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Rare Audition - Xmas Magic.png

(2016) Xmas Magic SSR cards! During the "Xmas LIVE 2016 ~Illusion Holy Night~" if you add an Xmas Magic Card in your team and play a live, a special Enjoy Sound Effect will be implemented whenever you tap a note!!

Group A: 12/12 17:00 (JST) ~ 12/15 16:59 (JST)
Yamato, Tamaki, and Yuki!

Group B: 12/15 17:00 (JST) ~ 12/18 16:59 (JST)
Iori, Nagi, and Tenn!

Group C: 12/18 17:00 (JST) ~ 12/21 20:59 (JST)
Mitsuki, Gaku, and Momo!

  • Due to maintenance, the availability of this gacha will be extended

Group D: 12/21 21:00 (JST) ~ 12/24 20:59 (JST)
Sogo, Riku, and Ryuu!

Group E: 12/24 21:00 (JST) ~ 12/27 11:59 (JST)


All featured cards during Groups A through D will be available in the Scout Catalogue for Pick Up (1800 Scout Points)! Group E will also have all of the cards in the Scout Catalogue however they won't be for Pick Up (2000 Scout Points).

As always, Groups A through D will have a discounted solo scout at 5 stones, while Group E will offer a 50 stone discount on the first 10+1 scout!

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