Source: Official art. Visual Board Tour 2017, Tokyo Extra Art 2.
Edited by Natsushi

王様プリンその1 Updated as of September 2019
Change Log
September 21, 2019: Updated parts regarding the Ver 4.0.0 update cough nanapass cough More crude drawing of arrows were made.

What is IDOLiSH7?

IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン(A i do ri s shu Se bu n)) or i7 (アイナナ(A i na na)) is a multimedia franchise that started out as a combination Japanese rhythm and visual novel mobile game releasing on August 20, 2015 on both Android and iOS, which has surpassed over 3 million downloads since then. The franchise has expanded a lot since.

Things to Take Note About This Guide

This guide is going to assume you have zero knowledge about the game or how to play it in general and are just getting started. There may be spoilers within the guide, for database purposes, however they will be marked and under a Collapsible.

For the ease of editing and also scrolling, everything has been moved into Tabs and Collapsible. Just click whatever tab you wish to view and you will get the guide you wish to view. If the section is a Collapsible, press the [Expand] button off to the right to open it.

As the game is all not in English (mostly), some files have been translated and edited in for easier navigation/reading! They don't actually appear like that within the game itself!

This guide is done using the Japanese server of the game.
However, this guide can be used for the Taiwanese version as buttons are still the same. If there's any differences between the two, it'll be stated in that section of the guide if noticed.

All written times and dates in this guide and within the game are in Japanese Standard Time (JST).
Unless you're playing on the Taiwanese server, the time and dates for that are China Standard Time (CST).

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