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About the IDOLiSH7 Wiki

The English IDOLiSH7 Wiki is a Wiki dedicated to the multimedia franchise that started out as a combination Japanese rhythm and visual novel mobile game, IDOLiSH7 or i7, sometimes called Ainana.

This Wiki is dedicated to archiving content from anything related to the series. But it also functions as a guide for fans who are stuck with the language barrier.

As this is a Wiki made up of volunteers, volunteers who are fans of the series, we do not own what is here. IDOLiSH7 belongs to Bandai Namco. The manga is published by Hana LaLa, and the novel by Hakusensha. Character design for IDOLiSH7 by Tanemura Arina. Music for the game by Lantis. No copyright infringement is intended. 公式、その他関係者とは無関係の非公式ファンウェブサイトです。

Wiki Staff

Kudossko Administrator / Bureaucrat
Hiyoriiii Content Moderator
Moviesign Wiki Manager

Mikabit Content Moderator / Administrator
HoneyCandiez Administrator

FutureKnightX Administrator / Bureaucrat

Haruyo-koi Administrator / Bureaucrat
Idolish 7 Founder

Staff Abilities
Can read more about about the Staff Abilities over here

Founders A community's founder is automatically given admin and bureaucrat rights during the community's creation. This allows them to edit the community's skin and format. As more contributors join, it's a good idea for founders to appoint trusted users as admins, Content Moderators, Discussion Moderators, and rollbacks.

Administrators Administrators (also known as "admins" or "sysops") are trusted users, who are generally chosen by the community and also have access to the following rights:

  • All privileges from the Discussions Moderator and Content Moderator groups.
  • Block users who are vandalizing the wiki from editing and other actions.
  • Grant and revoke both the Chat Moderator and Discussion Moderator rights.
  • Edit the community's skin and format.
  • Edit whitelisted MediaWiki pages.

For more details, see the Help:Administrators' how-to guide.The state of being an administrator is also referred to as "adminship".

Bureaucrats Bureaucrats are one level 'up' from administrators. Bureaucrats only have the ability to manipulate user rights, as well as block and unblock users, so this right is generally used in addition to the administrator group.

They have the ability to promote and revoke rollback, Content Moderator and administrator rights as well as appointing new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly revoke another user's bureaucrat status, they can revoke their own. Bureaucrats also have the ability to revoke a user's bot status in case the bot is malfunctioning, but community consensus is required for the addition of users' bot status.

How do I Become Part of the Staff?

For you to become an administrator, someone who is a bureaucrat must make you one. Please read the following paragraph that got a little longer than expected, then send a message to a staff with bureaucrat abilities. You will get a reply in like a week. Do note that you cannot get it just for asking for it. You would have to prove you are invaluable for this wiki if you have administrator abilities.

Ah? What is this? You want to join the staff team? [nagi voice] AMAZING! We're a small wiki, but more hands are more than welcomed! We don't really have any requirements that a user needs to meet. The only thing we really ask for is that you're friendly to everyone, know or have an idea of what you're doing, are active, and are proficient in English. Translators are more than welcomed, but that's optional. Your message should include, your preferred name (what you want to be called by), pronouns, any form of contact (Discord, Twitter, Line, Etc.) Don't need to list all, just where you're active the most, two to three lines about yourself (What got you into the series? / Favorite group? / Favorite Characters? / Whatever you want really), the reason why you want to be part of the staff. Should also mention, but don't send in a request if you haven't made a wiki account, it's impossible to do anything without one much less be part of the staff! Write the secret message (highlight to see!) i7 more like i'm suffering somewhere in your message, so we know you've read this and agree to our rules. Please keep in mind that we have the right to decline your request. Thank you for reading!

All of the staff's have their own preferred individual method of contact and you should be able to find it on their user page, but usually the Wiki's Message Wall is enough. So just drop a message on someone who's active's message wall and you should get a response.

If you have suggestions, please direct them over here. And if you have any questions you want to ask, please direct them over here.


Hello! If you'd like to be affiliated with the IDOLiSH7 Wiki, submit the following to an active staff's message wall / said staff's preferred method of contact if the requirements to be an affiliation is met.


  • The IDOLiSH7 Wiki will only accept sites that are-
    • related to the IDOLiSH7 series in some way (fan sites, translations, etc.)
    • the wiki must originate from a Japanese source.
    • the wiki is heavily music focus.
      • The wiki doesn't have to be an idol series- as long as music is one of its main focus there is no issues.
    • The wiki must have 250+ pages.
    • The wiki must be active and running.
  • Affiliation requests have to be from an admin/bureaucrat of a wiki.
  • That admin/bureaucrat HAS to have a clean record.
    • They have not been banned from other wikis in the past.
    • They have not violated any major policies, rules or regulations before.


  • Even if your site/wiki meets these requirements, we still have the right to deny your request of affiliation- though we usually won't, so feel free to message an active admin the following.
  • If you are affiliated with us, you have no right to use the codes presented on the wiki without asking first.
  • Name/Title of Website
  • Website URL
  • Preferred image - Do keep in mind that this will be sized down to 50x50px (If the website you're affiliating with is a wiki, we'll be using the wiki's watermark. For the sake of consistency!)

The IDOLiSH7's wiki watermark can be found over here. If you need a bigger version or a squared image, there's that to!

Once you sent a request, please wait patiently for the admin you messaged to message you back.


Rules and Policies
If you think the policy requires a change, please contact an administrator or leave a message on the Suggestion page.

The purpose of the Rules and Policies page is to outline acceptable behavior regarding user interaction on the Wiki. All users are expected to follow and adhere to the policies of the IDOLiSH7 Wiki while editing or posting.

Additionally, there are a few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.


Enforcement of these rules is ultimately up to the discretion of the administrators. However, if you see something that you're not comfortable with, feel free to send a message to an admin. All violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. However, it is reasonable to assume that the first few infractions will typically result in a warning, while further infractions can draw a block from further editing or posting on the Wiki.

  • Respect other people. Be nice, and don't try to cause unnecessary strife.
  • Assume good faith, and please don't bite the newcomers.
  • If you disagree with someone regarding an edit or contribution, talk to them on the user's Message Wall. Be patient, understanding, and kind when dealing with others.
  • Don't feed the trolls - Do not antagonise trolls under any circumstances. It may worsen the situation.
  • If another user is harassing you, inform an active staff member immediately and let them take care of it.
  • Off-topic Discussions are allowed, but keep it to a minimum.
    • One thread per topic. Do not bump threads that have been inactive for a relatively long period of time.
    • We discourage users from using the comments sections and forums as areas of discussion for other games and series.
  • No uploading of artworks that you do not own. Fanart is strictly prohibited.
  • Only upload important files.
    • Files uploaded but are not used anywhere will be deleted on housekeeping sessions.
Editing Pages

Please see here for more detailed rules and guidelines about editing pages.


Comments that use inappropriate language*, are irrelevant (such as comparing characters from two different series), and are inflammatory will be deleted at the discretion of the staff.

Further clarifying about language, we’re not so concerned about swearing as we are about inappropriate language/terms and offensive slurs. There are minors that visit the Wiki, so please try to avoid using any too explicit NSFW material. (Borderline NSFW or R-15 is ok).

Write Spoiler in the beginning of your comments if you want to comment any spoilers. Do not double post, edit your comment instead or reply to your original comment.

Don't openly hate on a character or group.
The Wiki is supposed to be a comfortable place where players can learn about their favorites. It's perfectly fine if you don't like them, just be mindful of others who do actually like them.

If you have any questions or issues about the game, feel free to explain your issue in the comments of Ask Box. This wiki isn't official, but we can still help you in finding the right place to contact official support.

About commenting edits

The Wiki can be edited by anyone, so feel free to change what you see fit. However, before editing literally anything, please take a look at this!! It's a guide of how the code works on the Wiki, this will help us prevent problems on the Wiki and ensure the accuracy and organization of the articles! Or you could just comment on the Suggestion page and make a staff member do it for you. If you put it anywhere else, nine times out of ten, we will forget about it.

Discord Rules and Guidelines
  1. The Wiki is not in charge of any of the Discords servers on the i7 Discord list (, it is only affiliated with the list.
  2. The Wiki is also not in charge of the Discord on the main page, it is only affiliated with it.
  3. The Wiki does however (or will soon) have it's own Discord server. Please take a look at the #read-first channel for the rules.
Breaking the Rules

The wiki staff are usually kind, but generally it depends on what you do. For example, if you upload fanart and put it on the page your first time is a warning, but your second time will be a block on your account and IP address. If you vandalize a page that's an automatic block on you account / IP address. The list goes on, so just try not to break any of these rules.


Take a look at the Contributions page for how to go about things on the Wiki.

Reporting Errors in Translations
If you find what you believe may be a typo, mechanical error or mistranslation in a story hosted on the wiki and are unable to contact the translator, please follow this guide for what to do next.
If you see a typo or mechanical error...
  • If you see a minor mechanical error, such as one pertaining to punctuation, grammar, spelling, romanization, you may edit the story to fix the error.
  • For example, if a translator misspelled a word, forgot a comma, or made a simple grammatical mistake, you may edit the page to fix it.
If you see a mistranslation...

If you see a mistranslation, submit the following to an active staff's message wall / said staff's preferred method of contact.

  • Story: Story the mistranslation appears in.
  • Chapter: Chapter the mistranslation appears in.
  • Japanese Text: The raw Japanese line that has been mistranslated. If context is necessary, you may include the raw Japanese text of the lines preceding or following the line in question as well.
  • Suggested Translation: This doesn't have to be perfect— just offer a rough but correct translation of the line.
  • Explanation: If you feel your correction requires additional explanation, type it here. This is highly suggested to do to avoid any miscommunication.

In the case of a true mistranslation, the moderators will contact the translator in question. It will be up to the translator how they choose to change the line.

Blank Mistranslation Submission Form for Copy-Pasting:

Japanese Text:
Suggested Translation: