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This is the story of greenhorn idols with their futures ahead of them that have been gathered together by "Takanashi Productions".

These seven men have just met, and each have completely different personalities and abilities.

However, they each have their own unique sparkle and untapped potential as an idol.

As their first step as idols, they form the group


These boys dancing on a shining stage entrance the hearts of those watching.

With their hearts, these young men aim for the top in the beautiful, yet sometimes harsh world of idols!

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アイドリッシュセブン 第2部 配信予告PV-1

アイドリッシュセブン 第2部 配信予告PV-1

Translation - Shiroi
Please… I hope everyone accepts this IDOLiSH7′s new form…

Even though I love you, I cannot save you– It’s painful… Very, very much so… and lonely.

When you’re in pain, when you’re frustrated– you don’t need to be angry, all by yourself.

At first, all of this was supposed to be for revenge… But it’s different now– I wanna make their dreams come true!

At last, the tumultuous Part 2 of Idolish Seven begins

Sorry for the wait! I’ll escort you, as an apology.

Those feelings of “love” have always brought idols pain.

If you want to make your members’ dreams come true, then then you must go even higher.

Don’t underestimate Momo-chan’s database! I even know what color that CM star’s underwear is~

As long as we have fun, it will be conveyed to the camera as well.

Even when the whole world is despairing, it is our job to sing, to smile.

If you guys are going to become legends, then we’ll be the trigger.

If come to understand each other, bit by bit… You’ll become the best team. We were like that too.

No matter what happens, I’ll never quit IDOLiSH7, never!

Something…. this important… Why didn’t you didn’t tell us?!

It was just like a dream… Everyone was smiling, everyone was happy...

She and I will make IDOLiSH7 into idols that will surpass Zero.

Ever since that day, I’ve looked forward to meeting you!

Grasp this chance, and climb up to here.

Part 2: To be released in March!

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