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『NO DOUBT』 Music Video

『NO DOUBT』 Music Video

Re:vale's latest Music Video - NO DOUBT

IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン, Aidorisshu Sebun) or i7 (アイナナ, Ainana) is a multimedia franchise that started out as a combination Japanese rhythm and visual novel mobile game which was released on August 20, 2015 on both Android and iOS by Bandai Namco Entertainment which has surpassed over 2.5 million downloads. The franchise has expanded a lot since then, from a large discography with many songs topping charts, multiple merchandise, Music Videos by various animation studios, multiple manga and novel adaptations, a PlayStation Vita game, a live concert and an Anime!

While the Wiki is out of the development phase for the most part, there's still lots to be added! Feel free to contribute if you can, though it's highly recommended to take a look at our contributions guide! This will help prevent any problems on the Wiki in terms of editing and ensure the accuracy and organization of the pages! If you have any suggestions for the Wiki, feel free to drop them over here!

This Wiki will cover anything relating to the series. So, there will be content relating to the Taiwanese version.
The information may not be entirely up to date however as that is not our main priority.

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Pages are the same for both servers, the information regarding them may differ however.
Japanese Server (JPN)
Bright Illumination Live
Music in Your Thoughts
Monthly Scout Catalog:
January 2019
Bright Illumination Live - Valentine Live

Group C Ends, Group D Starts: February 19 2019 17:00 +0900

Group D Ends, Group E Starts: February 21 2019 17:00 +0900

Gacha Duration: February 28 2019 16:59 +0900

Music in Your Thoughts Gacha

Friend Points Audition Ends: March 31 2019 16:59 +0900

Scout Catalog - February 2018

Ends: March 04 2019 03:59 +0900

This catalog contains Valentine, Sweets, Valentine Great Escape, and the Unit set. As per usual, Rs and SRs of all of the attribute King Puddings will be there too!
Taiwanese Server (TW)

The Taiwanese Server is no longer being regularly updated on the Wiki,
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The IDOLiSH7 Anime adaptation will be getting a Season 2! Only news we have currently is that it's in production! No release date though.

The IDOLiSH7 Anime can be watched legally on Crunchyroll for free!
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