If you ate sweets, did you thoroughly brush your teeth?

Gaku Yaotome (Order Please)

Gaku Yaotome (Order Please) Clean

Gaku Yaotome (Order Please!)
Rarity Attribute Card ID
Icon - Rarity SSR Beat 634
Special Training
Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon) Beat (icon)
Shout Beat Melody
Base Stats
Stats at level 1 without any Special Training
1323 2134 1644
Max Level Stats
Stats at maximum level not including Special Training
3356 4431 3876
Max Stats
Stats at maximum level including Special Training.
3356 6231 3876
Center Skill Beat Strong
There is a 100% chance to increase the unit's Beat points greatly.
Appeal Skill
Appeal Skill information is at Level 1, unless indicated.
Customer service with attentive care

There's a 80% chance of this card activating at the beginning of a live, and if it does activate it'll turn 1 MISSes into PERFECTs for that entire live.

There's a 80% chance of this card activating at the beginning of a live, and if it does activate it'll turn 2 MISSes into PERFECTs for that entire live.

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Rabbit Chat

Part 1: Ichiban Café
Gaku-san, good work.

Is now a good time?

Good job, Tsumugi.

Now’s fine, what’s up?

Have you heard of the Ichiban

Café collaboration event we’ll be doing?
I thought I’d give you my regards, since
we’ll be working together!

I look forward to doing
yet another project with you!

Ah, that thing. I’ve heard about it.

I’m looking forward to working
with you, too.

The fact that you’ll get to

work at a diner-style café for a
day is so exciting..! I’ll try my
best not to bother you in any way.

There’s no way you’ll bother us.

I actually think we could learn a
thing or two from you.

We’re just going to be café
employees for that day. Let’s
forget all about TRIGGER or
Re:vale or IDOLiSH7 or whatever
and just have fun.

Gaku-san… Thank you very

much, I’m honored just to
hear you say that..!

I’m a little nervous since the fans
have high expectations
for this event, but I
think I’ll try to enjoy
myself as much as I can!

That’ll suit you guys better. I’ll

be counting on you as a fellow employee.

We’ll make sure to serve you too, Tsumugi.

T-that would be too much..!

I’m going to work quietly in the back ><

Besides, although I’d like for all of the
fans to be able to come, only those who win
in the lottery are going to get tickets…
I know it’s a necessary evil to avoid causing
too much of a chaos, but still…

I’d like to do something for the fans

who can’t make it, too. But I guess all
we can do is work hard to fulfill the
dreams of the people who can come.

Right… We should focus on the

task ahead of us, and hope we’ll
have the chance to do a second
collaboration event at another time.

Yeah. Let’s have fun. Customer

service is kind of like an idol’s
performance. I’m sure we’ll pull it off.

Your words are giving me lots of

courage..! Thank you very much!

Oh, speaking of service jobs… I believe
I’ve told you about the soba delivery man
who resembles you. I haven’t seen him much
lately, but he really does look just like you!
Perhaps we should order soba
if you happen to visit our agency…

I don’t think I’ll ever be able

to meet that guy, though… (lol)

Translator Notes
thank you @rajiis for the screenshots!
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 2: How He Wants To Be Seen
Good job, Tsumugi.

I just saw Ryu messaging you.

I’m guessing you guys were talking
about the Ichiban Café costumes? (lol)
They’re really something.

Good work, Gaku-san..! You’re

right, we were talking about the event.

It seems the idea of serving customers
in rollerskates has our members feeling
a mix of excitement and worry >< lol
I thought TRIGGER would handle it just
fine, though..!

Rollerskating skills aside, I’m not

sure if it’ll look good on me…

Huh! Of course it will..!

I’d love to see you in overalls!

Really. I’d have preferred

not to wear one, though (lol)

I’m sure you’ll all look

lovely in matching uniforms!
I look forward to it.

Well, it’s not like I’m totally

against it. Just don’t laugh a
me when you see me at the event.

I won’t!! I think I’ll just

compliment you on how great you look.

Your compliments are so

sincere that they’re easy to accept.
Thanks a lot. Look forward to it.

Yes..! I think I’ll enjoy

feeling like one of your customers >< lol

By the way, I want to ask
you something just for reference…

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) Is there anything you’ll have to watch out for

when you become a café employee?

Polite speech and not

seeming too busy even when we are,
I guess. And if there’s something I
don’t know, the best course of action
is to stay calm and let other people
handle it. You guys are great
at that, right?

(Option 2) What would you want on the menu?
I’d like some Japanese food,

but I guess that’s not an option in
an American diner-style café…
I guess I’ll just do my best so
the fans who are going to visit
it are satisfied, at least.

(Option 3) Have you rollerskated before?
I haven’t… Oh well, it can’t

be that hard. I can skate on ice,
and it’s probably no different.

Anyway, I guess they’re going
for more than just customer
service with this thing. There’s
the rollerskates, and the
fact that we’re going to deal
with fans up close. Let’s be
careful with that.

Yes! Our members are also taking

it very seriously, and determined to do more
than just skate around.

It seems they’ve loaned some
skates to practice
ahead of time, so they
may be able to pull it off..!

By the way, can you

rollerskate, Tsumugi?

No, I can’t…
I see. Are you maybe bad at

things that require balance? (lol)

I’m not very athletic… I’ve

never even gone ice skating before… ><

I could teach you sometime.
You’d teach me..!? No,

that would be too much!

What, do you think I’d be a

bad teacher?

O-of course not..! Please

don’t tease me…

My bad (lol)I just meant if we

ever get the chance.

Is there anything you’re bad at?
Even if there was, I wouldn’t tell you.
I suppose you wouldn’t… I’m sorry

for asking you something so strange ><

I didn’t mean it like that, it’s

just that I want to act cool in front of you.

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 3: Both Their Practices
Gaku-san, good work. I heard

Tamaki-san has sent Tsunashi-san a video
from our practice, so I was wondering if
you’d also seen it..!

I’m sorry for messaging you so suddenly.
How are things going on your end..?

Tsumugi, good job. I saw it.

Ryu was watching the video of you guys
playing around, going “how nice”, so I
thought he might not like practicing
with us. Right now he’s practicing without
our help.

It seems to have had an unexpected

effect on him, I’m sorry…><

It’s not your fault, so don’t

worry about it (lol)It’s because we’ve
been too easy on Ryu. We’re going
full Spartan on him starting now.

Compared to that, IDOLiSH7’s practice
did seem more fun from the video I saw (lol)
I can understand why Ryu
was so envious, at least.

I’m a bit ashamed at how

noisy we are… We could learn a lot
from TRIGGER’s stoicism!

Nikaido was standing totally

still, wasn’t he (lol)
I laughed when he
got pushed around by Nanase.

Yamato-san was trying to conserve

energy by not making any unnecessary
movements >< lol

The older Izumi looked like

he was teaching the others, so I guess
he’s got experience with this stuff.

It seems he does! He told me

he’s rollerskated as a child.

Ah, that sounds like it’d

suit him (lol)

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako1
Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) Who seemed the most

skilled at skating to you?

Let’s see, I guess it’d have to be

Izumi Senior or Rokuya… Though
Yotsuba seemed to move around
with the camera easily, too.

(Option 2) It seems it’ll take a while for all

of them to be able to skate..!

Makes sense, they

probably don’t really get a lot
of chances to wear rollerskates.
We were like fish out of water
at first, too (lol)

(Option 3) You’re all skating perfectly

by now, aren’t you?

Stop putting so

much pressure on us (lol)
I have a hard time
braking sometimes.

I gotta say, I’m starting
to feel bad for Ryu (lol)

You did say you were going

to give him Spartan training ><

In the beginning he was like

a newborn calf, but he’s gotten a lot
better already. Tenn’s good enough to
skate around the traffic cones we set up.

You’ve all got excellent motor

skills, after all! Tsunashi-san just
told me “Maybe I’m a grown up calf by
now” over rabbit chat! lol

That’s damn true (lol)

I’ll go skate with Ryu,
too. Talk to you later.

Alright! Hang in there.
I’ll make sure to entertain

you at the event.

Rabbit Chat Sticker - Kinako8
Translator: Osakaso5

Part 4: Order Please!
Gaku-san, thank you for joining

us for today’s event! I was captivated by
TRIGGER’s polite chit-chat and service.

I’ll work hard so we
may work together again..!

Good job, Tsumugi.

IDOLiSH7’s cheerfulness made my day, too.
And as for Re:vale,their service almost
made even me laugh (lol)
With the whole married
couple routine, y'know.

I must admit, I also let outa laugh when

Momo-san said “Today’s special is Yuki” >< lol

It was too much when Yuki-san

said "Due to a certain Mr. MM’s
purchases, we’re fresh out of Yuki”
right after that (lol)

Typical Re:vale! lol

TRIGGER showed incredible cooperation, even
while serving. As I’d expected…

Thanks. We may not have looked

like it, but Tenn was trying to pick a fight
with me just before the event started.

He said, “This store is so gaudy

that I’ll lose sight of Gaku.”

Lose sight..?
In other words, I guess he was trying

to say my skin’s so pale that even the decorations
in the store stand out more? I don’t think
he’s one to talk, though.

They say “The closer you

are, the more you fight”..!

What an awfully convenient saying…

Anyway, let’s stop talking about him.
How’d you like me as as café employee, Tsumugi?

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) You seemed used to customer service..!
Really? It’s not too different from fanservice.

It’s all based on the same stuff: what they
want, and how to make them happy.

(Option 2) You looked great in the overalls!
Thanks. When I put it on, it felt so

comfortable that I couldn’t help but laugh (lol)

(Option 3) You moved around so efficiently that I felt moved..!
Thanks. I’m not saying IDOLiSH7 wasn’t efficient,

but they were skating all over the place (lol)

Also, your pose and shout of “Order Please!”

was lovely. When you put your pen in your
mouth, the customers began squealing..!

I’m finally starting to feel

embarrassed about that…

I’ve always had a habit of holding
pens in my mouth. My old
man’s told me to stop doing
it because it’s dangerous
and improper, though…

I see >< I suppose it’s like

how some people tend to put pens
behind their ears.

My hands are often full, so I found that

just having the pen in my mouth was easier.

Your hands are often full..?
Ah, sorry. Nevermind that, I

was just talking to myself.
This was a great opportunity
in a lot of ways, since we worked
so close to our fans. TRIGGER
wouldn’t have come this far
if it weren’t for them.

I thought so, too. It made me

want to grant you more chances to meet
the people supporting you.

Let’s keep the idol world lively.

So we won’t get lost in time.

Thank you for the words of

confidence..! I feel more brave now.

That being said, I don’t want you to

overwork yourself. You haven’t gotten
much rest lately, have you.

I’m totally fine! The

people from myagency and I just
chugged some energy drinks!

Translator: Osakaso5

Part 5: Coincidence And Fate
Gaku-san, good work. Thank you

for your cooperation on the Ichiban Café
event we did the other day..!

I ran into the supervisor of the
event today, so I thought
I’d let you know that their business
is booming even after the event!

Good job, Tsumugi. Thanks for

telling me. This sort of info
doesn’t usually reach us, so I’m
really happy to hear that.

I’m glad that it’s doing well.
Let’s hope it’ll stay popular.

They even told me they could

learn a lot about customer service
from you. I’m very happy that someone
in the business feels that way about us..!

Like I said before, at its core

every job’s the same when it comes to dealing
with people. We’ve still got a lot to learn, too.

Well said…
You just thought you need

to work harder too, didn't you?

H-how did you know!? ><
You’re easy to read. I heard

from Ryu that you bought rollerskates
and hurt yourself trying to skate with them.

It was just a scratch! Everyone

was working so hard that I wanted to try
wearing skates to see how difficult it was…

I figured as much. I like that

about you, but if you hurt yourself, the
guys from IDOLiSH7 will worry, too.
Take it easy.

Yes… I’m sorry for

making you worry…

It’s fine. Anyway, nevermind

the skates, can you do
customer service, Tsumugi?

I was told to focus on my

studies, so I have no experience ><

Ah, I thought so. I can’t really see

you working a service job, either (lol)

I hate to admit it, but you’re

absolutely right! lolStill, there was a time
when I aspired to work in a coffeeshop.

Choices and Outcomes:
(Option 1) What do you think it’d be like

if you worked at a café?

I can’t picture myself

doing anything other than TRIGGER.
I think that goes for the others, too.
I bet Ryu’d say “A TRIGGER coffeeshop
would be nice, too!”, though (lol)

(Option 2) Since the goods haven’t been released yet,

there’s still plenty of fun to look forward to!

True. It’s nice.

Some of the people who came to the café had a bunch of other merch on their bags, too.

(Option 3) It’d be nice if we got to do another

project like this together!

Yeah. How about we do bartenders next time?

Only us adults could do it, though. I wonder if it’d suit Ryu or me better.

Have you ever thought about what you’d be doing if you weren’t IDOLiSH7’s manager, Tsumugi?

It’s never even crossed my mind…

It makes me sad to think that I may not have met IDOLiSH7…

I suddenly started thinking

about it while doing this job.
About what I’d be doing if I hadn’t

Oh no…
Like you, it made me really sad.

I can’t think of a future without Tenn and Ryu, and I don’t want to, either.

It reminded me. About how glad I am that I met them, and that there’s people around to support us.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us.

Yes..! I’ll make sure to

stick with IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER,
and Re:vale as well!

I’m glad you’re IDOLiSH7’s manager.
Yeah. If you weren’t,

I’d never have met you.

I can’t wait to work with you

again. Good night.

Neither can I!

Good night, Gaku-san.

Translator: Osakaso5

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