Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri
妖万華鏡 空虚咎送り

Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri Gacha

Starts: November 13, 2019 (17:00 JST) Ends: December 02, 2019 (16:59 JST)
  • The cards in this series are and they are SSRs. They are also Ichiban Kuji cards.
  • The cards in this series special feature is Puchinana. The Puchinana outfits are called Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri.
  • These cards will be available on Pickup in the Scout Catalog during their respective Gacha period(s).
  • These cards have Print Charmides codes attached to them.
    • Print Charmide: A serial code where you can take to a Japanese 7-Elevens, and they'll let you print out a physical copy of the card from their in-store printer. You have to delete these individually if you want them out of your mailbox.
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  Event Efficacy

The Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri cards will come with an event bonus for it's corresponding event, Ayakashi Mangekyo Karatogaokuri.

Please look forward to it ♪

※ More details will be provided when the event is officially announced in-game.


Translation Notes / Comments
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Common Precautions (共通注意事項)

  • A list of cards that can appear in the Limited Rare Audition can be found by pressing the Gacha Probability List (ガシャ確率一覧).
    • The rates for individual cards are rounded down, so the Total Gacha Rates for all cards may not add up to 100%.
    • Each card is based individually on the draw rate. Therefore, a card with a 1% rate will not necessarily appear even after 100 scouts.
    • The fractions below the decimal point are omitted in the probability list by rarity. Please check the probability list by cards.
  • All information is subject to change if needed, such as if there is an unscheduled maintenance during this period.
  • There is a chance that Limited Cards may come back in a future Gacha.
  • If you Gacha when the Gacha is about to end, such as when the groups switch happens, the process may not be completed. Please use the Gacha before that time.
  • Due to the nature of the Audition being solely based off of chance, you may get duplicates.

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