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IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020
IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Event.png
Associated Gacha: Anniversary 2020
Starts: June 10, 2020 (17:00) Ends: June 17, 2020 (16:59)
  • Maintenance Period
    June 10, 2020 at 13:00 ~ 16:59
  • Event Period
    June 10, 2020 (17:00) ~ June 17, 2020 (16:59)
  • Event Final Results Viewing Period
    June 17, 2020 (17:15) ~ June 24, 2020 (16:59)
  • Exchange Period
    June 10, 2020 (17:00) ~ July 17, 2020 (16:59)

※ These dates may change if needed.

※ These dates are written in Japaneses Standard Time (JST).

How to Play
  • IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 is a High Score event.
    • This event has a ranking.
  • Regarding Point Rewards...
    • As you complete Lives, Event Points will be earned.
    • Event rewards gotten through Points will be automatically sent to your Mail that can be accessed on the Home Page.
    • This is occasionally called the Points List.
  • Regarding High Score events...
    • In High Score event, sometimes called Score Attack events, your goal is to obtain a High Score on all of the event songs, which will create your Overall Score. Your rank is determined by how high your Overall Score is.
    • At the end of the event, you will not be able to play event songs.
      • Please take note that if the event ends while you're playing an event song, the results of that live will not be added.
    • Once the Event ends, you cannot enter the event page for 15 minutes as the rankings are being calculated at that time. After those 15 minutes are done, you are free to enter the Event Page again.
  • This explanation on how to play High Score events has been summarized to it's most important information. For a more in-depth explanation on how to play High Score events in IDOLiSH7's Mobile Game, please read the Event Guide.
  • There are no changes in the IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 High Score event.
Kinako Bread.png
Kinako Bread


  • Restores 20 Life.

How to Obtain

  • Event Live Drops
  • Point Rewards
    • If you complete the entire Point List, you will get 1 every 45,000 Points.


  • Kinako Breads will last until the event is over.
  • Even if they are in your Mail, they will still expire.

  • During this event, the following cards will have special bonuses.
  • Some cards may not have special bonuses available, such as Cards gotten through special benefits.
  • Please check whether the Card has the Efficacy icon (Efficacy.png) during the event.
  • Explanation of Different Efficacy
    • Event Score: Self-explanatory. Will raise the total score from a live by a certain percentage.
    • Event Items: Self-explanatory. Will raise the amount of Event Tokens gotten after a song.
    • Enjoy SE ♪: Will change the Tapping Sound Effect when you press a note while playing a song.
    • Unit Parameter: The stats of that card will be raised.
Event Score 20% / Items 10%
Iori Izumi (Anniversary 2020).png
Yamato Nikaido (Anniversary 2020).png
Mitsuki Izumi (Anniversary 2020).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (Anniversary 2020).png
Sogo Osaka (Anniversary 2020).png
Nagi Rokuya (Anniversary 2020).png
Riku Nanase (Anniversary 2020).png
Iori Izumi (M LULLABY 2).png
Yamato Nikaido (M LULLABY 2).png
Mitsuki Izumi (M LULLABY 2).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (M LULLABY 2).png
Sogo Osaka (M LULLABY 2).png
Nagi Rokuya (M LULLABY 2).png
Riku Nanase (M LULLABY 2).png
Iori Izumi (M LULLABY).png
Yamato Nikaido (M LULLABY).png
Mitsuki Izumi (M LULLABY).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (M LULLABY).png
Sogo Osaka (M LULLABY).png
Nagi Rokuya (M LULLABY).png
Riku Nanase (M LULLABY).png

Event Score 10% / Items 5%
Iori Izumi (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Yamato Nikaido (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Mitsuki Izumi (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Sogo Osaka (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Nagi Rokuya (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Riku Nanase (WiSH VOYAGE).png
Iori Izumi (Anniversary 2019).png
Yamato Nikaido (Anniversary 2019).png
Mitsuki Izumi (Anniversary 2019).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (Anniversary 2019).png
Sogo Osaka (Anniversary 2019).png
Nagi Rokuya (Anniversary 2019).png
Riku Nanase (Anniversary 2019).png
Iori Izumi (P G).png
Yamato Nikaido (P G).png
Mitsuki Izumi (P G).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (P G).png
Sogo Osaka (P G).png
Nagi Rokuya (P G).png
Riku Nanase (P G).png
Iori Izumi (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Yamato Nikaido (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Mitsuki Izumi (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Sogo Osaka (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Nagi Rokuya (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Riku Nanase (Nanatsuiro REALiZE).png
Iori Izumi (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Yamato Nikaido (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Mitsuki Izumi (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Sogo Osaka (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Nagi Rokuya (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Riku Nanase (Hatsukoi Rhythm).png
Iori Izumi (Mr AFFECTiON).png
Yamato Nikaido (Mr AFFECTiON).png
Mitsuki Izumi (Mr AFFECTiON).png
Tamaki Yotsuba (Mr AFFECTiON).png
Sogo Osaka (Mr AFFECTiON).png
Nagi Rokuya (Mr AFFECTiON).png
Riku Nanase (Mr AFFECTiON).png

Event Score 2%
Every other IDOLiSH7 card that was not mentioned.

Event Songs
  • The number of Event Tokens you can obtain is an approximate amount.
  • The following conditions applies to all of the data below;
    • Difficulty is on Expert
    • Event Bonuses are not used
    • The Boost function is not used
  • The following data has been taken from Charmaine's Event Table.
Song Assist IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 - Item 1.png IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 - Item 2.png IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 - Item 3.png Total
DiSCOVER THE FUTURE Flick Note.png 150 87 57 294
Mr.AFFECTiON Flick Note.png 133 81 55 269
Dancing∞BEAT!! Hold Note.png 167 105 69 341
ONE dream Hold Note.png 126 79 52 257
Love two you Hold Note.png 163 87 55 305
Mikazuki no Veil Flick Note.png 182 101 71 354
Four Leaf Ring Flick Note.png 202 111 33 346
Maybe Flick Note.png 185 99 72 356
June is Natural Flick Note.png 187 106 73 366
SEPTET for... Flick Note.png 175 76 52 303

Ranking Rewards
  • Badges gained through Ranking effects are usually just After lives, there is a 〇〇% chance of gaining an extra affection (trust) points.
Ranking Rewards
Rank Reward
1 - 10 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Rank〇 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×5
11 - 16 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 100 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×3
17 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Rank 17 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×3
18 - 100 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 100 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×3
101 - 776 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 1000 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×2
777 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Rank 777 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×3
778 - 1000 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 1000 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×2
1001 - 5000 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 5000 Badge ×1
King Pudding (Skill Strengthening) ×1
5001 - 7776 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 10000 Badge ×1
7777 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 7777 Badge ×1
7778 - 10000 IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 Top 10000 Badge ×1
  • Event items remaining after the event can continue to be exchanged for various rewards at the exchange.
  • There are two ways to get to the exchange.
    • Press the "Exchange" button at the Event Screen.
    • Press [Shop] → [Event Reward Acquisition] → [Event Reward].
  • This is not the full list of rewards you can get through Exchange. This page only lists the total amount of Event Tokens needed to acquire all rewards. Please view the Exchange within the event for a specific full list.
  • The following data has been taken from Charmaine's Event Table.
Total Number of Event Tokens Needed to Acquired All Items
Event Item Total Number
IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 - Item 1.png 26,200
IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 - Item 2.png 16,440
IDOLiSH7 Anniversary 2020 - Item 3.png 11,200