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Part 4
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My strength for you pushed me forward.

TRIGGER has won Music of People, while IDOLiSH7 lost by a narrow margin. But because of their and Re:vale's desire to see TRIGGER's revival and their heartfelt flight, they congratulated TRIGGER honestly and without frustration. Meanwhile, Ryo Tsukumo, who leads ZOOL, feels even more hatred burning in his chest.

The recording for IDOLiSH7's new music video draws closer. In the midst of this, the others have begun to sense something off about one of their members, Nagi.

Despite the breif moment of intoxication felt after their win at Music of People, Gaku and Tenn begin to fight during the afterparty. Ryunosuke asks for a reason, but...?

After outwitting Ryo Tsukumo's plans, Re:vale was able to lead Friends Day to success. As they move to solidify their position as top idols, Ryo is filled with a desire for revenge.

Minami watched IDOLiSH7 sing with bitter disgust. What is Ryo Tsukumo's next move in his plans to use ZOOL for his own revenge...?

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