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English Ache
Fandom Nickname None
• Song Information •
Artist ZOOL
Release Date November 25, 2020 (Full)
April 11, 2021 (Game)
• Unlock Requirements •
Unlock Requirements Part 1 Chapter 1.6
• Affinity Ratio •
Shout 27%
Beat 20%
Melody 53%

Ache is sung by ZOOL's voice actors, Yuya Hirose as Haruka Isumi, Subaru Kimura as Toma Inumaru, Kotaro Nishiyama as Minami Natsume, and Takashi Kondo as Torao Mido. The song lyrics are written by Aira Yuki (結城 アイラ, Yuki Aira) and the song is composed by Jeff Miyahara and Kuraaki Hori.

Ache was released on November 25, 2020 as part of the einsatZ Album.


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Type Song Audio
In-Game Version Ache File:Ache.ogg
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These are the lyrics for the Full Version of the song.
If the Full Version of the song is not yet out, these are the In-Game / Music Video cut of them.

Color Code Key
Haruka Isumi
Toma Inumaru
Minami Natsume
Torao Mido

Japanese / Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics English Translation

こんな自分になる筈じゃないと 悔やんだりする
Why do you say? Why do you say?

Omoiegai teta basho to wa chigau mitaida
Konna jibun ni naru hazu janai to
Kuyan dari suru
Why do you say? Why do you say?
Wazuka chiisai toge
Fureta youna itami ga hajimari o tsurete kita

the place I am now isn't where I wanted to be
I didn't mean to end up like this, and I regret it
Why do you say? Why do you say?
it all began with slight pain
like from touching a small thorn

Before long
How many times?
消せない記憶 痕を拵えて

Before long
Sore wa shidaini fukaku naru
How many times?
Kesenai kioku ato o koshiraete
Eien no ishizue ni natte yarutte
Shinzou megakete yuku

Before long
it slowly grew worse and worse
How many times?
the memories I can't forget leave behind scars
"it'll define you forever"
the thought pierces my heart

傷つけることでしか 自分護れずにいた
気が付けばもう Heartache
信じられる奴は Who's that?
見つけられないで Have a grudge
立っていられない 歪んでなきゃ My mind

Kizutsukeru kotode shika jibun mamorezu ni ita
Kigatsukeba mou Heartache
Koishiku natte ita
Shinji rareru yatsu wa Who's that?
Mitsukerarenai de Have a grudge
Tatte irarenai yugande nakya My mind

I could only protect myself by hurting others
the next thing I knew, it was already Heartache
and I yearned for something else
Someone I can trust? Who's that?
I can't find anyone. Have a grudge
I can't stand it, I have to warp my mind

Crash する様な 不安 Feeling まだ
虚勢 張る様に 罵声 浴びせた
Everything is...嘘つき Enemies
だったらいいや 壊しちゃえばいいや

Crash suru youna fuan Feeling mada
Kyosei haru you ni basei abiseta
Everything is...Usotsuki Enemies
Dattara ii ya kowashi chaeba ii ya

feeling anxious again, as if headed for a crash
I continued to jeer, putting on a front
Everything is... liars and enemies
so hey, might as well destroy it all

Why do l say? Why do l say?
思いこんだ弱さが もたらした代償は

Why do l say? Why do l say? Doushite? Mukuwareru hazuda to
Omoikonda yowasa ga motarashita daishou wa

Why do I say? Why do I say?
Why? I should've been rewarded
that's what I thought, and this weakness is what I get in return

Come around
How many days?
恐れずに受け入れろ 過去も今も

Come around
Nani o amaete ita no darou
How many days?
Kibou ni yureta hibi wa shinjitsu datte
Osorezu ni ukeirero kako mo ima mo
Mitomeru jibun ni nare

Come around
what was it that I cared for?
How many days?
those days full of hope were real
don't be afraid, accept them, the past and the present
I'll become someone I can like

抱いてやることでしか 乗り越えられない
時間(とき)を止めてた Heartache
感じてたいのは We're alive
絶えることのない Keep the fire

Daite yaru kotode shika norikoe rarenai
Toki o tometeta Heartache
Mezameyo PURAIDO
Kanji tetai no wa We're alive
Taeru koto no nai Keep the fire
Kono itami o tsuyosa ni kaereba

I could only make it through by embracing it
this heartache had stopped time for me
my pride now awakens
I want to feel that we're alive
Keep the fire, without ever going out
if I transform this pain into strength

Right... どんな場所でもいい
Right... どんな自分でもいい

Right... Donna basho demo ii
Right... Donna jibun demo ii

Right... doesn't matter where I am
Right...  doesn't matter what I'm like

感じてたいのは We're alive
絶えることのない Keep the fire
歩いていこうぜ 予想もしない未来(あした)へ

Kanji tetai no wa We're alive
Taeru koto no nai Keep the fire
Aruiteikou ze yosou mo shinai ashita e

I want to feel that we're alive
Keep the fire, without ever going out
let's start walking, to an unpredictable future

Translation by: azurillturtle


  • einsatZ Album - Track 8

Live Challenges[]

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
(Score: 25,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 300 10 Icon - Gold.png × 300 1 Icon - Gold.png × 300
(Score: 30,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 300 20 Icon - Gold.png × 300 3 Icon - Gold.png × 300
(Score: 40,000)
Icon - Friend Point.png × 25 30 Icon - Friend Point.png × 25 8 Icon - Friend Point.png × 25
(Score: 50,000)
Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 50 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 15 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 3
All Clear Reward: Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 5

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
(Score: 45,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 500 20 Icon - Gold.png × 500 2 Icon - Gold.png × 500
(Score: 54,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 500 50 Icon - Gold.png × 500 5 Icon - Gold.png × 500
(Score: 72,000)
Icon - Friend Point.png × 50 80 Icon - Friend Point.png × 50 15 Icon - Friend Point.png × 50
(Score: 90,000)
Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 110 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 30 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 3
All Clear Reward: Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 5

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
(Score: 77,500)
Icon - Gold.png × 1000 60 Icon - Gold.png × 1000 6 Icon - Gold.png × 1000
(Score: 93,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 1000 90 Icon - Gold.png × 1000 15 Icon - Gold.png × 1000
(Score: 124,000)
Icon - Friend Point.png × 100 120 Icon - Friend Point.png × 100 40 Icon - Friend Point.png × 100
(Score: 155,000)
Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 150 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 60 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 3
All Clear Reward: Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 5

Score Reward Combo Reward Play Reward
(Score: 130,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 1500 140 Icon - Gold.png × 1500 10 Icon - Gold.png × 1500
(Score: 156,000)
Icon - Gold.png × 1500 180 Icon - Gold.png × 1500 20 Icon - Gold.png × 1500
(Score: 208,000)
Icon - Friend Point.png × 200 220 Icon - Friend Point.png × 200 60 Icon - Friend Point.png × 200
(Score: 260,000)
Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 260 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 2 80 Icon - Stellar Stone.png × 3
All Clear Reward: Icon - Gacha Ticket.png × 1

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