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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions (about the wiki or the series)

What is IDOLiSH7?

  • IDOLiSH7 or i7, sometimes called Ainana, is a multimedia franchise that started out as a combination Japanese rhythm and visual novel mobile game releasing on August 20, 2015 on both Android and iOS. It has an Anime that was released in the 2018 Winter line up.

How do I read the Manga?

  • It depends which Manga you're talking about!
  • If you're wondering on how to continue IDOLiSH7 lore, then go to the Getting Started tab of this page. Because you won't find your answer here. ^^
If you're talking about the Manga drawn by Arina Tanemura

First things first, Arina Tanemura is the character designer for the series.

Her manga's are special. Arina-sensei adapts the novels written by Tsushimi Bunta into the manga format. So they're like mini stories in the Manga format.

The novels she has adapted to the manga format are (not in any specific order)

  1. AC & Boxers (Referred to as the Pythagoras Manga as it mainly features the Pythagoras Trio)
  2. Violet Thunder (Referred to as the MEZZO Manga as it mainly features the MEZZO")
  3. Wishing Upon A Shooting Star (Referred to as the IoRiku/Fly Away Manga as it mainly features the Fly away)
  4. Before The Radiant Glory (Features all of TRIGGER)
    • As you could have guessed, this was also adapted to the Anime format as part of Vibrato under the same title.
  5. Good morning, Laughter! (Features all of IDOLiSH7)
  6. Re:member Part 2 Spoilers. (Features Re:vale's past)

If you're talking about the Manga drawn by Nokoshi Yamada

Nokoshi Yamada's manga started on August 20th, 2015, when the game released. It's about cast's daily life as an idol.

In the past, before August 1, 2017 you could read the most recent two chapter and the first for free of the IDOLiSH7 manga on hanayumeonline. However as of August 1, 2017, the manga is being hosted on Hakusensha’s Manga Park (マンガPark). The mobile app is free to download. To read, Hakusensha provides 80 free coins twice a day. Chapters cost 20 free coins to read. This free coin mechanic only applies to the mobile app, coins must be purchased on the website if you want to read on a browser. The first chapter, however is free!

Game Questions (regarding the mobile game)

How do I download IDOLiSH7 if I'm not from Japan?
How do I buy stellar stones? I don't live in Japan.

  • Refer to the Master Guide on your options! However, it is possible to do it.

I lost my account,, what do I do,,

  • Do you have your Transfer Code?
    • If Yes -> Use it. Input it into the game.
    • If No -> Contact support. Guide on how to retrieve your account can be found over on the Master Guide.
Getting Started (Helpful beginner questions!)
  1. Please read the Master Guide, it contains lot of neat information regarding the game and is really helpful for beginners!
  2. Read the Event Guide, it's a guide on how to play Events in the mobile game!

I finished watching the Anime! I want to read translations from the game, where do I start?

  • It depends which Season you finished!
    • Season 1 -> You finished Part 1 of the game, so you would start on Part 2's translation of the game.
    • Season 2 -> You finished Part 2 of the game, so you would start on Part 3's translation of the game.