I promised I’d absolutely never cause you trouble ever again! I really thought about what I did...
So for this to be the end...

Tamaki Yotsuba

Tamaki Yotsuba (四葉 環, Yotsuba Tamaki) is a fairly menacing-looking kid who speaks roughly and does everything with his heart rather than his head. He’d much prefer not to think about the details of a situation, and this usually includes things like manners or actions of respect to those higher up than him on the totem pole.

Much of Tamaki’s motivation comes from trying to find his missing sister, Aya, who is now 15 years old. His reason for becoming an idol was to find her–and he chose to be an idol because they often appeared on TV.

Tamaki is very good at picking up on emotions, and is very sensitive to emotional changes in others. He has no problem being reprimanded for an action if it was wrong or bothersome to the other party, but if that reprimand is coupled with anger he’s very quick to be upset. His love of cheap snacks, King Pudding included, possibly comes from his days at the childcare facility and trying to collect stamps and caps for freebies.


Tamaki Yotsuba’s Room
Tamaki Yotsuba's Room
Screenshot from the game


Solo Songs
Four Leaf Ring


Character Tamaki's Nickname Nickname from them
Iori Izumi
Iori Izumi Iorin Yotsuba-san
Yamato Nikaido
Yamato Nikaido Yama-san Tama
Mitsuki Izumi
Mitsuki Izumi Mikki Tamaki
Tamaki Yotsuba
Tamaki Yotsuba Ore (俺)
Sogo Osaka
Sogo Osaka Sou-chan Tamaki-kun
Nagi Rokuya
Nagi Rokuya Nagicchi Tamaki
Riku Nanase
Riku Nanase Rikkun Tamaki
Gaku Yaotome
Gaku Yaotome Gakkun Yotsuba
Tenn Kujo
Tenn Kujo Tenten Yotsuba Tamaki
Ryunosuke Tsunashi
Ryunosuke Tsunashi Ryuu-aniki Tamaki-kun
Momo Momorin Tamaki
Yuki Yukirin Tamaki-kun
Minami Natsume
Minami Natsume
Haruka Isumi
Haruka Isumi Isumin
Toma Inumaru
Toma Inumaru {{{Toma Inumaru's Nickname}}} {{{Nickname from Toma Inumaru}}}
Torao Mido
Torao Mido
Takanashi Production
Tsumugi Takanashi
Tsumugi Takanashi Manager
Banri Ogami
Banri Ogami Ban-chan
Otoharu Takanashi
Otoharu Takanashi Boss
Yaotome Production
Kaoru Anesagi
Kaoru Anesagi
Sousuke Yaotome
Sousuke Yaotome
Okazaki Agency
Rinto Okazaki
Rinto Okazaki




  • 四葉 (yotsuba) = clover; four leaves

Given Name

  • 環 (tamaki) = ring; circle; loop; bracelet

Voice Actor Comment

KENN's Comments
KENN Comments About Part 2

KENN Comments About Part 2

Regarding Part 2

These are comments regarding Part 3 [2]


  • Thanks to everyone's support we've made it to Part 3, and for me personally I'm really happy to have been able to live in Ainana's world through Tamaki again. Thank you very much. I think there are lots of stories that'll perk your interest in Part 3, so I hope you'll be able to enjoy it.


  • At the same time as I feel like he's grown up, I also feel like I don't want him to lose his Tamaki-ness (in a good way), so the two things I want to say to him are "You've really grown up." and "But don't ever change.".


  • Is fond of physical contact
    • the body part he is most proud of is his abs.
  • Was an orphan and grew up in a childcare facility
  • Did not have a mobile phone until he got scouted
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Sleeps with a night light
  • Deathly afraid of ghosts
  • Abysmally bad at explaining things
  • Nicknames absolutely everyone
  • Went on a school trip with Iori
  • He takes supplementary lessons in school to prevent himself from repeating a year.
    • Iori monitors him to make sure he actually goes to his lessons.
  • Is good at video games
  • Doodles when studying
  • (doodling is an unexpected habit of his.)
  • Tried hitting on a girl (a dare) and got rejected
  • Does watch anime and read manga (really violent ones though)
  • He used to help out kids who were being bullied.
  • He (suprisingly) enjoys taking selfies.
  • His favourite fairy tale is "Hansel and Gretel".


  1. Name translation by Yazu
  2. Part 3 comment translation by Kaisekis

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