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Game Tutorial
This is an excerpt from the Master Guide

Thank you for trying out IDOLiSH7's mobile game!

Once you download it to whichever device you have that works with the game, you have to open the app to make it actually run!

Download Comeback 01.png

Normally, this screen shouldn't appear, but if it does. It says something along the lines of "We have detected another account on this app. Would you like to start on a new account?"

  • Press the pink button and the game will download that account's files.
  • Press the blue button if you want to start anew.
Download Comeback 02.png

If you press the blue button, this should appear. It's asking to confirm your choice.

  • Blue button will cancel the process and bring you back to the first screen.
  • Pink button will continue and make you a new account. Do note that if you do this, that account isn't going to be deleted.

(For this guide, the pink button was pressed)

Once that's all done, welcome to Download Mobage Fest! It's Absolutely Thrilling Gameplay I hope you enjoy this!


You're going to see this screen a lot. It's the Download screen. You can't really do anything on here besides wait until the Download is complete.

Once that's done, you'll get one of these two screens.

Title Screen.pngMaintenance.png
  • The first one, is the regular Title Screen which is what you're supposed to see (this image may change in the case of a campaign of sorts.).
  • If you see the second image, that means you downloaded the game at the wrong time as the game is in maintenance. When maintenance happens, everyone is locked out of the game server.

Now what you do here is tap the screen- unless the game is on maintenance in which case just try again at a later time when maintenance is done.

Intro Guide - 01 i7 TOS.png

This is IDOLiSH7's Term of Service screen. Press the Pink Button (Yes) to agree to them.

Intro Guide - Data Transfer.png
  • This is the part where- if you have played IDOLiSH7 in the past and have a Transfer ID and Password to it, you press the middle button.
  • If you press the top button it'll make you a Transfer ID and Password to the account you're about to make. You can do this at a later time, but it's important to do it early on.

Since I already own myself an account, but I'm doing this for guide purposes I'm just going to press the X button off to the side which will dismiss this notification.

Intro Guide - Voice.png
  • This is where the game asks if you want to have Voices for the character on(pink) or off(blue). The entire game story is fully voiced with many great Japanese voice actors- so it's pretty download heavy. You can change this anytime.
  • If you choose to have them off (please reconsider), you will still be able to hear the music in the game.
Intro Guide - Name.png
  • The game will ask for your character name, since we play as Tsumugi Takanashi in the game the default name is Tsumugi (紡).
  • By default, your Character Name and Player Name are the same, but you can change it anytime.

Once you pick your name, press the Pink button!


After all the data have been downloaded, the game will proceed to the Chapter 1 of the Main Story. You won't be able to do anything on your own until you finish the chapter.

Intro Guide - Story Setting.png

If you don't want to read the story (please reconsider), you can press the three(3) line button in the corner and press End. It will end the segment immediately.

Intro Guide - Story.png

As you won't be able to do anything on your own until you finish the chapter, it will move you onto the next segment of the story. Tap the segment title twice to start it.

After Segment 4's completion, the game will now take you to the tutorial section of the rhythm game.

Intro Guide - Tapping Calibration.png

You will first have to set your Tapping Calibration. The default is 0.00. The Blue Button will enter testing mode, and the Pink Button will take you off this screen. It will ask if you want to confirm your choice, blue button will cancel the process and the pink button will continue to take you off the screen.

Live Guide - 3 Live.png
This segment was taken from the Live portion of the Master Guide.
You're not going to see what's above during the Tutorial.

You will be able to test out your rhythm playing skills in i7 with a brief play session of MONSTER GENERATiON. Below is a guide on how to play the rhythm game.

  • There are four places where the notes come from and in those four places is a note hit box. Tap the note hit box when the note reaches the center. "What happens if you don't hit it in the center" We're getting to that.
  • There are four type of notes in IDOLiSH7's rhythm game. Silver, Red, Green, and Blue. If notes are connected by a line, then you have to do that action of that note at the same time on them.
    • Silver Notes are your regular Tapping Notes- you just tap them when they reach the center.
    • Red Notes are Flick Notes. Flick them in any direction you prefer when they reach the center. These are the bane of i7 players existence.
    • Green Notes are Hold Notes. Press them when the first ball reaches the center and let go when the second ball reaches the center.
    • Blue Notes are Sliding Notes. Press when the first ball reaches the center and slide in the direction of the light, when the second ball reaches the center let go.
  • Tapping grade. Your given a grade on how great you are at tapping notes in the center of the hit box.
    • The grade in IDOLiSH7's rhythm game are as follow from Well to Not Well. PERFECT, GOOD, BAD, and MISS.
  • If you're able to make consecutive PERFECT and GOOD grade on your notes, you'll earn a COMBO.
  • The higher your combo count is, the better. There's a chance you'll enter FEVER MODE. Which will change how the screen looks- from not colorful, to colorful rainbow mode, to MV Mode. These modes will increase the Score of the notes you hit.
    • You will still get the nice score up even if you have MVs off.
  • If you combo every note with a GOOD or better, you'll get a Full Combo.
  • If you combo every note with only PERFECTS, you'll get a Perfect Combo.
  • The thing at the bottom, the C-B-A-S-SS thing, is your score grade.
Intro Guide - Live Results.png

After that's all done, you will be given the results on how you did!

Intro Guide - Story Story.pngIntro Guide - Story Story Story.png

After the rhythm game tutorial is over, you will be sent back to progressing through Chapter 1 of the Main Story until you finish it. This time, the game will give you a guide on how to access chapters.

Intro Guide - Rank Up.pngIntro Guide - Unlock.png

After that you will Rank up to Rank 2 and more things will unlock!

Intro Guide - Starter 1.png

And after that!! You will now be given the choice of a starter card among the seven members of IDOLiSH7.

Intro Guide - Starter Pick.png

Once you tap a member, you will be given two buttons. One where you can view the card's information and the other is the confirm button. All of these cards are pretty weak at their highest rarity (SSR) if we want to talk about them in terms of stats.

Intro Guide - Starter 2.png

Don't hesitate too much on your choice as you can get these cards fairly often as this entire card set, Ordinary Days, is a permanent card set in the game. As for the reason why I picked Yamato it's because.... I'm a Yamato oshi so. Yea h

Intro Guide - OtoPapa.pngIntro Guide - Rewards.png

The tutorial ends with a dialog from Otoharu Takanashi and the collection of the tutorial completion rewards. Which are 20 Stellar Stones, 2000 Friend Points, 20,000 Gold, and 5 Gacha Tickets.

If in doubt, just know that the Pink Button usually means Yes and the Blue Button means No.

Continue reading through the rest of this Master Guide on how to navigate through the game and what does what!