Tenn Kujo (Birthday Photobook)

Tenn Kujo (Birthday Photobook) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Birthday Photobook)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SR Beat 666
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1217 1692 1370
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
-- -- --
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
2503 5007 3240
Center Skill Beat Growth
There is a 75% chance to increase the unit's Beat points partially.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Thank you. I love you.

For every 27 COMBO, there is a 29% chance of increasing the score by 560.

For every 26 COMBO, there is a 31% chance of increasing the score by 980.

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Tenn Kujo (Birthday Photobook 2)

Tenn Kujo (Birthday Photobook 2) Clean

Tenn Kujo (Birthday Photobook 2)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 667
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1521 2115 1713
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
2878 4378 3726
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
2878 5578 3726
Center Skill Beat Strong
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For every 22 COMBO, there is a 35% chance of increasing the score by 2832.

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You can apply this guide with any images on the Wiki that has no link. For the sake of guide purposes, it's going to go over how to get Card Images- the borderless versions.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Tenn and Manager Anesagi
Kujo-san, good work!

Happy birthday!

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Good work, Tenn.
Good work.

Thank you, Takanashi-san.

Thank you for joining me

when you’re so busy!

Kujo-san may be a Yaotome
Productions talent, but like
the others in this photobook
series, the publisher and
other agencies have put me in
charge of this online publication!

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
It’s because your work has

been so reliable up until now.
Good for you.

It’s all thanks to your help!

I look forward to working with you!

As do we.
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
I’m sorry that I couldn’t

be there at your job today.
Is the recording going well?


I’m on a break right now.

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
After this, I’ll go to Ryu once

Gaku’s shoot ends, so please let
him know that.

I look forward to TRIGGER’s

new album!

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Thank you.

You may expect our usual quality.
TRIGGER’s long-awaited new album
and our members’ fighting spirit
are no joke.

Now I’m even more excited!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Well then, how should we start?

TRIGGER hasn’t done many
projects like this. Our agency
tends to keep production
details private.

Now that I think about it,
I’m a bit embarrassed.

Right, so am I.
Really..! You two of always

seem so confident and outspoken at
work that it’s a bit surprising
that you’d be embarrassed!

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
That may be true, but I’m

not even used to doing interviews.
I’m slightly nervous.

How cute, Anesagi-san.
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi

As for Tenn, well. He’s very easy
to work with. Never late, and always
keeps his word. Although that doesn’t
mean that he always does what you
tell him to.

It’s only natural to take pride in
your work in this industry, but Tenn’s
always been a visionary. I could tell
the moment I met him in person that
I was faced with the real thing.

I’m honored to hear that.
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
That’s why I’m determined

to work just as seriously every
day. People who’ve come in contact
with Tenn Kujo are people who can
work with pride. That’s the kind
of idol he is. And I’m sure that’s
not about to change.

… This really is embarrassing.
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
My, how adorable. Am I

giving you too much praise?

Not at all, I’m glad.
I can tell just by seeing

you talk that you really
trust each other. I admire
Kujo-san as an idol, of
course, but I really look up
to Anesagi-san as a manager..!

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Please stop.

Now even I’m starting
to get embarrassed!

I-I’m sorry,

I couldn’t help myself!
Is there anything else
you’d like to tell Kujo-san?

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Let’s see. I know I sometimes

leave everything to you, but
I’d like for you to rely on me
more from here on out.

Whenever I think that I’m overworking
you, it makes me re-evaluate my work.
It’s my job to make sure that you
don’t have a hard time, after all.
It’s a relief to see you handle
things so well, but I’m frustrated
that I’m falling behind.

You do make a pained face sometimes.
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
That’s right! I’m mulling over

how my talents sometimes have to
do my job for me. It’s not your fault.

But, it can’t be easy to have to
take care of three popular idols’
worth of issues. There are times
when I don’t notice that, so I’d
like for you to trust me enough to
say something.

How about it, Kujo-san?
I’d. Most likely be lying if

I said I’ve never overworked
myself, but the fact that
I can keep working how I want
even when I’m forcing myself is
all thanks to you, Anesagi-san.

I’m grateful to you. I have been
ever since we met.

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
I’m glad to hear that.

Ah, no, wait. I just told
you to tell me if you’re
having a hard time. You’re
always like this.

I’m sorry, lol

Alright, I’ll try to let you know.

I believe you’ve already read

the sample magazine, so what
did you think of the Tenn
Photobook, Anesagi-san?

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Well. I suppose it’s because

the book was produced by Nanase-san,
who is the same age as Tenn, but he
appeared more relaxed than usual.

Did I?
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Well, didn’t you?
It was just like any

other shoot to me.

I also thought you looked

more mellow! Usually you’re
very dignified even in group
shoots, but this time you had
a softer presence.

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Right. Although I never

doubted that you’d be able
to meet Nanase-san’s softer
requests, I was still surprised
that you could look like that
a few times. The original shots
were like that, too.

Yes, they were very lovely..!
The specific theme of the

cover was “A Morning with
Someone I Love”. I’m glad
if I managed to express that.

Well then, it may be silly

of me to ask at this point, but…

Are you glad to have joined
Yaotome Productions, Kujo-san?

Of course.

I’ve consulted our president over my
disagreements with the direction he’s
taking our image in.

But since our agency’s policy is so
unwavering, it’s easy to understand
what’s being expected of us.

We can put on our best performance
because the president and Anesagi-san
are there to work with us. I’m
grateful to them.

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
I’m grateful, too.

I’ll be counting on you
for another year.

Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding3
Are you feeling embarrassed,


Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding3
Translator Notes
thank you @huanglulu for the screenshots!
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: Tenn And His Senior Idols
Thank you for gathering here today..!

This project was created to show
more of Kujo-san’s true nature as
a way to commemorate the release
of the Tenn Photobook.

While Re:vale and TRIGGER were both
guests for the members of IDOLiSH7,
this time only Re:vale is here so
the chat won’t be too crowded!
I know you must be busy, but
I hope you’ll talk as usual.

I look forward to chatting with you!

I’ll be in your care, senpais.
Yahoo, Tenn! I’m glad you put the

picture I uploaded of us playing
together in this book!

You made a great face~~!

I should be thanking you.

I’m grateful that you’re looking
after me, even in your off time.

Hey there. I see that the rest

of TRIGGER’s not here today.

By Kujo-san, do you mean Tenn-kun?
Or his stepfather?

Yuki, that’s too sudden (lol)
Me. Please discuss topics that

can be used for this project, if you may.

I heard we’ll get to ask you

tons of questions today.


I believe it’s three questions.

Was it?
Who knows?
I’m terribly sorry, but I

think we’ll have to condense
your questions into no more
than three! ><

Got it~!!
I guess I’ll leave the

condensing to you.

Please be gentle, senpais.
Tell us about your first love!
Tell us about any actresses that

refuse to work with you.

Tell us about some memorable

pervy dreams you’ve had!

Tell us if there’s any people

you refuse to work with.

Tell us if any of your senior

entertainers have picked on you!!

Tell us about your stepfather’s

likes and dislikes.

Tell us an embarrassing

story from your childhood!!

What’s your stepfather’s

weakness? Is he afraid of
bugs? Is there a food he
can’t eat?

Speaking of food, have you had

dinner with Riku lately? The next
time we play, can I invite him, too?

Speaking of which, Gaku-kun

and I began working on a show
together and he told me you’ve
been sleeptalking in the car
lately, but he couldn’t finish
telling me what you were saying
before the shoot started. What
kind of dreams have you been having?


Doesn’t that mean Tenn’s
tired from work? Maybe
we should go to a hot
spring with Riku. How
about a Kenko Land?
Have you been to one?

Momo, you really love hot

springs, don’t you.

I do~! And so do you, Yuki!

That’s why you’ll at least
come to a hot spring when
invited. Let’s go together.

Please don’t start chatting idly

right after giving me one hard
question after another.

As always,

Re:vale’s conversation
leaves no time to
respond..! ><

I think most
of these topics will
have to be off record,
so I’ll unfortunately
have to make you answer
the questions we’ve
prepared beforehand!

If you’d already prepared

them, you could’ve just used
them from the start.

We were supposed to go

withthe flow if possible,
or something.

That’s right!
Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) What’s your favorite animal?
That’s too innocuous of

a question from you, Momo-san.
I’ve answered this before, but
I like all kinds of animals. It
makes me happy when I see cats
out on the streets. Squirrels
remind me of someone I know.

(Option 2) What’s your favorite smell?
Which one of you asked this?

When it comes to perfumes, I tend
to use a musk. For relaxation,
I like chamomile.

(Option 3) Do you use your right hand

or left hand more?

Yuki-san. I’m surprised

at how little effort you’ve put
into this question. If I must
choose, then I suppose I rely
on my right hand more..?

Your questions are so all over the
place that it’s ridiculous.

Are you laughing yet?

Are you???


Please take this seriously.

Huh!? Is he mad???

We just asked a few questions!

So we did.

It’s probably because you kept
trying to arrange playdates with
him, Momo.

Well what about all your

questions on Papa Kujo’s dislikes?
Are you planning tocook him food
thathe hates?

I am.
It’s oysters.
Yuki can’t eat those, lol
People who can’t eat oysters

usually got sick after trying
them. Did he?

He did.
But oysters are so tasty,

I feel bad for him!

If I’m ever reborn,

it’ll be as an oyster.

Can you eat them, Tenn?

Let’s have an oyster feast to
celebrate your birthday!

I feel like that would be a bit

questionable, so I’d rather not.
Good grief, you two are always
joking around, aren’t you.

It’s not a joke that I

want you to take a breather
from all the hard work sometimes!

I like how cool you are.
But you don’t want to worry your
fans by working too hard, do you?
You have to let out some steam!

That’s why I want you to try and
relax when you’re with us.

Me too.

I may have brought up Kujo
despite knowing that it’ll
rub you the wrong way, but
I do want you to be happy.

I wish you a happy year.
We’ll be here for you if
you need us.

…Thank you very much.

You two always take so long
to get to the point.

While you’re making your detours,
we’ll find the shortest route and
pass you by in a flash. Please
continue being our wonderful
senpais, Re:vale. Thank you.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Tenn And His Junior Idols
Tenn-nii, happy birthday!

No wait! I meant Kujo-san,
happy birthday~!

Tenten, hbd—!!
Congrats, Kujo!
Thank you very much. There’s

still time until my birthday.

Kujo-san, congratulations.
Kujo-san, happy birthday.

We are greatly indebted to TRIGGER.
I hope that you continue setting
an example for us.

Congrats! And cheers!
I just said there’s still time.

You people sure are excited.

That’s because we’ve got

Riku. We’re constantly in
birthday countdown mode.

Because this conversation

will be used for the photobook
project, please pretend that
Riku-san and Kujo-san’s shared
birthday is a coincidence!

It’s fine! We know!

Kujo, I saw your photobook!
You sure are cool!

Thank you very much.
Everyone, what was your

favorite picture of Kujo-san!?

Nanase-san, you mustn’t

go overboard in your excitement…

I liked the photo of Kujo-san

in his LastDim outfit. It had
both his usual regal air, and
a more impish feel. Although
I suppose that’s the musical’s

So you watched it.

Thank you.

Of course!
I liked Kujo-shi’s kimono

photo. It truly reflected
the many many shades of the
Yamato Nadeshiko (1).

Thank you very much.

Please ask either Iori
Izumi or Sogo Osaka what
that term actually means.

Does it not mean “a

wonderful cosplay”?

Yamato Nikaido, don’t

lie to him.

How’d you know it was me?
It could only have been you.
Yamato-san, which

picture of Tenn-n

Which picture of Tenn Kujo-san
did you like best!? The
cover counts, too!

The one where he’s in

plain clothes, I guess.
The gap between his
collarbones is nice.

Why’s that? Do you want

Tenn Kujo-san to have a gap?

It’s hard to explain to

a pure kid like you…

I’ll keep that in mind.

Thank you very much.

My favorite was probably the

Christmas one! The combination
of a cute character and a santa
character really left an
impression on me! It was refreshing
to see you acting so innocent!

You were plenty cute in

that drama yourself, Mitsuki
Izumi. Thank you very much.

Anyone else!?

The cover counts too, y'know!

Mine was

The one where he’s wearing
a matching costume
with Rikkun and Iorin

You mean FureFure

Youth Anthem.


He looked cute with Rikkun
and Iorin

That time I looked adult and
Tenten looked childish

Same goes for Rikkun and Iorin

What is that supposed to mean?
I’m older than you, Tamaki!
L&G’s visuals and song

were mature, after all.
How’d you like my childish look?

You looked like a toy soldier,

it was cute. You three all looked
like you’d jumped out of a toy box.

I liked our matching costumes,

too! Last up is Iori! Which one’s
your favorite? For starters, there’s
the one on the cover!

You just want me to say

it’s the cover, don’t you?
You’re very persistent
in trying to steer us
in its direction, Nanase-san.

I never said anything like that!

It’s your choice! Why don’t you
just pick the one you like?

Aah, Riku’s sulking
Maybe this Onii-san will change

his pick to the one on the cover

I’m changing to

the cover photo, too.

As am I :)
You guys should have more

confidence in your own preferences.

My favorite was Kujo-san’s

cover photo. He has a very
gentle and soft expression.
It’s similar to how he looks
at his fans.

I have to wonder who produced
such a marvelous cover.

Ta-dah! It was me!
We know.
We know.
We know.
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8
Thank you very much.

I’m happy to receive all
your wonderful comments.

There you go. You went

and made this sound like
it’s some business meeting.

No, I mean it. You’re all so

different that I’m happy that
my book had some impact on
each one of you. But that was
also thanks to my costume
and camera crew, of course.

I respect all of you, so I
feel very proud to have left
a mark on your hearts. Although
I’m embarrassed to admit it.

This has been

an honor, Kujo-san.

Yea. Keep doing your best.
You should say “I look forward

to your upcoming work”, Tamaki-kun!

It’s fine.

Thank you, I’ll do my best.

And thank you for taking such a
wonderful picture of me, Nanase-san.

You’re welcome!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1
Well then, I present to

you IDOLiSH7’s questions!
There were so many that
I had a hard time choosing!

I’ve been waiting for this.

Go ahead.

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) What superpower would you

want to have?

Superpower? The ability

to multiply, I suppose.
There aretimes when I think
it’d be convenient to have
a copy or two of myself.

(Option 2) What are you going to

wish for on Tanabata?

That my work will

make my fans, the other members,
and the people around us happy.

(Option 3) What’s your fanservice specialty?
A wink, and a BANG!
Thank you very much!

Time really flies by when
you’re having fun!

Huh!? It’s already over!
But I wanted to talk

to Tenten more

Sorry. My next job is starting.

I liked talking with you.

Just like you told me that you
admire us, we also admire you.
I look forward to working with
you in the future.

So do we!
Happy birthday, Kujo-san.
You seem busy, but please

try to relax and take
care of yourself.

Have a wonderful birthday

with your fellow members of TRIGGER.

Good job today! We’ll

all make sure to message
you on your birthday, too!

Thank you very much.

I hope that you all enjoy
Nanase-san’s birthday together.

Translator Notes
1) nagi uses the term 大和撫子七変化 (yamato nadeshiko shichihenge). yamato nadeshiko is used to
refer to who are considered “ideal” japanese women, whereas shichihenge is a form of stage

performance where a single performer rapidly changes into multiple different roles. the full term
technically means a beautiful woman who’s unpredictable, but i went with a slightly different translation
because it would’ve come out awkward otherwise

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: Riku and Tenn’s Wish
This is the surprise guest

corner! As a continuation
of the Riku Photobook, I’ll
take it from here as Yaotome
Productions has agreed.

Yes. I’ll leave it to you.
Though we usually invite

friends and family to
the surprise guest corner,
this time it’s a talk
between two idols who
share a birthday, so
I’ve called upon Riku-san.

Thank you for joining us

at such a busy time. I’ll
be in your care, Nanase-san.

I’ll be in your care, Kujo-san!

I’ll ask Tenn-nii stuff as if I
don’t know him again today!!

Yes! Please ask about

TRIGGER’s Tenn Kujo,
who you know from work!

Got it!

Well then, here’s a question
for you, Kujo-san!
Can you tell me a
fun memory of your family?

Manager, this is fine, right?

Since it’s the idol me asking
this from the idol Kujo-san!

Y-yes! That’s right.
Fine. I have plenty of fun

memories, but I suppose I’ll go
with the time all of us
spent Tanabata together.

You mean when we made the

Milky Way ourselves!

Nanase-san, you’re not supposed

to know about that, lol

What do you mean by

the Milky Way?

You fold some paper, cut it

with scissors on both ends, and
stretch it our real wide so it
becomes the Milky Way!

Takanashi-san, I’ll

explain it to you later.

T-thank you very much!
I’ll make one for you when

you return to the dorm!

Alright, here come my other questions!
Next are the ones I prepared before this

You’re the one who prepared them?
Alright. Ask whatever you like.
Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) Are you well?
I am, thank you. My body

is my selling point, so I make
sure to maintain my health.

(Option 2) Are you feeling lonely?
Well that’s unexpected, lol

I’m not. Every day is lively
and fun for me.

(Option 3) Do you like omurice?
I do. It’s been my favorite

food ever since I was a child.

Is this fine?

Yes, thank you very much!
This is a fairly simple and

private interview. I don’t mind you
asking things that would please my
fans more.

Actually, those questions

weren’t from me.

They weren’t from you?
Yeah. Since you said you

couldn’t meet them, Tenn-nii

Ah! Manager, this part will be
off record!

Since you said you couldn’t

meet them, I thought I’d
at least ask them for some
things they wanted to know.

What? From who..?
Mom and Dad.

I was secretly asking you questions
they came up with.

Thank you for answering them. I’ll
forward this to them. I’m happy that
you sort of got a chance to talk to them!


Tenn-nii, are you mad..?

You musn’t bring private

matters into a work project.

I’m sorry…
These questions were too simple.
I think this has been a wonderful

interview. I’m sure your family
and fans would like to know the
simple things about you.

That you’re well, or that
you’re not feeling lonely.

There’s no point to

the omurice question.

There is! They’ll be

happy to hear about the things
you like, Tenn-nii!

They’ll be happy to hear that
your likes haven’t changed!
Y'know, Mom and Dad have always
loved you!

Nanase-san, we’re at work.
You’re the same, aren’t you?

You’ve always loved our family!

I do love them.

Thank you, Riku.

Tell them that I’d doing well.
That I’m not feeling lonely.
That I still like omurice, but
Mom’s omurice is my favorite.

Thank you for celebrating our
birthday together with me.

Happy birthday, Tenn-nii!
Happy birthday, Riku.
It’s still a little early, but

happy birthday! If it weren’t
for the two of you, IDOLiSH7
and TRIGGER wouldn’t exist.

I adore both of you. I can’t
even begin to imagine the
weight of the burden you carry,
but I hope that you allow me to
keep celebrating you.

Thank you, manager!
Thank you very much, Takanashi-san.
Ehehe. I’m glad I got to

congratulate you again this year!

I just cried a little bit!

Me too.
A little bit. I’m meeting up

with Gaku and Ryu after this,
so I feel awkward.

Yaotome-san and Tsunashi-san are

nice people, so I’m sure they’ll
comfort you!

No need, that would be embarrassing.
I’ll contact them!


Did you contact them?

Riku? Seriously?

Yaotome-san says he’ll

be there soon!

You’re kidding, right!?


I’m getting a call from Ryu

Riku, what did you say to them?

“Tenn-nii’s crying, so

please comfort him”

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako2
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako9
I have to escape

You have a talk project next

Tenn-nii, you can’t run away!
You know

I said I only cried a little

But I actually cried a lot
Wow–! Yaotome-san and Tsunashi-san!

I want to comfort Tenn-nii, too!


This is bad for sure

It’ll be fine, Kujo-san!
Happy birthday, Tenn-nii!

Let’s celebrate with our
whole family next year!

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: All Their Gratitude.
Happy birthday, Tenn!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding12
Happy birthday!

Let’s keep working together!

Thank you, Gaku and Ryu.

I’m really grateful that
I’ve been able to sing with
you two as TRIGGER.

Happy birthday, Kujo-san!

Since you’re all gathered at a bar
reserved for you, I’m sure you want
to speak directly. But since we want
to make this web publication as
realistic as possible, please
rabbit chat for a little while!

I’ll be checking up on you through
a monitor elsewhere, so if you need
anything, please let me know.

Yeah, we know. It’ll be fun to read

this afterwards. But I gotta say,
even if it’s almost his birthday,
I wasn’t expecting that just now.
When Nanase let us know that
Tenn was crying.

Right! It was a huge surprise!

But it was actually just because
of some onions in a cooking show’s
set that you were peeking at, right?

That’s right.
Geez, you brothers are so

dramatic. Right, Tsumugi?

But I must say, I felt moved.

You two came running right to me.

Of course.

We want to be there to support
you if anything happens.
We’re your friends, after all.

Happy birthday again.

I don’t usually say stuff like this,
but I can at least tell you
this straight on your birthday.

You don’t need to.
You’re always straightforward,

and you tell me plenty.

That’s not enough, stupid.

Tenn. You can be a real brat,
and we don’t always agree on
things. But I respect you as a
fellow man and idol, Tenn Kujo.

The same goes for Ryu, but if I

hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t be
who I am right now. Thank
you. And congrats.

Thank you for saying so many

embarrassing things without any shame.

Cut out the indifferent act.
I’m happy.

Really. In fact, I’d say I’m so
happy I can’t talk. Bear with me.

That’s good, Tenn!

Now I’ll tell you how I feel!

Not you, too…
You’re the best idol ever, Tenn!

I really look up to you and love
you. I treasure our TRIGGER with
all my life.

And while I respect you, I also
think of you as my cute little
brother. I want to be a man you
can rely on, so feel free to come
to me for any advice.

Right, that’s what I

wanted to say. Talk to
us more. Don’t bear things
all by yourself.

I won’t. I’ve got you guys.

Thank you.

Congratulations, Kujo-san.

What a wonderful birthday!

May I ask for your comments on
the Tenn Photobook?

I thought I’d be producing it.
Even though it’s supposed to go

in the order of our birth months?

But Nanase’s from a different group.
Speaking of which, I’ll be

producing Momo-san’s book.
I’m so nervous.

I would’ve made your cover

photo look more luxurious and cool.

I would’ve made it

look innocent, I guess?

The theme was a morning with

someone I love, so it’s fine like this.
Riku’s production was perfect.

You brocon.
I like that picture, too!

It’s like you’re a kind prince!

Thank you for your comments.

Well then, at last..!

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) It’s time for you to get changed!
You’re going to make

me wear novelty glasses, aren’t
you? I look forward to it.

(Option 2) You’re going to transform into a bunny!
Isn’t it misleading to

call this a “bunny”? I’ll wear
anything if it’s for work, though.

(Option 3) You’ll change costumes and cut the cake!
Got it. I’m glad I’ll get to eat cake.

Here I am.

Cute (lol)
You look so cute, Tenn!

It suits you!

It’s lovely, Kujo-san!
Thank you. I thought I’d be fine

with any costume, but this festive
birthday outfit is embarrassing.

It’s good that it’s festive.

You need to let loose sometimes!

That’s right! You like cake,

don’t you? I’ll feed you some.

No need.
I’ll take a

picture of Tenn with
his photobook cover.

I’m glad you seem to be

having fun, everyone!

How exciting! I’ll write it
all downfrom here.

Kujo-san’s bashful face at being
surrounded by Gaku-san
and Tsunashi-san is charming!

The way they’re petting his
head really does make him look
like the youngest of the group<!

The cake looks delicious.
Gaku-san’s trying to only eat
the fruit toppings, which is
earning him some glares!

And Tsunashi-san is the one
being fed this time. TRIGGER
is adorable!!

Takanashi-san, you’re at work.
Hah… I’m sorry ><

I got excited because of how
cute all that was!

It’s too embarrassing to

have a written log of the events…

Don’t be so shy.

Congrats, Tenn!

Happy birthday, we’re counting

on you for another year!

Same here.

I’ll be counting on you, too.

Let’s toast already!
Open your presents!
Ah, I hate to interrupt your fun,

but… Could I ask you to write a
final message for your fans..?


Thank you for cheering me on.
I wouldn’t be here without
your support.

I’ll live andsing to my very
fullest so you may keep loving
Tenn Kujo of TRIGGER.

Thank you. I love you so much.

Translator: Osakaso5

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