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Normal Lives in the Game
Excerpt from the Master Guide
This will appear once you press the 'Live' button on the bottom tab.
  • This page is what is referred to as the Normal Lives.
  • As you progress through the Main Story, you will unlock more songs.
    As of August 22, 2019 there are 83 songs that can be played within the game. Full completion of Part 1 will unlock 11 songs, full completion of Part 2 will unlock 9 songs, full completion of Part 3 will unlock 12 songs, completion of Part 4 up until Chapter 12 will unlock 4 songs. Songs within the Special(特別曲) tab will unlock sometime in between those completions- which in total are 42 songs.
  • Difficulties within Normal Lives are 1* (Easy), 3* (Normal), 4* (Hard), and 7* (Expert).
    Life usage are as follows for each difficulties. 5 for Easy, 10 for Normal, 15 for Hard, and 20 for Expert.
    • Life is automatically recovered one(1) every three(3) minutes. So, the waiting time for each play if your Life was at zero would take- 15 minutes for Easy, 30 for Normal, 45 for Hard, and 60 for Expert.
    • Songs here are easier than their Event counterparts which are: 2* (Easy), 5* (Normal), 6* (Hard), and 8* (Expert).
  • Pudding Rush (the King Pudding, if it's asleep it's not active)
    • Instead of earning cadets for live drops, you'll be able to get pudding for the amount of time until the countdown below goes to 00:00!
  • Event Top
    • Will take you to the event page if there is an ongoing event.
  • The 一部曲(Part 1), 二部曲(Part 2), 三部曲(Part 3) 四部曲(Part 4), 特別曲(Special) buttons at the top
    • Button navigation for songs sorted by when you unlocked them in the story.
    • 特別曲(Special) songs. These are songs that don't fit into any of the above categories! Includes songs from the Anime and Solos!
  • Song's Attribute Pie Chart
    • This chart represents the percentage of the song’s attributes. If the song attribute matches the attribute of the unit it will raise the score significantly. Something to keep in mind when making teams and playing events where High Score plays a huge role in ranking!
  • (Global) Ranking
    • Your score ranking compared to other players.
  • Live Challenges
    • All song have their own challenges, if you complete these challenges you will gain; Gold, Friend Points, Stellar Stones, and Gacha Tickets. You can view these challenge requirements on the song's page- but the requirement is usually just Score, Combo, and amount of Plays requirement.
Playing Lives 101

After choosing which song you want to play at which difficulty at press the Next button. It will lead you to the Player support page.

Live Guide - 1 Support.png
  • The main unit's center card of other players can be used as a support card while playing songs.
  • If you use a Support card of someone your friends with, both the Center Skill and Appeal Skill of that card will activate during the song. This page is where the Friend mechanic of the game comes in.
    • If you're playing an Event, and you use a Friend's card that has Event Bonuses, those Event Bonuses will be applied to your play of that song.
  • Once you use a Friend as support, you can't reuse them for three(3) hours. They'll come back after the three(3) hours are up.
  • The amount of Friend Points you earn is fixed to 10 FP for Friends and 5 FP for guests. (This doesn't apply to Monday's Friend Lessons in the Daily Lessons.)
    • That same number of Friends Points will be given to the owner of the Support card used.
  • There is no option to play a song without a Support Card.

After picking a guest player or friend from the assist page,

Live Guide - 2 Start.png

Pick a team you want to play with. If you have any other teams, you can navigate to them by pressing the arrows off to the side.

  • I think, if you're playing an Event, the game will automatically make team for you of your strongest cards best used for that song. Big I think on that though.

If you press Start, you should get this screen.

Live Assists.pngLive Assists Translated.png

This screen shows the Live Assists. If this doesn't show up for you, press the yellow button that says ライブアシスト(Live Assist) and make the checkmark at the top right grey.

After all that press Start and you will start playing the song.

Live Guide - 3 Live.png
While making this guide, I have come to a realization that it is quite frankly,
impossible to take screenshots while playing a song- so this is the best we're getting.
  • There are four places where the notes come from and in those four places is a note hit box. Tap the note hit box when the note reaches the center. "What happens if you don't hit it in the center" We're getting to that.
  • There are four type of notes in IDOLiSH7's rhythm game. Silver, Red, Green, and Blue. If notes are connected by a line, then you have to do that action of that note at the same time on them.
    • Silver Notes are your regular Tapping Notes- you just tap them when they reach the center.
    • Red Notes are Flick Notes. Flick them in any direction you prefer when they reach the center. These are the bane of i7 players existence.
    • Green Notes are Hold Notes. Press them when the first ball reaches the center and let go when the second ball reaches the center.
    • Blue Notes are Sliding Notes. Press when the first ball reaches the center and slide in the direction of the light, when the second ball reaches the center let go.
  • Tapping grade. Your given a grade on how great you are at tapping notes in the center of the hit box.
    • The grade in IDOLiSH7's rhythm game are as follow from Well to Not Well. PERFECT, GOOD, BAD, and MISS.
  • If you're able to make consecutive PERFECT and GOOD grade on your notes, you'll earn a COMBO.
  • The higher your combo count is, the better. There's a chance you'll enter FEVER MODE. Which will change how the screen looks- from not colorful, to colorful rainbow mode, to MV Mode. These modes will increase the Score of the notes you hit.
    • You will still get the nice score up even if you have MVs off.
  • If you combo every note with a GOOD or better, you'll get a Full Combo.
  • If you combo every note with only PERFECTS, you'll get a Perfect Combo.
  • The thing at the bottom, the C-B-A-S-SS thing, is your score grade.
  • At the end of the song, you can earn rewards from Kinako Challenges as stated earlier.

If you press the pause button up in the top right corner, from top to bottom you'll see

  • Song Title
  • Song Artist
  • Music Volume Adjuster
  • Tap Volume Adjuster
  • Skill Activate Volume Adjuster

The farther the adjuster is on Right, the louder the volume will be.

Pressing the ? スキル button will show you what the timer of each Appeal Skill looks like. More on Appeal Skill in the Appeal Skills collapsible which can be found by Navigation Tab > Members > Card Interface > Appeal Skill.

  • Pressing the Blue Button on this screen will resume the live with a three(3) second countdown
  • Pressing the Pink Button will quit the live. If you press this, a pop up saying "Are you sure you want to quit this live?" will show up. Press the pink button again if you want to quit the live or press the X button on the side to bring you back to the pause screen.
    • Unlike other games, the LP you used on the Live will not go away. So, feel free to quit as many times as you need as you're only wasting your time and Gold if you used any Live Assist
      • Speaking of Live Assist, if you used any and quit the live, you won't get back the Gold you used on the Live Assist.
Live Results.png

A few things can happen once you a finish a song.

  • You Rank Up
  • Drops. Mainly puddings and attribute tokens.
  • Your cards level up or gain experience depending on how you did.
  • Trust (commonly called Affection) will raise up on all of your cards.
  • You get to send a friend request to the person you used as support (If they weren't your friend before)
    • Blue button won't send them a friend request and the Pink button will.