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• Episode Information •
Kanji 秘密
Romaji Himitsu
Translation Secret
Japanese Air Date January 21, 2018
Game Chapters Part 1 - Chapter 5.1 Leader's Duty
Part 1 - Chapter 5.2 Secret
Part 1 - Chapter 5.3
Starting up the New Song!

Part 1 - Chapter 5.4
The Best Waste of Time

Part 1 - Chapter 5.5 The Voice that Disappeared into the Storm
Part 1 - Chapter 6.1 Always
Part 1 - Chapter 6.2 Many Allies
Part 1 - Chapter 6.3 Voices Heard
• Staff Information •
Writer Ayumi Sekine (関根アユミ)
Director Makoto Bessho (別所誠人)
• Themes •
Ending Heavenly Visitor
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A Pro's Resolve Triumphant Return In The Rain

Secret (秘密(ひみつ), Himitsu)[1] is the fifth episode of the fist season and the fifth episode overall of the IDOLiSH7 Anime adaptation being produced by TROYCA. The official air date of the episode was on January 21, 2018.


With the ban on singing and dancing lifted, the boys eagerly resume practicing and performing. However, something's not right with Riku. Iori soon discovers the nature of the secret he's been hiding, but Riku begs him not to tell the others.[2]

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Song Appearances[]

Songs in italic are only heard briefly.

Game and Anime Differences[]

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Chapter 5: The Seven Who Summon The Storm
Part 1: Leader’s Duty

  • Tsumugi was on the phone with Kaoru before Otoharu asked her to gather all of IDOLiSH7 to announce their new song.
  • Iori asks Otoharu who composes the song they sing to which Otoharu responds that it's a corporate secret and to "Breathe life into these songs, so that many people will hear them."
  • Mitsuki says "...Even the president is putting on airs." and Riku theorize if Otoharu himself makes them, which Tsumugi wonders if he can compose music.

Part 2: Secret

  • After Tenn mentions that Gaku and their president likely don’t think that way. Some lines are taken out where Yamato says Gaku seems scary, which Tenn agrees and compares him to a werewolf that transforms under a full moon. Tenn roars and Yamato gets scared, saying "We’re all herbivores over here." Where Tenn responds, "Should I make my hands white with flour and chew on some chalk? Seven Young Kids." Yamato then says "I’ll make sure to hide in the grandfather clock." Which is all a reference to the short story The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids.

Part 3: Starting up the New Song!

  • Nothing changes in this part.

Part 4: The Best Waste of Time

  • Nothing changes in this part.

Part 5: The Voice that Disappeared into the Storm

  • When Tenn sees Riku on TV he says "…….there’s a typhoon right now, what does he think he’s doing, that idiot……" instead of just "that idiot"


  1. English translation of the episode title is taken from Crunchyroll.
  2. English translation of the official overview is taken from Crunchyroll.

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