Daily Lessons are special lives that gives a bonus that depending on the day of the week. This feature is unlocked upon completing Chapter 8 Part 1 of story

Songs are picked from a fixed set through a roulette. The songs will have different note placements and are slightly more difficult than their normal counterparts. Playing songs from the roulette will consume the same amount of LP as regular songs.

Performing daily lessons do not count towards completing Live Challenges and will not allow the player to earn those rewards

Daily Lessons reset at 04:00 am JST

Friend Lessons(Monday)Edit

Earn extra Friend Points. Precisely, it is 5 more for Easy, 10 more for Normal, 15 more for Hard, and 20 more for Expert.

Song listEdit

Shout Lesson(Tuesday)Edit


Increased Chances of obtaining Shout Souls

Song listEdit

Melody Lesson(Wednesday)Edit


Increased Chances of obtaining Melody Souls

Song listEdit

Beat Lesson(Thursday)Edit


Increased Chances of obtaining Beat Souls

Song listEdit

  • Joker Flag
  • Miss You...
  • Fly Away!

Stamina Lesson(Friday)Edit

Earn bonus experience from performing songs

Song list Edit

  • Secret Night
  • Leopard Eyes
  • Joker Flag
  • Pythagoras☆Fighter
  • 男子タルモノ!~MATSURI~
  • Happy Days Creation!
  • Poisonous Gangster
  • Koi no Kakera
  • Perfection Gimmick
  • Silver Sky

Gold Lessons(Saturday)Edit

Earn bonus Gold from performing songs

Song listEdit

Special Lessons(Sunday)Edit

Choose to do any lesson of your choice