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Riku Nanase (Comic Bonus 2)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR.png Melody 219
Special Training
Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png Melody (icon).png
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1611 1212 1777
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3277 2777 4977
Center Skill Melody Splash
There is a 50% chance to increase the unit's Melody points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Tenn-nii, read the next part, quick!

For every 40 PERFECTs, there is a 30% chance of increasing the score by 777.

For every 39 PERFECTs, there is a 32% chance of increasing the score by 1359.

For every 38 PERFECTs, there is a 34% chance of increasing the score by 2311.

For every 37 PERFECTs, there is a 36% chance of increasing the score by 3929.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: After The Talk
Riku-san, Kujo-san, good work

with the photoshoot
and the interview.

Manager worked hard, too!
Good work.
It’s good that since the

shoot focused on
capturing how you
look while sleeping
and talking in pajamas,
you were able to relax
and take your time.

I’m sure the
fans will enjoy it,
as well!

Because I

got to talk with
Tenn-nii before
today’s talk, I
wasn’t nervous this
time, either!

I was able
to properly call
him Kujo-san.

Also, I said
Tenn-nii doesn’t laugh
earlier, but there was
one shot where he was
laughing really naturally.
Someone from the data
staff gave it to me.

I see.

Riku made some
pretty good faces, too.

Tenn-nii praised me!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8.png

Since unlike me,

Riku can smile naturally.
You were popular with the
photography staff, too.

That’s because

today was really fun!
It was like we were
having a pajama party!

Whenever I couldn’t
sleep, you’d read a
picture book to me. It
felt like we went back
to those days.

If I remember
correctly, the picture
book was about a white
dove flying around a town
and granting everyone’s

I remember.

You asked me to read
the book to you, but
whenever I began reading,
you’d already fallen

Yeah, that’s

why I still don’t know
how the story ends.
Remembering how Tenn-nii
used to read it to me
made me sad, so I
haven’t read it

What happens
to the white dove?

Riku, I’m sure

you’ll be able to
read it now.

I can’t read it.

Tenn-nii, you meanie

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako3.png


Do you want
to talk more?

Can I!?
Today’s special.

I also want to know how
Riku’s been doing.

Okay! Ask

me anything!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8.png

You’re getting

along well with your
group members,
aren’t you?
Especially with
Iori Izumi.

We’re getting along!

I’m friends with Iori!

You’re worried because of
what happened during
our shuffle unit,
aren’t you?

Because Tenn-nii told us
to properly talk to
each other face to
face that time, I
think we grew even closer.

I see.
After hearing

how Iori felt, I
thought I should first
apologize to him by
doing my job, instead
of using words.

When I told
him that, Iori pushed
my back on the stage.
And then, Iori told me
in front of all the fans.
“Nanase-san is an
incredible person.”

Iori’s the
one who’s amazing!
He knows exactly
what he wants to do.
That part of him resembles
Tenn-nii a little bit,
I guess.

Even though I’m
the older one, I wonder
how he manages to be
so reliable.

I wonder.

Trying to change
everything as they
see fit is something
spoiled people do.
Those people are weak
in the face of


Did I say something bad?

You didn’t.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8.png


Tenn-nii like Iori?
Do you dislike him?

It’s not a

matter of whether
I like or dislike

But well,
if I must say I
suppose it’s not like I don’t
dislike him.

Which is it..?
Since I feel

like he might be
pushing Riku too
hard, that guy.

Geez–! You’re worrying

over that again!
Worryman!! Even
though I’ve told
you I’m fine like
a million times

It’s not

that I don’t not,
so you should
properly realize

Which is it!?!?

Manager! ><

He is properly worried

about you, Riku-san!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako9.png

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png
Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako3.png
Translator Notes
tenn’s indirect answers caused me some headache too…
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: Tenn And Riku, Unable To Be Honest
I’ll be worried about

Tenn-nii too..!

Tenn-nii, you’re getting along
with Yaotome-san and
Tsunashi-san, right?
I’m worried!

I suppose

it’s not like we’re
not friends.

I got it!

So you’re getting along!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding4.png

You might say that.

Then, can I ask?

What do you usually talk
about with Yaotome-san?

You’re friends, aren’t you!?
I wonder?
Tenn-nii, I don’t get you!
A while ago,

we went out for a
meal and we talked about

Yeah, yeah!
How he shouldn’t

wipe his face on the
oshibori (1). I told him
it’s unsightly and makes
him seem like an
old man.


Yamato-san does that too!!

You have an old man

in your ranks, too

Yamato-san isn’t an old man!

I think! lol


a warm towel on your
face will improve your
blood circulation, so..!

Tenn-nii, what do you talk

about with Tsunashi-san?
Are you closer to him
than Yaotome-san?

I guess so.

Like Riku, Ryu’s the
type that can’t be left
alone, after all.

But you left

me alone for such
a long time

I guess Tsunashi-san’s
more important to you!

That’s not true.
If Tsunashi-san’s

like me, why don’t you
try abandoning him for once!!

How am I supposed

to abandon him? We’re
in the same group

Hey, Takanashi-san

Huh, it’s true that when

you’re in the same
group, it may be
difficult not to be
involved with the
other people…


Don’t direct the
question at manager!

What do I need

to do for you to be
satisfied, Riku

Um, maybe don’t

talk to Tsunashi-san for
an hour, for example

But it’s true
that that might be kind
of hard when you’re in
the same group. That’s why,
you can’t talk out loud,
but you can speak to him
with your eyes!

“I’m good at

talking with just my
eyes! That’s because I
used to own a big dog,
and we understood each
other with our eyes!”,
is what Ryu’s saying.

Huh!? Tsunashi-san’s

there, too!?

I got to a different job

location, and met up with Ryu
and Gaku there

I see..! Gaku-san, Tsunashi-san,

I’m sorry to have to greet
you via text like this,
but thank you for your hard work!

Thank you for your hard work..!

Tsunashi-san, I’m sorry
for saying strange things

It’s fine, Riku.

It’s because I started
comparing you two.

Gaku’s saying

we should go grab
something to eat.

Yaotome-san and Tsunashi-san are

both good people, aren’t they.

That’s right.
I finally got

a straight answer
out of you!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8.png

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding5.png
Translator Notes
1) an oshibori is a wet hand towel that is given to customers in some japanese or chinese
bars/restaurants. they use cool oshibori in the summer and warm oshibori in winter
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Their Dream

is your next job
going to start?

It is. I don’t have a

lot of time left

I see

Thank you for today.
It was really fun

I had fun too, Riku

Were you able to look fondly
back at the time you
were Tenn Nanase,
even for a little bit?

The memories from that time

will always be fond to me.

I see.
Hey, how is

the current Riku Nanase doing?

Is he making lots of fun memories?

Of course.

Right, manager?

Riku-san… I’m happy to

hear you say that..!

Y'know, Iori’s really good

at making the same kind of hot
honey milk that Tenn-nii
used to make. Also, we
went to a hot spring at
a job location, and washed
each other’s backs! I
thought that even though
he’s usually irritable
around me, his back is
still small and it
actually made him seem
like my junior, he was cute!

Yamato-san will halways
hang around the dorm with
me. He tends to fall
asleep with his head
resting on his hands,
so when we were watching
TV together I wanted to
try it too, and at some
point we both fell
asleep like that! lol

It sounds like you’re

having fun.


Mitsuki’s so good at cooking
that my stomach is
practically his
prisoner! lol We cook,
do laundry, and lie in the
sun together. He’s like
a big brother to me!
A while ago Mitsuki
taught me one of his
secret recipes, and
I thought I’d like to
make it for Tenn-nii,
too. You like stewed
hamburg steak, don’t you?

Tamaki plays games with me a lot.
But because I’m not that
good at them, he’ll go
easy on me and help me
with the difficult parts!
But, he leaves the gachas
to me. Apparently my pulls
(?) are really good!

Sogo-san and me
have matching interests!
Both when it comes to
reading and TRIGGER, I
think. One time we read
a book with horror stories from all around the world
together, and it was so
scary that I couldn’t go
back to my room, so Sogo-san
let me spend the night
in his room.

With Nagi I watch anime, and sometimes
we go out and do all kinds
of things! Nagi knows a lot
of stuff I don’t, and he

takes me to all sorts of
places. A while ago he
took me to an internet
café! It was like a
secret hideout, so it
was exciting! lol

The members of

IDOLiSH7 really are
close, aren’t they.

Thank you for
telling me about all
your nice memories.

I’d like to

make memories with
Tenn-nii too, even if
you’re Tenn Kujo now.

Yeah. Same here.

thank you for giving me
the opportunity to talk
with Riku like this.

There’s no

need to thank me!
Riku-san seems to have
had fun as well, and I’m
glad I got the chance
to watch over your

Hey Tenn-nii,

will you talk with me
like this again

By tomorrow, our

relationship won’t be that of
two brothers anymore.

I can’t continue reading the
picture book for you when you
can’t sleep anymore.

I’ll go back to just being
a fellow center of a different
idol group, from a
different agency.


I’ll act properly at work.
If we meet outside,
I’ll absolutely call
you Kujo-san instead
of Tenn-nii.

So don’t say
something so sad.

I had fun today.

But if you think
it’s sad, today will
become nothing but a
bad memory.

Today was special.
But when tomorrow comes,
you’re going to have to
wake up from this dream.

Got it. I’m sorry.

I had fun, too!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1.png

I had fun, as well.

Thank you so much for today.

I should be

the one thanking you.
Riku, Takanashi-san.

Well then Tenn-nii,

do your best at work!

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Pudding10.png

You take care too, Riku.
Translator: Osakaso5