn-nii again.
Saying something like
that might make him
angry, though.

That’s why you
should just relax
and chat with us.
Okay? And Tenn-nii,
tell me when you get
here! I’ll come meet
for you at the door!

Thank you for your consideration…

Then, I look forward
to working with you today!

We’ll be in your care!
We’ll be in your care.
I’m really happy to be

able to have a talk with
just the two of us

Plus, the theme
is “A Leisurely Pajama
Talk”. I get to wear
matching pajamas with
Tenn-nii! It kind of reminds
me of when we were kids.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

Riku-san was

looking forward to today
so much he even marked
today in his calendar,
after all!

That’s overdoing

it. It’s not like we can
reveal that we’re twins
in a regular center
talk, so it’s nothing to
get worked up over.

I’m not overdoing it at all!!

Weren’t you looking forward to
it, Tenn-nii..?

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png
Rabbit Chat Sticker - KinakoPuddi3.png
How nice, Riku-san!

I’d like to
confirm this right away…
Should I make it so the
fact that you’re related
is NG not only for this
magazine talk, but for
anything from here
on out, as well?


I have no intention
of changing my policy
in the future, either.

I have no problem
with even asking about
it being NG.


Does Riku-san agree?


If you ask me
whether I agree or not,
the answer is no, but I
understand that it’s for
the best. I’ll hold
out until I’m big enough
for Tenn-nii to brag
about having me as
a brother.

That’s why it’s fine.

Thank you

very much, Riku-san.
Until that day comes,
I will support you
with all I’ve got.

Thank you.
You sure

have grown up, Riku.

Totally different
from the tantrums you
threw last year

I didn’t throw or

toss (1) any tantrums!!

You can’t

toss a tantrum, Riku

I-I know that!!!!

It’s a figure of speech!!

P-please calm down, Riku-san ><
S-sorry manager.

Like this I won’t
become the “mature
Riku who’s climbed
to the top” that I
just promised I’d be…

Riku-san, is it fine

for you to say that? ><

Uh oh!!!!!
Riku, what exactly

have you been climbing?

That was a lie!!

I haven’t climbed anything!!!!
It’s nothing, Tenn-nii.
I just said that because
I wanted you to praise me
for being mature

No wait, I’m digging myself
in a hole here…

I’m no good without Iori, I start
blurting things out right away.

You’re always relying on

Iori Izumi like that.

That’s because I can’t

rely on Tenn-nii!!

The venue we’re having our

talk in only has one floor,
so you can’t climb up.

That’s not what I meant!!

Stupid Tenn-nii!!!

Don’t say that, Riku.

Do you call Iori Izumi stupid, too?

I do!
Then it’s fine ^^
It’s fine!?
Is it really fine!? *sweats*
What a surprise, we said

it at the same time, manager! lol

I think Takanashi-san and

Riku make a good duo.

Don’t say it like we’re

a pair of comedians!

But, I wonder which one
would be the boke and which
one would be the tsukkomi (2)?

So you’re bothered by it, lol
I just thought I’d rather

not be the boke! lol

Which do you think he is?


Y-you’re asking me!? ><
Manager doesn’t need to say it!!!

Since either way, I’d be the boke.

That’s not true, Riku.
Remember when we’d pretend

to be a comedy duo as kids? Back then,
I played the boke. Riku shouted “are
you kidding me!” at me countless times.

Riku-san, that’s so cute!
Isn’t it.

Why are you talking about that!!

You’re cute, Riku.
I don’t want to be cute!
Translator Notes
1) in japanese, ‘throwing a tantrum’ (駄々をこねる) and ‘(someone is) kneading something’ (練ってる) are a little bit similar sounding, so riku originally says ‘i haven thrown or kneaded any tantrums!’, but that would sound odd in english, so i changed it up a bit

2) this is specifically in reference to manzai comedy routines, where one person is the boke (funny man, lit. ‘idiot’) and the other is the stukkomi (straight man). the act usually has the boke say something silly or ridiculous, and the tsukkomi angrily correcting them (hence riku yelling ‘are you kidding me!’ at tenn when they were kids)

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: Returning To That Innocence
Tenn-nii, you’re

still not here?

That’s right, the building

is a bit far from here.
Wait just a little longer

Got it
By the way,

you just asked me
about NG topics, but
what about your side?

Since a lot
happened around the
grand re-opening.

Y-you’re asking me!? ><
I see.

Riku, let’s practice that
thing again.

That thing?
Aah… Got it

Kujo-san Kujo-san Kujo-san
Kujo-san Kujo-san!!!!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako3.png

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako3.png

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako3.png

Well done.

bringing your phone
so close to your face
will be bad for your

Riku, back

away from it right
this instant.

He backed away!
That’s because

Kujo-san was trying to
act all composed!

Huh? I could

have sworn Nanase-san
said something about
climbing to the top earlier

I did climb!

There was a small set
of steps at the entrance
of this building!

That’s right! lol
Don’t make me laugh, Riku….
When did you stop being

able to laugh properly, Tenn-nii?

What do you mean?
When we were

little, you laughed
properly with an open
mouth. Whenever I told
a joke, you’d ask me
“what’s with that, Riku”
and laugh with a huge

But now, you
don’t laugh anymore.

That’s not true,

I still laugh

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

Tenn-nii’s such a liar. Do you

not laugh with Yaotome-san
or Tsunashi-san, either?

I don’t
Because I don’t really think

I have the right to laugh

Putting it like that is unfair
I’m sorry, Riku

Let’s talk about something
so fun that Kujo-san will
begin enjoying himself.


That’s right. If Tenn-nii
won’t laugh, I’ll make him
laugh! Let’s chat about
something! It’ll
still be a while until
you get here, right?


Since it’s a special occasion,
I’ll let you ask anything now

You’ve got 5 seconds.
Huh, isn’t that too short!?
It’s not.


What’s blue light (1)?
Translator Notes
1) blue light is a wavelength of light that electronic devices in particular use a lot. some studies show that too much blue light (especially at night) can mess with your sleep rhythm, harm your eyesight, or cause other health problems
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: To You, Who’s Grown Up A Bit
I didn’t

think you’d have no
idea what blue light
is. You’re a bookworm,
aren’t you?

I don’t read

those kinds of books!

You need to be

properly cultured.
It’s good that I
got to teach
you this time.

The eyes are?
What was it?

The eyes

are an idol’s life.

Good boy.

You remembered it.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako2.png
Yamato Nikaido

wore glasses from the
start, so he’s fine,
but if your eyesight
goes bad midway and
you end up becoming
a glasses character,
your image will

should also be careful
with things like that.


I’m sorry..!

It’s almost
time for your talk
to begin! How much
longer do you think
it’s going to take
for you to arrive?

Yes. I think

I should get there
in another 10

Will you

keep chatting?

For just

a little bit.


I’ve been
talking this whole
time, so will you
talk about something

Tell me
something fun that’s
happened to TRIGGER

I wonder if

there’s been something
like that…

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8.png
A while ago,

we went to the sea
for a magazine’s
special gravure
shoot, but…

No matter how
many times they took
our picture, Gaku
wouldn’t show up in
the shot. Only the
hawaiian shirt and
swimsuit Gaku was
wearing would be
floating next to
Ryu and I.


What happened to


You see,

Gaku’s skin and
hair are both so
light that they
blended in with
the white surfboard
behind him.

I was wearing
a big straw hat, so
it didn’t happen
to me. Gaku likes
to show a lot of
skin, after all…


Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako12.png

What happened next?


the makeup crew put
foundation that’s a
little bit darker than
usual on him. And he
lived happily ever

I’m happy

for Yaotome-san!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

In the end

Gaku’s skin ended up
looking dark like Ryu’s,
so they had to revise
our seating to set
them apart, though.

That’s not

a happily ever after!!!!

It made Ryu happy.

He thought Gaku having a
similar skintone made
them look like brothers.

Good for them.

It’s not good!!
I feel bad

for Yaotome-san…

I can’t

really imagine Gaku-san
with darker skin…

I ended up

taking a picture
of him. Do you
want to see it?


I want to see it!

I thought

you felt bad for Gaku?


That’s right, but—-

Maybe I

should tell Gaku.
That even though you
said you pitied him,
the temptation of Gaku
with darker skin won
over, or something.


Riku-san is the type
that will believe anything
you tell him, so… ><


after all.

Well then,
it looks like I’ve
arrived at the
parking lot.


Thank you for chatting
while on your way here.

and I will come meet
you there!

So he’ll be

climbing down from
the top.


I-I’ll be
waiting at the top
of the stairs!!!!

Translator: Osakaso5