Tenn Kujo (Christmas)

Tenn Kujo (Christmas) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Christmas)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 228
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1328 2000 1663
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
2996 4390 3688
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
2996 6190 3688
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Thank You For All The Presents!

For every 20 COMBO, there is a 38% chance of increasing the score by 400.

For every 19 COMBO, there is a 40% chance of increasing the score by 720.

For every 18 COMBO, there is a 42% chance of increasing the score by 1296.

For every 17 COMBO, there is a 44% chance of increasing the score by 2332.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: A Long-Awaited Christmas
Kujo-san, good work!

Have you already heard
about “IDOLiSH7 and
Pounding Christmas Evening”?

Good work.

I’ve heard about it. I look
forward to working with you.

As do I!

We haven’t had any chances to
work together since Soundship,
so the fact that you’ll be the
main personalities of a Christmas
show together feels like a dream!

I think these opportunities

will increase. It’ll be
too much of a bother to keep
replacing phone cords.

Phone cords?
in our president’s office,

I mean. His phone cords
seem to snap often.

That sounds rough!

Maybe they keep getting caught
under the wheels of his chair?

Someone in our staff was feeling
down because they were rolling around
on their chair absent-mindedly
and accidentally pulled out a
brand new phone cord.

Stop. The image of our

president rolling around in his
chair is making me laugh.

I’m sorry!!

That is a bit fun to imagine! lol

Oh yeah, it seems like

Iori Izumi will have a hard
time practicing his role in
the drama. Gaku’s been playing
the guitar 24/7, too.

I can’t wait to see Gaku-san

play the guitar! His character,
a mysterious traveling guitar
player, is very cool!

You told him that, didn’t you.

Thanks to you, it’s so noisy.

He won’t stop strumming,

not even in our dressing room.

The way you talk makes him

sound like he’s a pachinko machine!

Why do you keep

making me laugh?

I’m sorry!!

I also look forward to your role!

Just imagining you as the
mysterious boy who always carries
a stuffed rabbit is adorable!

Thank you very much.
I’ll be counting on you with

the talk and live segments as well!

Translator: Osakago5

Part 2: TRIGGER's Tenn
Good work with the talk corner

of “IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER’s Heart
Pounding Christmas Evening”!

Good work.
It was so lively and fun!

Riku-san seemed happy, too!
Thank you very much!

I should be thanking you.
I was surprised when you

volunteered to play a woman’s role in the
“Lovers’ Christmas” segment..!

It would’ve just been awkward

if Gaku or Ryu had done it.

Besides, all I had to do was
wear a wig and a women’s coat. I
thought Mitsuki Izumi did this
stuff, but does he hate dressing
up as a woman?

He does it for work, but not voluntarily!

Mitsuki-san may look cute, but he’s very masculine.

I know.

Since he’s someone who can
tell what the staff and audience
expect of him, I’d say he’ll
eventually get used to it.

Right… Since it’s something the

fans want, that may happen..!

Still, I was surprised that
you had no qualms about it!

That’s because it’s work.

There’s a difference between
making people laugh at you and
making people laugh with you.

I know. You looked very

charming..! I’m sure it made your
fans’ hearts pound, too!

The way you kept a blank
face no matter what other
people said to you was funny!

Mentally, I was laughing

hard at all of Gaku’s
complaints about me, though.

Nagi Rokuya went on for too long.
You should teach him about the
rules of TV. It was fine since
this time the footage will be
edited heavily, but I have no
idea what “magical angel” he
was talking about.

I’ll let him know that! lol

The gift exchange you had
in the “Friends’ Christmas”
corner was also fun!

choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Your present was wonderful!
You mean the men’s facial care set.

I thought it’d make for an interesting
topic no matter who got it.

Yamato Nikaido doesn’t seem like he’ll
use it, so maybe I should’ve gone with
a cloth he can use to clean his glasses.

He’s a good-looking guy, so you should tell
him to take care of his appearance sometimes.

(Option 2) The present you got was lovely!
You mean the Magical Girl★Cocona DVD set, right.

I’m grateful for the gift, but Nagi Rokuya
went on about Cocona all by himself for too long.
The whole thing will most likely be cut out, so
be more careful.

When Mitsuki Izumi started making cutting
gestures, eventually all of us ended up waving around
like a bunch of crabs.

I’ll watch the DVDs if I get any long vacations.

(Option 3) Was anything else about it memorable?
The corner where we played Russian roulette

with tomato juice that had tabasco in it.

Riku can go into a fit from that sort
of stimulus, so you shouldn’t let him participate in these projects.

It’s good that Sogo Osaka drank his glass for him.

I’m sorry to make you answer

in such length..! Thank you very much!

TRIGGER is even great with variety shows!

I love how witty and devilish your dark humor is!

I’m the only one of us three who does that.
Does what?
The straight man routine.
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Santa Claus Has Come To Town!
Good work with the wrap up of

the “Santa Claus is Coming
to Town” special drama!

I was deeply moved by how
enthusiastically you played your
roles under such a tight schedule.

And thank you for treating
IDOLiSH7 so kindly!

Good work.
The story of how a mysterious

boy who’s seen by others
as strange turns out to be
Santa Claus was very Christmas-y
and heartwarming!

It was refreshing and fun to
see TRIGGER acting weird,
since you’re always so cool!

This drama was supposed to be like

an Aesop’s fable (1), after all.

A story of how small acts of
kindness will be rewarded tenfold.

IDOLiSH7 played the Christmas
idols trying to revive their town,
and we were the strangers who were
usually treated with cruelty.

But, the way we turned out to be
real Santas who repay them for
their kindness was balanced enough
to please both our fans, wasn’t it?


The scene where the three of
you return to your original forms
and resurrect the big tree at the
center of the town is so moving that
I can’t wait to see the final cut!

You were all very cool!

Thank you.

Though I think I’ll have to
go on a diet for a little while
after eating so much cake.

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) Your role as the mysterious boy was wonderful!
I enjoyed it, too.

TRIGGER doesn’t usually get the kind
of roles where I’d get to sit in a
café all day, eating cake and
talking to a stuffed rabbit.

(Option 2) Did anything fun happen during the shoot?
Yamato Nikaido and Nagi

Rokuya ate the cake that was
left over at the end of
the shoot every day.

Apparently watching other
people eat made them hungry, too.
It seems the owner of a café was
the perfect role for Mitsuki izumi.

I hear his parents own a cake shop? The way he carried the plates was beautiful.

(Option 3) Was anyone’s character particularly memorable?
Nagi Rokuya as the executive,

I suppose. The scene where he
argues with Yamato Nikaido,
the former executive who got
fired, was funny.

I’m glad we got the scene where
Mitsuki Izumi does a table cloth
trick at my table in one take.

I got so caught up in his enthusiasm
that I high-fived him after he did it.

It was a fun shoot. And we didn’t have
any trouble along the way, either.

I’m glad to hear that!

I was impressed to find out
you had absolutely nothing you
would’ve refused to do! As
you’d expect..!

I’m not a professional actor.

It was the least I could do
to be of some use to the shoot.

Your sense of professionalism

is very admirable. I could
learn a lot from you!
Thank you for all your
hard work with this
drama shoot..!

Yes. You too.
Translator Notes
1) In the original, tenn references kasa jizo, a japanese winter fable about an old man who gives up the
straw hats he’s supposed to sell to buy rice for the new year to some jizou statues standing in a snow
storm. after he returns home empty-handed he and his wife find that the statues have repayed his
kindness by bringing tons of new year’s treats to their house. you can read an english version of the story here
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: The Live And The Present
Kujo-san, good work with

the “Christmas Song
Medley Live”! The studio
audience loved it!

Good work. It’s good

that the fans who came
to see it had fun.

That’s true!

Your grand finale with
TRIGGER’s own Christmas
song was exciting!

Ever since its release last year,
it’s been so popular
that I’ve even heard
it being played this winter!

Thank you.

IDOLiSH7 was doing
our back-up dance.
That must’ve been rough.

No no, not at all..!

Theywere all having fun!

We were happy that we got

to sing with such high-class
dancers behind us, too.
The IDOLiSH7 rendition of
“Jingle Bells” that came
before us was also good.
That cheery dance
arrangement suited them well.

Thank you very much!!
The straight man routine.
Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) “Joy to the World” was lovely!
It was. Riku and Iori

Izumi’s voices go well together.
I felt nostalgic since it’s a
song we used to listen to.
Riku used to think
the lyrics went “the Lard
is come”, and not “the
Lord is come”.

(Option 2) “Deck the Halls” was lovely!
Thank you. It had

a cute electro arrangement.

Iori Izumi is a good
dancer. As for Mitsuki Izumi,
he should take more lessons.
It’s a waste of his talent.

(Option 3) “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was lovely!
That’s the one Ryu, Tamaki Yotsuba,

and Nikaido Yamato did. With the sexy arrangement.

Ryu and Tamaki Yotsuba’s rap
went with the song surprisingly
well, didn’t it?

It wasn’t a long concert, but I’m
glad the audience liked it.

Once it airs,

I’m sure all the fans
watching at home will
enjoy themselves just
as much! Thank you, Kujo-san!

No problem.

Thank you for the chocolates.
The ones you gave to me as a
Christmas present, I mean.

I’m glad you accepted them!

They’re a little token of my gratitude..!
They’re nothing special, but
please eat them if you’re feeling tired!

Yes. I will.
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Merry Christmas!
Kujo-san, good work!
Good work.
I just got something

from your manager!

You didn’t have to go out
of your way to get
me a gift in return…

I feel bad that you had
to do that for me..!

Thank you for the lovely
business card case! I’ll
take good care of it!!

Thank you so much!
It’s cold tonight.

It might snow instead of rain.

I wonder if it will.

Are you outside?
The lights were so

beautiful that I felt
like going for a walk.

Please be careful not to

catch a cold..! >< Riku-san
is already back at the dorm.
He’skeeping warm, don’t worry!

The others treat him very kindly!
So he’s alright!

I see.

I’m glad to hear that.
Thank you.

You shouln’t overwork

yourself, either. I heard
that your schedule
is packed for the rest
of the year…

Please take care of yourself!

Choices and outcomes:
(Option 1) I’ll use your present with care.
You’re sincere and charming,

so you’ll be able to make friends just
by giving out many business cards.
Do your best at work.

(Option 2) Are you going to have another gift exchange with your fellow members?
I doubt it.
(Option 3) Are you going to celebrate Christmas?
I’ve got nobody

to spend it with.

I’m sorry for asking so much…

It really is cold tonight! You
should get somewhere warm soon!

When we were small, I made

him a snowman. Just a little one.

Riku was hospitalized, so
it was in secret
from the doctors
and our parents.

As a Christmas present?
That’s right.

I left it by his window, but
it melted right away.

I see… It’s rare for you to

talk about these things.
I’m glad you did.

You may be right.
Merry Christmas, Kujo-san.

We won’t get to share a stage
on Christmas, but I,
Riku-san, and the rest
of IDOLiSH7 will do
our best to reach TRIGGER.

Let’s meet again at Black or White!

Merry Christmas, Takanashi-san.

Thank youfor being so friendly
despite our agencies’ rivalry.

I look forward to working
with you more. You
should also be careful
not to catch a cold.
Good night.

Translator: Osakaso5

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