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Tamaki Yotsuba (LOVE&GAME)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR.png Melody 358
Special Training
Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1873 1543 2541
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3901 3274 6593
Center Skill Melody Tornado
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Melody points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
I'm gonna be a little more forward.

For every 21 seconds, there is a 38% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 4 seconds.

For every 20 seconds, there is a 40% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 5 seconds.

For every 19 seconds, there is a 42% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 6 seconds.

For every 18 seconds, there is a 44% chance of turning all BADs and GOODs into PERFECTs within the next 7 seconds.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Shuffle Unit
Tamaki-san, good work.

You’ll be teaming up with
Sogo-san and Tsunashi-san
for the grand re-opening
shuffle units!


So-chan and Ryu-aniki, huh

That’s right! The other

units are made up of Yamato-san,
Mitsuki-san, Nagi-san, and Gaku-san,
as well as Iori-san, Riku-san,
and Kujo-san.


Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding7.png

I bet So-chan will be happy

Sogo-san was a bit

intimidated, but still excited.

He loves TRIGGER, after all
I’m sure he loves IDOLiSH7

and MEZZO" even more!

He’d better

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding6.png

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

What do you think about forming
a unit with Tsunashi-san?

Ryu-aniki’s dancing is

really cool, so I wanna
see what his body looks like

Huh, his body!?
I’ll make him show me

his abs and pecs first

Um, I don’t mind if you

ask what sort of training he
does, but please don’t
offend him in any way..! ><


But I’m glad we got Ryu-aniki.
It’d be weird to team up with
Tenten or Gakkun

Tenten’s gut

punches are scary
If I talk to Gakkun
he’ll make it about
udon and soba

Ah, you’re talking about the

incident from the other day…

In any case, since this is
unit is a first for all of
you, I’m planning to arrange
for a talk with all of
you later! Your schedules
don’t match, so it’ll
probably be a group chat!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding7.png
Also, I’ll send you the

drafts for your costumes and the
song demo. Take a listen to it!


The outfits are all frilly

And the song’s got an Ero
Ero Beast vibe, too
Can So-chan even sing this?

They’re going for a showy

and extravagant look!

It’s very mature and sexy,
isn’t it!

It’s our first time wearing

costumes like this, do you
think we’ll be okay

I’m sure you will!

They’ll let Sogo-san’s
bewitching presence and
your untamed sexiness

You think?


Well then, we’ll continue

the shuffle unit project
with this setup.
Let’s make this grand

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding8.png
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: Ryunosuke's Question
Did this thing start already?
Tamaki-kun, you should

greet him first. Tsunashi-san,
thank you for taking the time to
have a friendly rabbit chat with
us today. We’ll be in your care.

I’m sorry about the

late introduction!
Thank you so much
for having come
here in the midst
of your busy day.

No needto be so formal!

Let’s take it easy!

Let’s have fun, Ryu-aniki.
Yeah. Enough serious talk!

Tsumugi-chan, it’s fine if
we just enjoy ourselves and
ask each other whatever we
want, right?

Yes! I’m hoping for this

chat to bring you closer.

Got it! In that case, I'll start

with my question to Tamaki-kun.

Is that okay?

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding7.png
Feel free to speak up if you

need to know anything too,
Sogo-kun and Tsumugi-chan!

Thank you

kindly..! I’ll do that.

Since this is a rare

opportunity, I’d like
for you to mostly chat
with Tamaki-kun.

Ryu-aniki, isn’t the way

this guy talks way too stiff?

I’m acting the same as

always, Tamaki-kun.

Then how about you talk like

you always do to the rest of us?

We’ll be teammates this time,

so I don’t mind if you act like
you usually do! I think I’d
actually like to see you act
more casual, Sogo-kun!


Let me think about it…

Sorry, am I bothering you..?
No, you’re definitely not..!
I don’t want to pressure

you or anything, just do
it if you want to!

Returning to our main topic,
my question for Tamaki-kun.
How’s your school going?

You’re not gonna ask

about idol stuff?

I thought I’d take this

chance to know more about
your personal life!

I’d like it if you also talked

about these sorts of things!


School’s a pain in the ass

Tamaki-kun, language!
But I got Iorin

*I’ve got

You’re classmates with

Iori-san, after all!

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) What do you like about being

with Iori-san?

He helps me study.

Also, he gives me tons of sweets.
I give him all the stuff that
comes with them, though

(Option 2) What if you went to the same

school with Sogo-san?

I bet he’d be really strict

about going to bed early on class
trips and stuff… Also he’d be in
the student council or disciplinary
commitee or whatever

(Option 3) What if you went to the same

school with Tsunashi-san?

If Ryu-aniki was my senpai, I’d

wanna go grab a bite with him after school
Iorin doesn’t really eat hamburgers

It’s pretty rare to get

to go to school with
a friend from work,
but it seems fun!

Do you and Iori-kun go
home together?

Yeah. Iorin always wants to go

straight home, but that’s boring,
so I ask him to go to arcades with
me. Also we go around eatin’


You two came back late the other

day, were you making a detour?

I played a crane game for Iorin

What was school in Okinawa


I’d like to know more about

your student life, too!

School isn’t really that much

different from here. But because
the sea was so close, my friends
and I would go swimming after
school! It was a fun time!

Hearing about Tamaki-kun’s school
life brings back memories of my
friends back in Okinawa, and now
I kind of miss them.

Are you still in touch

with those friends?

Yeah, I treasure my bonds

with my friends! I relied on
them a lot back when I’d
just come here.

We’re still in the middle of
these questions, so I’ll introduce
my friends to you some other time!
Why don’t you do an introduction
of Sogo-kun to me, Tamaki-kun?
Since you’re working together as
MEZZO", I’ll probably get to know
you better if I hear you talk
about each other!

Of So-chan? Won’t he get mad if

I just randomly introduce him?

Just talk however you like.

I’m prepared.

He’s super

scary when he’s mad.

Sorry for

being super scary…

But he was really happy

when he found out we were
teaming up with you,
Ryu-aniki. He was
acting all childish
and cute back then

Are you embarrassed,


It’s because you say

things like that so suddenly!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako11.png
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

I think I understand Sogo-kun
better now! Thank you for
introducing him. I’m happy I got
to team up with you guys, too.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Sogo's Question
Well then, I suppose I

should ask Tamaki-kun next.
I’ve thought up a lot of questions.

Just ask me normally
We’re always together, so I

tried to think of something I
could only ask at a special
moment like this.

Though they’re mainly about
our current unit’s song…

You’re too serious, So-chan

You need to chill out

It’s hard to even imagine

Sogo-kun chilling out!

Sogo-san is always

very serious and kind!

Of course he’s nice

around you two

He doesn’t even get angry

I don’t get angry unless

I have a reason.

Sogo-kun, if something’s

bothering you, you can
just say it, okay..?

It’s nothing. If anything,

I’m worried I may be causing
you trouble. If you feel that
lacking in any way, don’t
hesitate to tell me.

So-chan, you won’t

make friends with
Ryu-aniki that way

I wouldn’t dare to

try and befriend him…

Tamaki-kun, let’s get back to my
question for you. Since this song’s
more on the mature side, do you
need me to explain any of it to you?

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding6.png

I totally get it. It’s
about wanting to get with
a woman you fell for at
first sight, right?

Manager, I’m right, aren’t I?

I suppose that’s what

the lyrics boil down to ><

I was right

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding4.png

I think that’s a

little too vague..?

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

Tamaki-kun’s opinions and
senses are so straightforward!

The reason you’re so popular
must be because your honest
and unpolished way of talking
gives your audience a sense of

I got praised
Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) Tamaki-san’s got a lot of

supporters around his age!

Really? I bet So-chan’s

popular with older people

(Option 2) Tamaki-san’s good at seeing

things for what they are!

I just say what’s

on my mind. But I’m happy
to get praised for that

(Option 3) Tamaki-san’s been getting

more variety work lately!

Yeah. I get on

shows with Mikki a lot

It’s true that even

I’m taken aback by
Tamaki-kun’s way of
thinking sometimes.

Isn’t that because

you’re thinking about
things too hard?

I don’t know…
Your MEZZO" really

is a great team. I think
you can bring out each
other’s strengths
because you’re such
polar opposites.

All of us in TRIGGER

have different personalities
and interests, too, but I think
you’ve struck a nice balance!

Thank you so much for

your kind words. I’ll
keep that in mind..!

So-chan, is that

all your questions?

Ah, um, you’re a minor,

so what do you think about
your place in the Most
Desired Embrace ranking?

Does it basically mean

that you’re like, sexy?

I kinda don’t like it if people think
I’m the 5th sexiest guy in Japan

I get what you mean..! When

you think of how people must
see you as one of the most
desired men in Japan, it feels
kind of embarrassing and awkward.

So you’re the second

sexiest guy, and Gakkun’s
the most sexiest

Am I sexy..?
Um, I think the

Most Desired Embrace
ranking is about which
men are the most cool
and charming..! ><

That’s right, Tamaki-kun!

You’re underage, so even if
they can think you’re cool
enough to be embraced by,
it’d be a huge problem for
people to think you were
the 5th sexiest in Japan..!

What does “cool enough to

be embraced by” mean?

That is the question…
I’m sorry this conversation

turned so weird…

It’s fine! Maybe you’ll

get a spot in the ranking too
someday, Sogo-kun?

Even if such a mistake were

to occur, I’d contact the
organizer directly and have
myself withdrawn…

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: About The Unit
Don’t you have

anything, manager?

This is getting kinda fun

Well then, may I take

this chance to ask something
from all of you..? I was
thinking of publishing
these answers on the
website later!

How do you feel about being
in a unit with a sexy theme?

I don’t really get

the whole “sexy” thing

What is it, exactly?

Um… It has to do with

another person’s maturity,
or sensuality, I suppose..?

That’s still a bit too vague…

In any case, I’m pretty

sure sexiness is something
I don’t have…

That’s not true..!

There’s a bewitching quality
to you, Sogo-san!

You were that

Takao Second (1) or
whoever, too

Takao II?
Something he

did for school

Tamaki-kun, please

stop disgracing me in
front of Tsunashi-san…

That’s true..!

I’ll make sure to omit
this part from the web

What did you
think about your unit’s
theme, Sogo-san and

I feel nothing

but anxiety…

Hang in

there, So-chan

Since it’s for

work, I’ll obviously
do my best, but how
would one go about
being sexy..?

I think

it’s by throwing away
all your shame and
exposing your body!

Exposing your body…
There’s also ways

to be sexy without
showing your body, but
I think undressing is
the fastest way to…

Wait, I shouldn’t be
saying this around
Tsumugi-chan, sorry..!

Don’t mind me!

I’m used to these
sorts of things from
seeingIDOLiSH7 change.
Thank you for worrying!

Manager, maybe

you should try being
a little sexier

That’s not something

you should say to a girl..!

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) I’ll do my best to learn from you..!
Hehe! That’s actually

pretty nice

(Option 2) I’ll do my best to learn from Sogo-san..!
Just don’t start throwing

around computers…

(Option 3) I’ll do my best to learn

from Tsunashi-san..!

Will you get huge pecs

like Ryu-aniki too? I
don’t wanna see that

We need a training camp so we
can learn from Ryu-aniki

So yeah, let’s do that

You just want

to pretend you’re on
a field trip…

No I don’t

It’s for you, anyway


I’m sorry. I know you
must be busy, but if
we get the chance…

No, I think it’s

a great idea! I’m not
sure I can teach you
anything, but eating a
nice meal together is
the best way to become
friends with someone!

That’s Ryu-aniki for ya

do you have the time..?

Of course! I’ll make

time for Sogo-kun
and Tamaki-kun’s sake!
Let me ask our manager!

Translator Notes
1) takao II was one of the most famous courtesans of the edo period, and fictionalized accounts of her life

story remain a popular topic in kabuki theatre, songs, and literature

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Sleepover! At Ryunosuke's House
Manager, got time?
I do, Tamaki-san! You’re

off work today. How has
your day been?

A quiz

Guess where we are right now

Look at this picture and
write your answer

A quiz! I saw

the picture.

This is a serene, Asian
style room. It’s beautifully
clean and the furniture
is lovely. Like something
out of a magazine..!

Hint: So-chan’s

kneeling on the floor


It’s probably Tsunashi-san’s home!
Should I be seeing this..!?

Ryu-aniki said “I’m

embarrassed about how
messy it is”, but he
gave me the OK

It’s much tidier than

my room has ever been…

So-chan was impressed

He told me to clean my
room, too

You had some half-eaten snacks

lying around, didn’t you…

I already

cleaned those

That’s good to hear!

I’ll send you a pic of my
room when we get back

Thank you! I appreciate

being up to date on your
living conditions.

We were playing The Game

of Life up until just now

So-chan became a millionaire
and beat us. Ryu-aniki lost
because he kept taking loans
and buying stuff for his
friends and family

That means

you came in second!

I lived an

average life

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

Are you taking a break?

Ryu-aniki’s making dinner

and So-chan’s helping him.
It’d get too cramped if I
was in the kitchen too, so
I was asked to report to you

Thank you

for messaging me.
I’m glad you seem
to be having fun!

This place is so big

I can’t relax, but I’m
getting used to it

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) What’s been interesting about

Tsunashi-san’s home?

Ryu-aniki showed us

his bedroom, but there’s
no way you can sleep in
a bed that huge

(Option 2)What’s been fun about

Tsunashi-san’s home?

There was some kinda TRIGGER

costume, so I tried putting it on
It was a little too big

(Option 3)Does anything bother you about

Tsunashi-san’s home?

Not me, but I wonder if

Ryu-aniki’s lonely in this
huge house all by himself

The curry’s starting to smell good

So you’re having

curry tonight!

I’ve got a big pudding
with me for dessert

Also, we’re planning to
go to a bathhouse later.
The one he said was in the

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding12.png

Ryu-aniki said he’d

make seafood curry

That’s wonderful..! You’re

going to have an eventful visit!

If only you and the

others were here, too

Right..! I’m afraid I

can’t join you, but I look
forward to hearing from
you and Sogo-san.

Yeah! Training camps

are super fun

Hearing that you’re having

fun is making me happy, too!
I hope you have a great night.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding5.png
Translator: Osakaso5


  • Magnificent Masquerade! Event-Only: Give a 20% bonus in event points.
  • Card is permanent.