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  About Page
  • This page will be explaining on how to edit the Wiki. Think of this page as an Instruction Manual for the Wiki.
  • Some parts of this guide are in tabs or a collapsible for the ease of scrolling and to prevent very long loading screens for those with really slow internet.
    • Collapsible - Press the [Expand] button off to the right to open.
    • Tabs - Click the label of what you want to view and it will switch to that guide.
  • Please consider joining the Wiki's Management Discord Server! It's a public Discord server for editing the Wiki. It'll also be easier for the Admins of the Wiki to give out updates and notify everyone involved in this project.

Last updated: July 15, 2020

  For Newcomers...

Hi, welcome! We're glad you're interested in helping out the Wiki, even if you don't have any experience! Coding on this Wiki is pretty straightforward, whether you have lots of experience or not. Most of the work on this Wiki is just copy-pasting pre-made code and filling out the variables. Doesn't sound too hard does it? In other words, if you know how to edit a custom Tumblr theme, that's all you need to know to edit this Wiki.

  • This part is completely optional, but having a basic understanding of HTML/CSS and coding in general will make the process a lot easier and less confusing, I guess? You can start learning the basics at Codecademy, w3schools, or some other tutorial that works for you! Of course, this is completely optional since as said before, most of the work is just copy-pasting pre-made code and filling out variables.

With that out of the way, here are the formalities in regards to editing on the IDOLiSH7 Wiki.

  General Rules

The Guidelines that can be found on the About and Guidelines page apply to editing as well. Use common sense. As long as you use your head, most of the rules here are just a formality.

  • Who can Edit? Anyone! All individuals with or without a Wiki account may edit the Wiki, and we highly encourage you to do so!
    • Do note that if you edit the Wiki without an account, your IP Address will be shown.
    • Also, you will need a Wiki account to edit certain pages on the Wiki as some of the pages on the Wiki are protected to users only- this is done to prevent vandalism. These type of pages are called semi-protected pages, an example of these pages are the Character Pages. You can find a full list of those pages here.
      • If you recently just made an account, you won't be able to edit a semi-protected page until your account is four days old. Provider rules.
  • When editing, please write in the summary of what you changed, and why if the change you made can be considered questionable.
    • What's considered a questionable change? Deleting a translation and replacing an image, are some examples.
    • Additionally, if you are unsure about an edit you wish to make, please ask in the Discord Server beforehand.
  • Users do not own the pages and/or files they edit. If you think somebody's wrong about a fact, and they don't think they're wrong, an edit war can ensue.
    • So to prevent that from happening, do try to talk it out politely in the Message Wall function. Outline why you think they're wrong—factually, not stylistically—and expect them to do the same for you.
      • If things cannot be solved peacefully, contact an Active Admin and let them decide amongst the other Admins.
  • If you have some major changes you would like to make, ask in the Discord Server first to gather opinions on the idea. If you get positive feedback and an approval from an Admin, feel free to go ham.
  • Please use Source Editor as much as possible. Most, if not all of the guides for the Wiki, require the code itself to be seen, because of its complex custom code- which will end up possibly breaking everything if it were to be edited in VisualEditor.
    • If you break something or encounter a error, please contact an Active Admin as soon as you realize you did something wrong.
  • Please Preview your edit before publishing to check that the code looks how it should look.
  • Check Show changes before publishing. Make sure that all changes are ones that you have intended.

Common Errors...

  • Pressed Publish, but all it did was reload the page and a pop up that says No changes made yet! showed up.
    • Solution: Press Publish again.
      • Reason for Error: You had the editing page open up for too long.
  • Pressed Publish, but changes aren't showing up.
    • Solution: Two options, 1) it might just be the cache and you'll need to do a purge or 2) preform a NullEdit, which is saving the article again without editing anything.
  • Pressed Publish, but it gave me a page that said
    Error ### Backend fetch failed
    Backend fetch failed

    Guru Meditation:
    XID: #########

    Varnish cache server
    • Solution: Press the back button and press Publish again.

Consider making a personal sandbox page at User:Name/Sandbox if you would like to test some code out before asking to apply it to pages. An example can be found here at User:Kudossko/Sandbox. If you need more than one sandbox, feel free to create them using numbers.

Questions are more than welcomed! Feel free to ask any questions in the Wiki's Management Discord Server's Ask-Suggestion-Box channel!

We are still in the process of adding stuff to these lists, please bare with us.

  • Make Event pages for new Events
Song Pages

  • A Gacha Simulator sounds like a cool idea.

July 15, 2020
  • Page got a giant recode, now easier to navigate and looks prettier.