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ANYTIME センターとして、楽と龍を引っ張っていかなくちゃね

As the center, it's my duty to lead Gaku and Ryu.

File:Tenn Kujo - Anytime.ogg
MORNING おはよう。朝もちゃんと食べなきゃダメだよ

Good morning. It's not good to skip breakfast, so eat something in the morning.

File:Tenn Kujo - Morning.ogg
AFTERNOON 最近ロケ弁ばっかり。ね、何か作ってよ

Lately all we've been having are bento. Hey, make me something.

File:Tenn Kujo - Afternoon.ogg
NIGHT 睡眠時間はしっかり取ること。 File:Tenn Kujo - Night.ogg
TOUCHING THE CHARACTER 1 余分な筋肉や脂肪はつけないようにしてる

I try to refrain from putting on extra muscle or fat.

File:Tenn Kujo - Touch 1.ogg

I'm something of a perfectionist.

File:Tenn Kujo - Touch 2.ogg

Even I'm a guy, you know?

File:Tenn Kujo - Touch 3.ogg
TOUCHING THE CHARACTER 4 なに?今はステージの上じゃないからファンサービスしないよ。

What? I'm not on stage right now, so I'm not going to give you any fanservice.

File:Tenn Kujo - Touch 4.ogg

It looks like mail has arrived.

File:Tenn Kujo - Mail.ogg
ACTIVE EVENT 随分にぎやかだね。行ってみてもいいけど。 File:Tenn Kujo - Event.ogg
R RARITY ONLY LINE アイドルのボクと普段のボク、どっちが好き? File:Tenn Kujo - R Only Line.ogg

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Birthday Line …ありがとう。あの子のこともお祝いしたの?
File:Tenn Kujo - Birthday 2019.ogg
Halloween Line 2019 Trick or treat! File:Tenn Kujo - Halloween 2019.ogg
Christmas Line 2019 メリークリスマス
Merry Christmas
File:Tenn Kujo - Christmas 2019.ogg
New Years 2020 明けましておめでとうございます。
Tenn Kujo - New Years 2020

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SS Ranking すっごく気持ちいい。

It feels really good...

File:Tenn Kujo - SS Line.ogg
S Ranking ボクたちは負けないよ。

We won't lose.

File:Tenn Kujo - S Line.ogg
A Ranking 120%までもうちょっとかな。

Just a little bit more till 120%.

File:Tenn Kujo - A Line.ogg
B Ranking 本気、出せてた?

What if you started being serious?

File:Tenn Kujo - B Line.ogg
C Ranking 正座で待機しててね。

Be on standby sitting in seiza.

File:Tenn Kujo - C Line.ogg

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