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Shaking The SUMMER

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JPN     Starts: September 02, 2015 (17:00 JST)         Ends: September 14, 2015 (17:00 JST)
TWN     Starts: June 07, 2018 (16:00 TWN)         Ends: June 15, 2018 (19:59 TWN)
Japanese Version ONLY
Taiwanese Version ONLY
  • Boost is available in this event!
    • Tap the Boost button before going into the friend select screen during Lives to increase your Life usage by 2x or 3x; in return, you’ll get twice or three times the number of points and items!
  • Kinako Bread will be dropping from Event Lives
    • Kinako Bread will replenish 20 of your life and will expire once the event is over.
  • Bonus cards!! Below are the list of cards that gave bonuses.
Bonuses (TW Only)

30% boost to both points and items

15% boost to both points and items

Have fun playing the event!